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Alpha Roberto

Alpha Roberto

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Anita an Omega wolf who was captured by a group of human scientists at a young age. She is subjected to years of torture and testing from those who wanted to find out more about her kind. Anita had given up hope until Alpha Roberto, a strong and possessive Italian Alpha came to rescue her, bringing her to safety. Will Anita be able to adjust after all the trauma? Especially since a reckless witch wants revenge over a past mistake, and will stop at nothing to ruin the lives of Anita and Roberto. Deaths, betrayal, trauma, will Anita survive or will the world come crumbling down beneath her?

Chapter 1


After hours of nonstop torture and pain, I drew my knees to my chest and rested my head against the glass behind me, my body physically drained and my mid-length black blonde hair soaked from sweat.

"All right, she's had enough for today. Lucia said, "We can carry on this tomorrow," as she spoke to me through the glass. Putting her pen back in her lab coat pocket, she jotted down a note on her clipboard and placed it on the big metal desk in front of her.

Gasping for air, I scowled at the scientists who were observing and examining me like a specimen in front of them.

I was thought of as though

I had no idea how long I had been stuck behind that glass, prodded and prodded by humans all the time. I'd heard them mention my age several times over the years, and they were eager to learn more about my species.

"Being a werewolf, she'll recover quickly. "We still have time for one more test," urged James as he ascended the stairs and arrived at the door of my glass container.

"No," I said, dabbing my drenched hair off my face and scurrying around until I was seated on the other side of my container from the man with the bald head who had opened the door and was now coming toward me.

"Stop it; you're scaring her." A young woman in the corner of the room said this as she observed my trembling body withdraw away from the scientist in front of me. Her face was distorted with pain.

Okay, Joana, don't get started. "As an intern, I advise you to remain silent to maintain your position," the man in front of me said, giving the young woman a menacing scowl. "Consider how terrified everyone would be if these beasts were still running around the streets! They are not humans! You have to cut all ties with them."

With an unpleasant cough, Lily sighed loudly and gazed intently into my dark brown eyes. "You can't possibly believe you have them all, can you? There must be more, probably right under your nose."

James shook his head and rolled his eyes. "Yes, and for that reason, we are studying the ones we have caught until it becomes simple to distinguish them from humans. Then their monstrosity as a race can come to an end! They don't belong here!"

"Is it possible for us to handle this a little more compassionately? "These creatures are in pain," Joana said, causing the rest of the scientists to shake their heads.They whispered to one another while casting a disapproving glance at the new intern.

I assumed she was new because I had never seen her before, but I did value her attempts to reason with the scientists. But I realized there was no use for it.

Years ago, when they rejected my repeated begs and pleas, I had given up attempting to reason with them. Eventually, I had just reduced myself to a broken shell that hardly ever talked or displayed emotion.

With a tone tinged with resentment, Lucia answered, "If you can't take what is about to happen, then I suggest you leave Miss Studdon. With this attitude, you will not last very long in this profession." "Remember, you've also signed a non-disclosure agreement, so none of this can be spoken about outside of this building."

Joana gave me a single nod, sighed, and then pointed to my big glass bottle, regretfully urging the scientists to go on.

I looked up at James in front of me, his hands raised defensively as he walked slowly toward me.

Another scientist muttered to him, "Careful James," which made me sigh inwardly. They understood that even if I were physically strong enough to fight back, I would be unable to do so because I was broken. Fighting seemed pointless to me at this point.

I used to shift all the time when I first arrived, nearly murdering a couple scientists in a panicked frenzy, but after years of research, they figured out my weakness.


When they realized it was my weakness, they were so proud of themselves that they even poured themselves some champagne to celebrate my downfall. My zeal and all my chances of leaving this place vanished.

I would be tied down every few days and given tiny injections of silver to keep me weak and immobile, but not enough to kill me or seriously hurt me. I experienced inward burning and a gradual tearing apart of my muscles.

With an intense, hateful glare, Greg screamed, "Tell us how you heal so quickly."

Uncertain of what the man in front of me wanted me to say, I stayed silent and avoided making eye contact. As a werewolf, the reason I recovered was not a mystery; it was clear.

"Tell us, dammit!"

The loud voice echoed around me, bouncing off the glass walls and making my ears slightly ring.

I whimpered in pain as James kneeled in front of me, took out a tiny scalpel from his pocket, grabbed my arm, and yanked it towards him.

"Lucia, ready with the timer?" James asked as he pressed the knife into my arm, his eyes lingering on my already damaged wrist. He sliced into my skin and then hurried to get away, shutting the door behind him and hurrying to join the other scientists.

As I felt the blood slide down my arm and collect on the floor beneath me, I let out a painful hiss.

A scientist, observing me closely through narrowed eyes, said, "Hmm, it's taking a little longer this time."

I squeezed my eyes shut and gripped my wrist to my chest, trying to stop the tears from falling, but finally I let them fall. I wept in the back of my chamber, feeling my skin gently mending back together as the pain began to fade.

Lucia jotted down some notes on her clipboard once again. "Okay, that was fifty-eight seconds," she replied. "A normal, healthy werewolf would heal a lot quicker than that, but she's taking longer and longer to heal each time we conduct this experiment."

James shook his head and picked at his stubbled chin. "She's losing strength; for the following three days, let's increase her meals to two per day and see if that makes a difference. I'm trying to be as accurate as possible with this information."

I watched as the small group of scientists hurried out of the room, turning out the main light and shutting the door behind them, leaving me in complete darkness.

It all began to dawn on me at night, when I was completely by myself.

I could still remember turning in for the night at fifteen. Nothing appeared unusual at all.

But when I woke up, I was stuck in my massive industrial glass chamber, staring at me from all sides by a bunch of people wearing long white coats while they recorded me on tiny video cameras.

Years of painful testing had been inflicted upon me, and I was left perplexed as to why, as a harmless little girl, I had been viewed as such a monster. I had no intention of hurting anyone.

I was twenty now, or so I thought, and while I never got used to the pain, it is now part of my everyday life. It was something I was used to. I was aware that I would endure it until the day they determined they had enough data and it was time to execute me, something I was actually looking forward to.

It would be a privilege to leave this "life" of mine, knowing that everyone who had been looking for me had undoubtedly given up by now and that I was probably declared dead.

I heard the sound of the big bolted door slowly opening. My eyes flew wide, and I shook, wondering whether the scientists had decided to come back and carry out even more horrifying experiments.

I squinted through the shadows, furrowing my brows to see Joana approaching me, swatting at me to keep silent as I opened my lips to say something.

"Don't worry, but also don't say anything. He'll arrive. We are going to take care of you."

Chapter 2


Joana had hurried out of sight, closing the door softly behind her to avoid drawing attention to anyone.

I had spent hours attempting to figure out what Joana had meant, which had left me awake for the rest of the night.

Seeing how the scientists treated me, I could understand why she didn't feel very at ease, but she was a human, and humans didn't like werewolves. I was doubtful of her genuine motives; therefore, I couldn't help but not trust her.

Who may be coming to put a stop to this whole thing? Was my suffering about to end? Was someone finally coming to kill me and save me from my misery?

The lights flickered above me, indicating that another exam day had begun, and I squinted. I watched with dispassionate eyes through the heavy metal door as James and Lucia, looking unduly happy, walked into the room.

James sighed and yanked open the door to my chamber, bringing my plate of food to me and hurrying out. "Break


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