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Mafia's Obsession

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: SIA_
  • Chapters: 91
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 1.8K
  • 9.1
  • 💬 59


Clara Timothy is a prostitute who is forced to work in prostitution to pay for the treatment of her younger brother, Anthony. One night, she meets Lucas Mark Axton—a ruthless mafia who likes BDSM in sexual relationships. She doesn’t know what happened, but since that night Lucas has always been looking for her—trying hard to get her. Clara only accepts clients once. She doesn’t want to have s*x with the same man a second time. However, due to Lucas’s high offer, Clara accepted his offer—becoming his submissive, where she was only allowed to have s*x with Lucas until their agreement expired. At first, Clara only sees their relationship as a job between the boss and slave, but more and more, she falls in love with him. And things get more complicated after Clara finds out that Lucas was the cause of the death of her parents. Her parents’ accident three years ago was caused by an assault car chasing Lucas’ mafia network. So what will Clara do? Will she still choose to continue her life as if nothing happened? Can she save Anthony when she is drowning in her problems? *** “How much money do you need?” Lucas asked while stroking Clara’s naked back who was sleeping beside him. After they reached the climax, they took a short rest, neutralizing the heartbeats and breaths that were shouted at each other. Clara didn’t answer, but Lucas was sure she was listening. “Just stay here tonight and I’ll give you my debit card. You may take as much as you want.” Lucas continued to rub Clara’s back— starting to move lower and lower until he touched her lower abdomen. “Stop it,” Clara muttered under her breath. Lucas raised his eyebrow. Here they go again. “I’ll go home. Call me if you need me. My price is still the same.” She said as she left.

Chapter 1 First Meeting

Clara walked seductively, smiling sensually at a man who was now looking at her while raising an eyebrow. A sheet of a towel wrapped around her body had been released since the first time she stepped out of the toilet. Instead, bright red lingerie wrapped around her naked body—creating a silhouette of her s*xy and seductive curves.

“What should I call you by?” She whispered after he pulled her into his lap.

He raised an eyebrow. His sturdy jaw touched Clara’s chest line, sucking it gently. His sharp eyes were gleaming with passion—foggy and even darker than when they had first met just minutes ago.

“Should I tell you my name?” He rubbed her neck, moving further down while pulling Clara’s lingerie with one hard beat.

“I know that men like to hear their name called during the climax,” Clara whispered while biting his ear.

There’s no time for chatting. Two minutes after Clara arrived at his villa, she was immediately asked to enter the room. No pleasantries or dirty talk like some male customers usually like to do.

However, Clara didn’t mind at all. The sooner they started, the quicker she could get out of that f*ck*ng place.

“Really? Do you think I’m just like other men?”

“No, you are not. I know you’re a bit different,”

“Then why are you asking me as if I’m the same as the guy you used to meet?”

“Okay, I’m sorry. So, what do you like?” Clara smiled again, then moved her head to take her hand.

Once again, He groaned. It wasn’t because of Clara’s hand but the movement of her tongue that swept along his stomach and waist.

“What if I like rough s*x?” He pushed her away, tugged at Clara’s underwear in one fell swoop, and then spread her legs to her sides. His eyes seemed to grow darker, dissolving in a delightful passion.

“BDSM?” Clara raised an eyebrow. “Well, I don’t really like that way.”

“What if I make you like them?”

“Let’s see then,” she greeted with a seductive smile.


The sound of the phone ringing woke Clara from her sleep. Her eyes opened, she looked around and exhaled when she woke up in the arms of a strange man—a man different from the one the night before.

It is always like that. She will be in another sin when her eyes open—a new man, a new customer.

The groan of annoyance from the man sleeping beside her made Clara immediately grab her cell phone, which was ringing loudly.

D*mn it. She slept very long, almost 3 hours.

That crazy man had her drained from the s*x they had. BDSM is what Clara avoids the most while she is doing her job. She doesn’t like being tortured, tied up, and forced to do other crazy things.

“Turn off your cell phone or I will throw you out!” The man groaned in annoyance.

Clara snorted, then hurriedly ran towards her cell phone. She groaned in pain, then winced in confusion as she relaxed her limp legs.

D*mn it. This man is really sh*t.

“Yeah, El? What is it?” Clara walked slowly towards the bathroom—lowering her voice so that d*mn man wouldn’t be disturbed.

With a naked body, Clara stared at her reflection in a large mirror installed in the bathroom.

D*mn! That man is really rich. Clara couldn’t imagine how lucky the woman who became his wife was. Living well with abundant wealth is every woman’s dream.

“Where are you? Anthony was short of breath. I took him to the hospital because you didn’t come home.”Elena’s worried voice made Clara stare in surprise. Her heart was beating fast, and she was trying to stay calm even though her hands were shaking with anxiety.

“I… I’ll be right there. Make sure the doctor does what’s best for him!” Clara exclaimed as she hung up the phone.

She rushed to find the short dress that she had used when she came to this place. However, she could not find the dress.

Sh*t! Where did she throw the clothes? Didn’t she just put it here? In the bathroom? Then why isn’t it there now?

Clara almost cried when she couldn’t find her clothes. She can’t get out of this place with just a towel.

Oh sh*t! she has to go to the hospital. Anthony was short of breath, and she must come there soon.

“What are you looking for?”

Clara screamed in surprise. She turned her head towards the toilet door and widened her eyes as the man casually stood wearing shorts with a bare chest.

Clara ran to the end of the bathroom. She grabbed the curtain and covered her naked body. “Why did you come in here without knocking?!” She snapped. She quickly wiped away the tears, trying hard not to show them.

No, Clara was wrong. The goddess of luck was not on her side. What happened tonight was just another sinful illusion for her.

“What?” He shrugged his shoulders, “I saw everything in you. Did you forget? Why are you hiding from me?” His eyes stared sharply, probing Clara’s body hidden behind the toilet curtain with misty eyes full of passion.

“Get out of this place. I want to change clothes!” Clara snapped angrily.

“Why do you have to get dressed? Aren’t we done yet?” He smiled amused, then walked quickly to the end of the room.

Clara’s eyes flashed angrily. She doesn’t like being played by men. “Go away! I’m done dealing with you. Make sure you send your payment on time or I’ll—”

“What would you do?” His hand gripped Clara’s wrist, pulling her roughly and pinning her against the wall. His arms were at Clara’s sides, showing complete control over her body.

Clara snorted “I’ll kick you!” Clara shouted as she stretched out her leg to kick his p*n*s.

Less than two seconds later, that man groaned in pain. He took a step back, releasing Clara as he walked away. His face showed a look of pain, while his lips did not stop cursing.

Clara bit her bottom lip. Sh*t. She made a big mistake.

“It was your fault because you threatened me!” Clara shouted with a look full of doubt. She ran out of the bathroom, took that man’s black shirt that was lying on the bed, then put it on carelessly.

Before she stepped out of the room, she saw a nameplate made of glass lying on the desk. Lucas Mark Axton. So his name is Lucas? Somehow his name sounded familiar to Clara.

Clara rushed to wear long training pants lying on the chair. She doesn’t f*ck*ng care about his name because they would never meet again. Even she doesn’t care about her appearance too. The most important thing is that she wears clothes and can get out of this place as soon as possible.

Chapter 2 Hospital

Throughout her life, Clara never really knew which choice was wrong and which option was right. She only knows how to save Anthony, her little brother. Therefore, Clara did everything-including selling herself for money. She will do anything for Anthony’s recovery because that little boy is her only family.

“Can you go faster?” Clara reached out to the taxi driver sitting in front of her,

“I can’t, miss. I have exceeded the set speed.”

Clara clenched her fists—a soft curse in her heart.

Once again she was in an unpleasant state. Her body still felt tired, but she needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible.

“Yes, ma’am? What’s going on?” Clara tried to normalize her voice when she received the call.

There was the sound of someone breathing on the other side of the line. “Dear, what are you doing? Why are you kicking your client? Do you know what trouble you brought me?” The woman’s soft voice sounded sinister. Behind her angelic voi


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