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Reneè Watts

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Ellie - “Run, Ellie!“ Nicole, my best friend, screamed. Was she f*ck*ng crazy? There was no way I was leaving her like this! I froze and didn’t know what to do. If I screamed for help then the other ones would hear me and what if they’re in on it too? I went to her and started pulling her hands towards me while she was still kicking at him. Together we were finally able to get her free from his hold but he was already getting back on his feet. I repeated to Nicole what she yelled at me “run!” I took off down the hallway opposite from the stairs after seeing Nicole was right behind me. Literally running for my life. Praying there was a fire escape or something for us to get out of this damned club and away from the psychos in here. I ran past the doors that said restroom on them and saw a shiny handle that looked like it was dying to be pushed and i was praying when I did that it would open up to the outside. I pushed on the handle with all my might and it didn’t budge. “Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t!” This time I threw my hip into the push and it burst open only have me fall on my hands and knees sending shock waves of pain to them. “Stupid woman! Argh!“ oh sh*t that voice. That deep, sinful voice. I turned to look behind me and noticed Nicole was no where in sight and I started panicking. When I looked around at where I was at I noticed I was standing on a landing for stairs in a warehouse that was full of boxes. “He f*ck*ng got away!“ Scary man yelled. When I turned around to face the mad man it wasn’t him looking back at me at all. It was the barrel of his gun. Konstantin - When I jumped back the door to the exit was forced open and knocked Antonio and myself backwards stumbling over each other. Long brown hair and a green dress fell at my feet. F*ck. Antonio took this opportunity to take off and run from me as I was caught up trying to figure out what the hell she was doing here and why she was bleeding down her arms and legs. I was so f*ck*ng p*ss*d at everything. I pulled my gun out and trained it on Elizabeth. I thought she was innocent but how convenient for her to come through this f*ck*ng door after I told her to leave! “He f*ck*ng got away!“ I screamed at her and she looked up at me. Golden eyes glowing again. Shaking from head to toe and bleeding. What the f*ck is going on? It took everything in me not to pull that f*ck*ng trigger until I heard someone else scream her name coming from the hallway. Fabian was running towards her pulling his gun from his side. I take my gun off of Elizabeth and plant a bullet right in the middle of Fabian’s head. Dimitri and Ivan show up next to me and tell me they didn’t see Antonio in the warehouse anywhere then they look down at Elizabeth. “Take her.” I told them and started walking through the warehouse to look for Antonio myself. Mafia Queen - What will happen between these two completely opposite people who also have so very much in common? Will Konstantin let his gaurds down for Ellie? Can Ellie get over his life style and see past the ugly side of the mafia? Or will they grow together? Only the trials and struggles will test how strong or weak they can be.

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The continuation of Mafia Queen comes Mafia Princess. The second book in the series. This book will focus on Dimitri and Nicole and their relationship from start to finish. DIMITRI “I need to find her friend Konstantin. I’m not going to sleep well knowing what’s most likely happening to her.” I tell him. “She’s going to want her anyway. We will find her. For Elizabeth and you.” He tells me and then there is a knock on the door. It’s Konstantin's Papa, Pavel. He is the current head of the Bratva and the one person you really don’t want to piss off. I have led a very blessed life to be able to be raised by him and be his son's best friend throughout life. So, I have escaped a few times that he would’ve killed anyone else for doing somethings that I have done. Especially as a dumb young man. My Papa is his right hand man and has been with Pavel since he became head of the Bratva. We have all always been close. Family. “You two need to come with me, now.” He says to us. We down our drinks and don’t hesitate. He leads us to the front door of the mansion and we notice someone running up the driveway. It’s Ivan and he’s carrying someone. I come off the steps to meet him because my heart hits my stomach when I notice that it’s a blonde headed woman and I just know that it’s Nicole. Konstantin follows me and we meet Ivan. “Someone just rode up to the gate and dumped her out. There was a note stapled to her stomach that said ‘your green dress wh*r* is next,’ do you know who she is?” Ivan asked. “That’s Elizabeth's friend Nicole. The one she was screaming for when we took her from the club. Get doc here now.” I tell Konstantin and he pulls out his phone.I take Nicole from Ivan and head straight to the infirmary. Jesus Christ at the things that have done to her. Her face is almost unrecognizable. Both of her eyes are swollen shut and the front of her head is sunk in a little bit from something hitting her head. She’s also butt *ss naked so I can imagine the other things that were most likely done to her. There's dried up blood coming out of her nose and mouth too. Jesus Christ this makes my heart break and my blood boil. I make it to the first room that I know is open in the infirmary hallway and lay her down in the bed. I take a step back and look at her fully. She’s got staple holes in her stomach and road rash from where they dumped her out. There’s also deep cuts on her wrists and ankles. So, she was strapped down too. Poor girl. I should’ve tried harder to find her. I should have kept chasing them to keep her from going through this. I hope that she can forgive me one day for not trying harder for her. Will Dimitri be able to forgive himself for leaving her behind and letting her fall into the hands of monsters? Will Nicole be able to get over her issues after she’s been taken and let Dimitri apologize to her? What will become of them? With the help of her friend Ellie and Dimitri maybe she can overcome anything and take her power back that she was born with.


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