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Mafia Princess

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The continuation of Mafia Queen comes Mafia Princess. The second book in the series. This book will focus on Dimitri and Nicole and their relationship from start to finish. DIMITRI “I need to find her friend Konstantin. I’m not going to sleep well knowing what’s most likely happening to her.” I tell him. “She’s going to want her anyway. We will find her. For Elizabeth and you.” He tells me and then there is a knock on the door. It’s Konstantin's Papa, Pavel. He is the current head of the Bratva and the one person you really don’t want to piss off. I have led a very blessed life to be able to be raised by him and be his son's best friend throughout life. So, I have escaped a few times that he would’ve killed anyone else for doing somethings that I have done. Especially as a dumb young man. My Papa is his right hand man and has been with Pavel since he became head of the Bratva. We have all always been close. Family. “You two need to come with me, now.” He says to us. We down our drinks and don’t hesitate. He leads us to the front door of the mansion and we notice someone running up the driveway. It’s Ivan and he’s carrying someone. I come off the steps to meet him because my heart hits my stomach when I notice that it’s a blonde headed woman and I just know that it’s Nicole. Konstantin follows me and we meet Ivan. “Someone just rode up to the gate and dumped her out. There was a note stapled to her stomach that said ‘your green dress whore is next,’ do you know who she is?” Ivan asked. “That’s Elizabeth's friend Nicole. The one she was screaming for when we took her from the club. Get doc here now.” I tell Konstantin and he pulls out his phone.I take Nicole from Ivan and head straight to the infirmary. Jesus Christ at the things that have done to her. Her face is almost unrecognizable. Both of her eyes are swollen shut and the front of her head is sunk in a little bit from something hitting her head. She’s also butt ass naked so I can imagine the other things that were most likely done to her. There's dried up blood coming out of her nose and mouth too. Jesus Christ this makes my heart break and my blood boil. I make it to the first room that I know is open in the infirmary hallway and lay her down in the bed. I take a step back and look at her fully. She’s got staple holes in her stomach and road rash from where they dumped her out. There’s also deep cuts on her wrists and ankles. So, she was strapped down too. Poor girl. I should’ve tried harder to find her. I should have kept chasing them to keep her from going through this. I hope that she can forgive me one day for not trying harder for her. Will Dimitri be able to forgive himself for leaving her behind and letting her fall into the hands of monsters? Will Nicole be able to get over her issues after she’s been taken and let Dimitri apologize to her? What will become of them? With the help of her friend Ellie and Dimitri maybe she can overcome anything and take her power back that she was born with.

Chapter 1 - Rockies



Another day at the orphanage. We went to school today but I was punished with after school detention since I was late arriving there this morning. The reason I was late is because I had the midnight shift of feeding the babies. Our head mistress, Ms. Windham, always made the older girls take she night shift with feedings so she could get some rest. If we woke her up by not being attentive enough to the babies then we got the whip and had to sleep in the attic. The attic was the worst. It has no heat or air conditioning. There also was only a quilt to lay on. It was so lonely up there. I tried to stay out of the attic as much as possible but sometimes it didn't really matter what you did. Ms. Windham was just mean.

My best friend in the whole world is Ellie. We've been at the orphanage together since we were just days old. We just naturally clicked and we are unseparable. Ellie is the quiet, more reserved one while I am the complete opposite. I'm more outspoken and usually have to stand up for Ellie when people are mean to her. When Ms. Windham locks me up in the attic Ellie usually sneaks up there to sleep with me and clean my wounds from the lashings. I love her.

It's after school and I rush to Ellie to tell her something really important. I find her in the kitchen washing the dishes that were left in the sink.

"Ellie! Guess who asked me to be his girlfriend today?"

"Who?" She asks me like she couldn't care less about anything I have to say to her right now.

"Lee!" I exclaim and squeal at the same time.

"Cool, are you going to be his girlfriend?" She asked still so monotone when she's usually my biggest supporter.

"What's your deal? You're acting so weird." I ask her and force her to stop washing and look at me.

"I have an interview tomorrow and Ms. Windham said that if I mention your name at anytime during it then she would lock me in the attic for four days with no food. But before I went up there she would give me twelve lashings with the whip." She tells me and I get so mad and sad for her.

"Well, it's a good thing that I know how to clean wounds and pick a lock so I can sneak you food. I'll even hold you too like you do me when I get whipped. I say to her with a smile trying to lighten the mood. It works for a while and then she's frowning again. I will always find her if we are to ever get separated. But, we are a package deal.


I'm standing here at the Rockies club watching Ellie dance her ass off to our favorite song. She has no idea how beautiful she really is and she's still so timid. We are out celebrating her graduating from college, getting a new job, and buying her first home. I am hoping that she finally gets laid tonight but she's such a prude that I highly doubt that would happen. Speaking of getting laid - there's a hispanic man standing behind her checking her out, hard. I keep my distance and hope he makes his move on her and he does. He'd be an idiot not to. I encourage her to take the leap and I leave her with him. I walk to the lounging area to give her some space and take a seat at one of the loungers. I look around to just try and take everything in. I start scanning the dance floor watching people dance and let go of all their worries. Then I move to the balconies. They are fully packed all the way around. But, at the very last balcony there are two very large men standing there looking over the crowd.

The one on the very end is tall, dark, and handsome. He's got jet black hair and is dressed to the nines. I can see his cuff links shining from here and he screams money. The one next to him though - give me that all fucking day long. He's bald headed and ripped with muscles. He's wearing a super fitted black tee with a huge watch on. That's all I can see because of the balcony. But holy damn, I like!

As if he can feel me staring at him he looks right at me as his friend walks away. I can't stop staring but I want to. He's got this magnetic pull and that can be big trouble. Someone sits next to me and I glance over looking at them. When I realize it's not Ellie I look back up and he's gone. Well, that fucking sucks. So, I start mingling with the people around me. He knows I am here so he can come find me if he wants me.


Sometimes being part of the Bratva fucking sucks. Don’t get me wrong - I love my best friend who happens to be head of the Bratva but I also sometimes just want to chill the fuck out and drink a few beers. It’s never that simple though. It’s always some kind of shit. Like tonight for instance - we have to come to a fucking club, which I hate, to meet Antonio, the head of the Italian mafia. All because he’s a fucking asshole who can’t respect boundaries. It’s rumored that he’s also kidnapping girls for the sex trade as well and that shit won’t fly with me. I can’t stand a coward who puts his hands on women.

So, here we fucking are in Konstantins VIP bay looking at all the drunk people wasting money on cheap drinks just looking to get laid. Konstantin is looking over the balcony at the people in his club. I walk up to him wanting to start some shit.

“ You trying to figure out who you’re going to take home tonight?” I ask Konstantin. Knowing good and damn well he’s not bringing anyone home. He never does and he could have any fucking girl in here tonight.

”No. I’m just thinking about this meeting and how late Antonio is. I wish he’d show up so I can get this shit over with.” He says and walks away. He’s been saying something feels off with this whole meeting tonight. I feel it too. Like someone’s watching me. I scan the crowd looking for whoever’s eyes are on me and stop on a strikingly attractive woman. She got long blonde hair and a body to die for. That’s all I can see from here but I’m already getting a chub from her just looking at me. I bet she’s a damn good time in and out of the bedroom.

”He’s here. Come on.“ Konstantin interrupts me as I watch a group of boys surround her to sit on the same lounger she is. I want to just walk down there and claim her mouth in front of all of them. But as usual - duty fucking calls. So. I have to turn away from my show. Pity. If, and that’s a big if, I run into her again I’ll make my move and she will definitely know who I am.


This meeting with Antonio is not going good at all and I have the same gut feeling Konstantin has had all night. Something isn't right. He’s being way too cocky. I can tell Konstantin has had enough.

“It’s simple Antonio, you can get either move your business out of my territory or we will kill you and all your men. Your choice.“ Konstantin tells him. Finally. Let’s get this show on the road! This is when Antonio flips his shit. Somehow the power gets cut off to the club and the only light in the building are from above the emergency exits.

One of Antonio’s men charge at me and it catches me off guard. I go slamming into the railing on the balcony and we both almost have our asses thrown off the top. Luckily for me - big guy didn’t want that so he pulled me back to him and we started fighting. Fuck he’s strong. So, I pull out my knife and just gut him. Once he’s dropped to the floor and I know he’s not getting back up I hear someone screaming.

”Fucking run Ellie!”

Why’s a girl running? It flips through my mind that Antonio runs trafficking and I immediately see red thinking he’s taking girls from the club. There’s no way in hell I’ll let that happen. So, I run out of the room just in time to see a girl helping, and failing miserably, to get the girl I noticed earlier away from a Hispanic man. I take off towards them to help but they break free as soon as I start to run. The dark headed girl is quick so she gets a good lead on blondie.

I look back towards blondie and another goon of Antonio’s has snatched her and her friend has no idea. I start chasing him down the stairs as he runs off with her but as soon as he gets in the mix with everyone else panicking to leave I lose him and her.

Fuck. I can’t stand here and look for her all night while Konstantin is fighting Antonio. So, I swallow my pride and hate myself and turn around the find Konstantin. I take off running back up the stairs and come into an extremely weird situation. Konstantin is looking down on the brown headed girl and I can tell by the look on his face he‘s fucking pissed at her. It also helps me figure this out because he’s got his gun pointed at her. He’s never killed a woman that hasn’t deserved it. So, what the fuck did this little munchkin do?

I have to step over the Hispanic guy that was trying to take them earlier. He’s sprawled out in the floor with a bullet in his head. I get up to Konstantin and this little girl has blood all over her hands and knees and she’s sweating horribly.

“Take her.” Is what Konstsntin tells me to do. Uh, okay? Weird. I grab her and she starts fighting me. Crazy little thing. She’s feisty. I like it. I throw her over my shoulder and have to hold her waist and legs down because she’s fighting like hell to break free. She’s hot. When I say that I don’t mean it like she’s going to get fucked all night. I mean it as in she’s burning up. I can feel it through my suit shirt and her clothes. It’s not normal.

When I reach my car I have to literally throw her in the back and shut the door really fast. The doors won’t open from the inside and the windows are sound and Bullet proof. She can finish letting her crazy out in there. I turn around to Konstantin and just stare at him. He’s pissed. Beyond pissed. He couldn’t find Antonio after he ran off and now he’s got that little Tasmanian to deal with.

“Talk to her and see what you can get out of her. I’m going back to the warehouse to find Antonio. She’s got something to do with this. It’s too convenient that she ran into me while we were fighting.“ He says to me and walks off.

Great, what the fuck did I do to get stuck with her? Is he wanting me to torture it out of her? I’m really fucking good at that job. I rub my hands over my head and down my face then take a deep breath. When I open the car door to get in with her she’s backed into the corner and sweating profusely. Something’s wrong here.

Chapter 2 - Paths Crossed



”Where are you taking me?” I asked the guy in the front of the car. Of course the little shit doesn’t answer.

“I know you fucking hear me! Where the fuck are you taking me?” I shout at him.

Then he reaches back and punches me right in the nose. It slams my head back so far that I also hit my head on the back of the head rest. It stuns me for a good minute and I have to take some deep breaths to regain myself. Son of a bitch that hurt. How dare he put his hands on me. Ugh, this sucks so bad. I am screwed. No one is going to be looking for me but Eliie and what can she do? She’s just one person and she's a girl. Unless she gets an army together then I am so screwed.

“Shut the fuck up. You only open your mouth when told to. That won’t be to speak either.” He says to me and then laughs this God awful laugh. I decide to keep quiet and I am hoping that by doing this then it will lessen the abuse I am sure is f

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