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About me

Hello, my name is SIA! Enjoy my story🤍


Affair With The Mafia
  • Author: SIA_
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 206
  • 7.5

Cheryl Jacqueline Alejandro, her life is full of perfection. A charming, beautiful face, seductive body goals, rich parents who always give everything, also a handsome fiancé who loves her so much. Carlos never left her, never had an affair, and was attracted to other women. Carlos just stares at her and never turns to anyone. However, Carlos' loyalty just made her feel curious with foreign gazes that watched her like a hungry lion. Rafael Frederich Wagner, a man she knows as her sister-in-law's ex-boyfriend. In a smoldering fire game, Cheryl finds herself on the run with Rafael from pursuing a foreign mob who is trying to catch him. In her heart, there was a big question mark about who was the man who was running holding her hand. Who is the man who looks so thirsty when staring at her body? Who is the man who dares to burn her skin with a hot seductive kiss? And then, Cheryl is in a tremendous vacillation between continuing her life with her fiancé or choosing another line with the new man in her life. The man who made her fall in love differently, faster, smoldering, and made her crave a foreign desire that surged in her body. Forbidden, but kept calling her to come closer, as if calling her name in a seductive voice. Should I fight the world for you? —Rafael Frederick Wagner— *** Should I fight the world with you? — Cheryl Jacqueline Alejandro—

Mafia's Obsession
  • Author: SIA_
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 633
  • 8.4

Clara Timothy is a prostitute who is forced to work in prostitution to pay for the treatment of her younger brother, Anthony. One night, she meets Lucas Mark Axton—a ruthless mafia who likes BDSM in sexual relationships. She doesn’t know what happened, but since that night Lucas has always been looking for her—trying hard to get her. Clara only accepts clients once. She doesn’t want to have sex with the same man a second time. However, due to Lucas’s high offer, Clara accepted his offer—becoming his submissive, where she was only allowed to have sex with Lucas until their agreement expired. At first, Clara only sees their relationship as a job between the boss and slave, but more and more, she falls in love with him. And things get more complicated after Clara finds out that Lucas was the cause of the death of her parents. Her parents’ accident three years ago was caused by an assault car chasing Lucas’ mafia network. So what will Clara do? Will she still choose to continue her life as if nothing happened? Can she save Anthony when she is drowning in her problems? *** “How much money do you need?” Lucas asked while stroking Clara’s naked back who was sleeping beside him. After they reached the climax, they took a short rest, neutralizing the heartbeats and breaths that were shouted at each other. Clara didn’t answer, but Lucas was sure she was listening. “Just stay here tonight and I’ll give you my debit card. You may take as much as you want.” Lucas continued to rub Clara’s back— starting to move lower and lower until he touched her lower abdomen. “Stop it,” Clara muttered under her breath. Lucas raised his eyebrow. Here they go again. “I’ll go home. Call me if you need me. My price is still the same.” She said as she left.


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