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Sold to the vampire lord

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"Have anyone seen ,A beautiful girl like this before " He ripped off my garment ,leaving me stack naked on the stage . " Who want to be the first ,to taste her juicy breast ,who want to be the first to deflower her " The men in the crowd started screaming ,some of them where looking at me lustful ,I used my hand to cover my breast ,but it still didn't change anything , suddenly the bidding started . " Five thousand gold coin " " Ten thousand gold coin " Suddenly Mr Alfred shouted at them . " Lady's and gentleman as you can see she's untouched , beautiful and sweet she will Grace your bed in the morning and in the night " Someone from the crowd screamed . " Fifty thousand Gold coin " " Sixty thousand Gold coin " Sixty thousand gold coin ,going ..going... Suddenly when I thought all hope was lost that I will be sold to that old Haggard man ,a deep voice was heard from the front roll . " Two hundred thousand Gold coin " Mr Alfred was shocked by what he just heard . " Two hundred thousand gold coin ,going going ..." " Sold " Warning this book contains mature content ⚠️ PG 18


Adela Georgescu

Review after half of the novel

Amazing book, and on this application you have a lot of great books. I really recommend it to everyone who like to read before going to sleep. I read until now like 6 books and for sore I will read more. The think I like the most is the if you don't want to pay you can wait 1 hour to open the next chapter, and that is amazing. The other aplicației doesn't have this opprtunity, I really like it.

December 18, 2023

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