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  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Kimzee
  • Chapters: 32
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 430
  • 7.5
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Rosety was the princess of the kingdom of Farkland and soon to be ruler. but with an unexpected event happening, which led to her losing her family as well as her kingdom. she went in search of help from kingdom to kingdom in order to search for someone who will form an alliance with her and she can finally avenge her people's death and finally take over her own kingdom. but what happens when she was met with the most Arrogant emperor there was and that emperor wants nothing but to bed her. will she be able to resist him or will she give in?. she she finally get the chance to save her kingdom?. Keep reading to find out just what happens in Princess Rosety's life 👇👇👇

Chapter 1


It all started in a kingdom far, far away.Where there is beauty and fame.Where water flows and trees grow.Where the skies are always blue and the land green, rich in all that Mother Nature has to offer.The kingdom lived in perfect harmony.The royals are not harsh on the commoners, and the commoners are very respectful towards their leaders.Where the nobles and the peasants stand on the same ground.That is the kingdom of Falkland.The land is known far and wide.This kingdom is ruled by the most wise king, Luskova, along with his queen, Dahusni.They are the most gracious of all the leaders I have ever known.And it is no different with their daughter, Rosety.She possesses a heart of gold and a mind so pure as the first drop of rain in winter.She is also the fairest of them all.No beauty has ever been seen that surpassed hers in years, and none will be seen in years to come.That's the kingdom of Farkland to you.The land of freedom and equality**********Today, activities were going on up and down the streets.Everyone is busy packing up their best stuff to get to the palace.The market square is full of people, all neatly dressed and talking in jubilation.Children were running about up and down the street, trying to chase each other down the street, while their mothers called upon them to come back; otherwise, they would be left out of the festivities today, and that made most of the children rush back to their mothers, not wanting to miss out on all the fun.What's the great occasion, you ask?Yes, today is the princess's birthday.She is turning eighteen.And today also happens to be the day she will be crowned as the official crowned princess, the next queen of the kingdom.Indeed, it is a day to celebrate.This day brings hope and happiness to every soul in the kingdom.Up ahead, horses and carriages are seen walking in a perfect line towards the castle, which is up ahead in the mountains.Every prince from every kingdom has dressed up in his nicest attire and wielded his favorite sword in the hope that the princess will take notice of him, but will she? That is the question that has remained unanswered all these years.**********Princess Rosety is seated in her make-up chair, looking at the mirror, while her best maid is making the final touch-ups in her make-up. Not that there is much to add.The king walks in alongside the queen.Both are dressed in beautiful golden capes made out of real gold thread."Oh my goodness! Our dear little princess looks adorable," the queen says, looking at her daughter with so much love in her eyes."I've got to agree with you on that, my queen," Rosety's best maid says."Why do you always keep talking when the royals are here?" a voice asks from behind.A voice we are all familiar with.A voice that commands power but not as much as the king's and queen's."Aunt, you are here." The birthday girl gets up from her seat and rushes towards her aunt.The queen stared at her sister disapprovingly."Suzeka, you know that's how we do things around here; there is no discrimination between the royals and commoners," the queen says."And you have proven your point by marrying one," she says, glaring at the king.The king sure does not have any royal origins, but he has ruled the hearts of all."Excuse me, my king, my queen, and my princess," Rosety's best maid says as she quickly rushes out of the room.She has a feeling that they might need to talk this all out in private.This always happens whenever Lady Suzeka visits."Suzeka, I would not have you slander my family, at least not on an important occasion like today," the queen said in a harsh tone.King Luskova walks beside her and places his hand on her shoulder."There is no need for you to be upset about it; it's true, and I am proud of who I am," he says to his darling wife.That's the reason why the queen loves him more with each passing day. He never shies away from his origins.Rosety saw the love blooming between her parents, and she was so happy while Suzeka just huffed at them."OK, you all, I think it's time for me to finally get going; my subjects are awaiting my arrival." Rosety finally decided to break the silence."You are right, my dear; let's get going," her mother says, intertwining their hands together, and they walk hand in hand, ready to address their subjects.*********The hall was full of people, all happy to see the princess and the queen as they walked down the hall."Happy birthday, my princess," some echoed."Here's a little something we brought for her , they said while handing their most precious gifts to the princess."Oh! That's lovely; thanks very much," she said as she collected their gifts.That's how the kingdom is; all are lovely and treat each other as equals.But it seems like Lady Suzeka isn't in on this treatment, as she just huffs and turns away every one of the commoners who tries to get close to her.Whoever knew her well didn't even dare to go close to her.But her mood would not be fooled by this.She is a relative of the princess, so would he be treated with res respect?

*******Princess Rosety walked into the grand ballroom, where everyone was waiting for her arrival.They all stood up at the announcement of her name.Every prince or lord tries to compose himself to get noticed by the princess.The smile on her face never falters as she waves at her guests.The ballroom has been decorated beautifully with flowers.There is also a huge chandelier in the middle of the ballroom, illuminating the whole place.Foods of all kinds were arranged at the far end of the room, where everyone was free to serve themselves, both commoners and royals alike.Tables and chairs were also placed to seat four people each, and they were decorated using a golden tablecloth.But what catches everyone's attention in this whole place is the six-foot cake that is standing layers upon layers.Princess Rosety walked over and sat on one of the chairs, ignoring the chair that was made specifically for her and the top of the throne space.Her parents also joined in with her, and so Suzeka also had to join in.People from all sides started walking towards her to congratulate her, and soon she was filled with so many gifts that she wouldn't know what to do with them."I'm thirsty," Suzeka announces."The water bottle stand is over there; shall I get you one, Aunt?" Rosety asks."No, how dare I make the birthday girl work? That's the work of the servants," she replies."But then I forgot; they are on a break now, and so we have to do all the work by ourselves," she adds.Nobody bothered to make any comments to her, so she walked up to get her water."Good evening, everyone. Thank you all for making time to attend my beautiful daughter's birthday ceremony," the king announces."Now, we shall make a toast for her long life and prosperity, and then she shall cut the cake," he asks.Everyone raised their cups at the same time."Long live the princess," they all sang as they took their drinks."Oh! Thank you so much, everyone," she beams."And now, to the cutting off of the cake," the king announces.Everyone gathered around the cake while she was given a knife to cut it."One, two, three, happy birthday!" The whole crowd cheers.She cuts the cake, picks out a piece, and feeds it to her mother, the queen, who in turn does the same to her, and then she does her father, and lastly, her aunt, Suzeka.After that, everyone was allowed to come and cut a piece of the cake for themselves.Some even tried to feed the princess, which she accepted politely."Now, the princess is going to begin the dance," the MC announces."Come on, darling, go and pick your prince charming from these young lads that have decked themselves up just for you," the king says.Princess Rosety got up and turned to her father.She slowly courted him and extended her hand."May I have this dance with my very first love?" she says."Hey, I'm his only first love," her mother jokes."Not since she first held my hands with her tiny little ones," the king says.They all laughed except for Suzeka, who didn't find any of this funny.The king and the princess proceed to the dance floor, where the music is turned on and they start dancing."You know, my child, you should think about giving some of your attention to these men; they look like they are ready to fall at your feet if you ordered that," the king says.The truth is, he is just trying to persuade his daughter to find a groom for herself tonight.But Rosety wouldn't have any of it.To her, any man who would fall at your feet is not a real man and doesn't love you.A man should be able to stand up for you and be there to protect you, just like her father."But they are not like you," she argues."There is none other like me," the king boasts, and they both laugh."Excuse me, Your Highness, maybe I cut in?" one handsome prince asks.The king smiles at him knowingly."Yeah, sure, you two young lads enjoy it; my bones are getting sore and I can't hold up much longer," he says and pulls away.The fair prince took his place instead, and they continued dancing.The whole crowd is also dancing, so the king grabs his queen, and they are back on the dance floor once again."You look pretty gorgeous, my princess," the man says."Uhmmm, thanks," she mumbles.She could feel his touch on her skin, so sloppy and delicate, as if he were afraid that if he touched much harder, she might break.But she is not some porcelain doll, Rosety thought."Thanks," she mutters."So, how would you think about coming over to my kingdom and spending time there?" he asks."Uhmm, I don't know; I'll be quite busy with my royal duties up here to think of a vacation anytime soon," she says, but the truth is, she kind of already doesn't like this guy."I will stay back and help you then, my princess," he continues.He has now moved his hand to her waist, and they keep on dancing."That would be lovely, but I think your kingdom might also need you," she says."True, my fairest princess, you speak the truth," he agrees with her."So, how about we merge our kingdom? That would make it easier for us, don't you think?" he asks.This is a typical way of saying, I want to marry you and take over your kingdom."Uhmm..." but Rosety was not given a chance to give him an answer as she was whisked away by another fair Lord.The dance kept going on and on, with all the men extending their proposals to her, but she kindly rejected them all.Finally, it was time for the coronation.Princess Rosety was now standing before her father and mother, the king and the queen.Aunt Suzeka is also standing by the side, along with the kingdom's royal advisor.The king picks up the crown and walks over to the princess, who is standing there with her head bowed."Princess Rosety, as you are now standing before us, we are restoring you to the responsibility of this great kingdom, for it is your responsibility now to protect and make our kingdom prosper. Do you agree with that?" the kind asks"I have agreed from this day onwards that you will take care of my kingdom, protect it, and make it prosper," she says."Princess Rosety, you are now the officially crowned princess of this great kingdom," he says.He places the crown on her head while the queen hands over the scepter, representing the kingdom, to her.The whole crowd cheered at this, for they were the happiest.Princess Rosety walks over to the throne beside the queen and sits, with the crowd bowing before her."You may rise," she says in her most commanding voice.The king smiled. He has never been as proud of their daughter, who has already adapted to her new role in life."And now, for my gift to the princess," the king announces.Everyone's attention is now back on him.One of the guards presented a platter with a sword on it.The king picked up the sword and handed it over to the princess."From today onwards, our princess shall protect our kingdom," he says."And also, we have another gift for her," he adds.She smiles at her father."May we adjourn outside?" he says.Everyone starts heading outside to see what the king has in store for his dearest daughter.They are all now standing outside the palace building.There is a huge thing covered in clothes.The king motioned, and some servants unveiled it.It was an empty statue stand.What does this mean?The princess moved over to the empty stand, and she saw a writing on it that was inscribed with gold.'Here stands the greatest leader, Queen Rosety.That's what was written on the stand."I have left it empty because the time to finally fill up this place is yet to come, but from today onwards, the building of the princess's statue will begin as a symbol of her first step to becoming the greatest," he says."All hail the king, all hail the king," the crowd kept echoing.That's how Princess Rosety celebrated her first birthday.

Chapter 2


Five years later,

It has been about five years now since Princess Rosety took over as the princess of the great Falkland Islands.

She has been the most great leader that I have ever seen.

She ruled with her heart and not her fist.

She spreads happiness everywhere she goes.

She has united many kingdoms in the last five years.

Fought a lot of invaders without mercy.

Indeed, the kingdom of Falkland has seen so many changes and progress in her rule as a princess that one can only wonder what greatness she will bring forth as the queen.

But happiness does not last forever.

Every soul has to be tested at some point, and Princess Rosety will be facing her test sooner than she expected.

Today, out of the blue, their kingdom was attacked, and that too without any prior notice.

It was the work of an ambush, but Princess Rosety was not ready to give up at all.

It was late in the


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