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Entangled With The Mafia Lord

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“Can you lick me down there? Please?” Her voice shook as she asked that question and I was almost burying my lips where it was wanted the most but I wanted to hear more from her. “Where?” “There,” She whispered breathlessly. I grinned a little, this shy vixen was going to become bold and demanding when I got completely done with her body, which unfortunately couldn’t be today since there wasn’t much time left anymore. I’ve got to admit that seeing her face grow hot in embarrassment and her hips lift up the bed uncontrollably was turning my blood into fire, and those whimpers of hers would be the death of me. ——— Orphaned at a young age along with his siblings, Auden is an irresistibly hot billionaire with a dark past, and a future that isn’t certain. Family, to Auden, meant everything– and when a trail from his past ended up disrupting his family unexpectedly, he had no choice but to bring the big guns out. A life filled with Guns, knives and heartless excuses for humans, is what Aria unknowingly got herself into, and now she has no other choice than to be on a wild run with Auden or get killed in the blink of an eye. It was reckless and crazy, extremely dangerous and life threatening, but then love sometimes chooses to bloom in unexpected situations.

Chapter 1

Aria’s pov

He trailed his index finger down my scantily clad back, save for the fragile silkiness of my flimsy bra and flashed me a smug grin on feeling the goosebumps spread over every spot his light feathery touch met.

He had sent a text a few minutes ago, requesting for my presence in his office, and as his personal secretary, I had no other choice than to heed to his order... Not like I was complaining, seeing as my mind had been on the kiss we shared in the elevator yesterday, and here we are at this very moment.

He lifted his long fingers and trailed them down the side of my face before clasping my jaw firmly in his hand and lifting my face to stare right into his deep gaze. I blinked once then twice, trying hard to hold his unwavering gaze with mine.

His face inched closer to mine, making my breath hitch in my throat in anticipation of one of his intoxicating kisses, but to my disappointment, his lips didn't touch my parted lips, instead he slightly hovered a few inches away from my mouth, his fresh breath filling up my lungs intoxicatedly.

"You know, you'd look more beautiful on your knees before me," Auden breathed out directly over my lips and my breath hitched in my throat again.

"I–" I attempted saying something but he slipped his thumb between my parted lips and said one word. "S*ck."

Before thinking about what the heck it was that I was getting myself into, my lips wrapped themselves around his large thumb compared to my tiny, cute painted ones and s*ck*d strongly on it, the slight salty taste of his thumb bursted on my taste buds, sending a heady rush into my head, making me let out a small whimper unintentionally, that thankfully got muffled by him thumb, but with the way his gaze just darkened, I wasn’t so sure he hasn’t heard that embarrassingly, needy sound.

I flicked my tongue over the tip of his neat, short nail before sucking strongly on it again. A husky groan slipped past his lips just as he began to trail his thumb over the roof of my mouth, the tiny prickles of pleasure which shot out right from his soft but determined strokes of his wet thumb in my mouth was so unprepared, making the pleasure rush straight into my heated core.

I clenched my thighs tight against each other as I tried to stifle the moans that were threatening to spill out, I s*ck*d on his fingers for a moment longer, being unable to resist the heady strokes of his thumb and his other hand stroking the roots of my hair passionately.

I parted my lips and a string of breathless moans managed to slid past his thumb, a quiet, "F*ck," followed suit too.

"Yeah, just like that... This is how you're going to be working these pretty lips of yours on my c*ck." Auden's deep voice made me snap my eyes open immediately, eyes I didn't even realize I had shut.

Feeling bold all of a sudden, I released the strong hold of my lips on his now very wet thumb and drawled out. "Oh yeah?"

He trailed the wet thumb I just s*ck*d on down my throat before skimming it lightly over my left puckered nipple, I s*ck*d in a moan when his wet thumb ghosted over my nipple again, the wet, barely-there touch driving me crazy.

"Yeah, you're going to be sucking me off nice and good."

I forced my fluttering eyes to remain open before throwing my long hair back and biting on my lips lightly when he skimmed his thumb over my left nipple again, the silkiness of the white colored bra I had on did nothing to hide my twin aroused friends from his ever wandering eyes.

"Aren't you going to go on your knees before me too, you'd look very strong in that position." I didn't know where the courage came from, I only found the words that came into my mind a second being projected in the next.

He chuckled lightly, then he raised his two hands and dug them into my hair, his warm fingertips grazed my sensitive scalp slowly as his fingers danced around as if looking for something. My mouth fell open in pleasure before I pressed my head into his fingers more strongly, not wanting the feeling to dissolve into thin air this time.

"Of course I'm going to go on my knees and send you to hell and back with pleasure, cause all our twisted fantasies happen there. But I wouldn't just be going down on my knees, I'll lift you up on my shoulders and give you a taste of heaven with my tongue. And let's not forget how you're going to sit on my face and feed me your thoroughly f*ck*d p*ssy once I'm done with you."

I swallowed audibly as those words got whispered into my ear, I squeezed my thighs together when I felt his warm, thick tongue lick around my ear, he trailed his tongue around the tip of my ear while I held my breath in anticipation before moaning loudly on feeling his tongue wiggle into my ear at the same time, his other right index finger got pushed into my lips which parted unconsciously in my moaning throes, I wrapped my lips on his index finger and s*ck*d on it hard, the surface of my tongue moving along his finger hungrily.

He removed his finger from my mouth just as a wayward image of him fulfilling all his dirty promises flashed in my mind.

"You're going to do all those?"

"I'm going to be doing those and more, but for now, you're going to s*ck," He replied me just as his fingers left my head, I missed the warmth of his fingertips immediately, I lifted my fingers to my hair and smiled on feeling the braided tip of my long hair, he had braided it to enable me easier assess while sucking him off.

Chapter 2

I went on my knees slowly, my fingers trailing down slowly too, right from his strong shoulders, over his tight nipples and abs, past his enticing V-line till my fingertips were buried into the edge of his belt which held up his black smooth trousers that did nothing to hide his very impressive bulge.

"Get to work, Ari," He said when I glanced up into his face, I guess I was taking his cock out myself.

I unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants slightly till his boxers clad hard on was staring me right in the face, his erection looking extremely big even though it was still in the confinement of his boxer briefs.

I pressed my lips over his covered cock and breathed out lightly on it before licking a line on the length from top to bottom, the hard on which I thought was big a minute ago increased in size again.

"You’re playing with fire, Ri," Auden informed me as his hands went to work in my hair again, he brushed the long wispy curls o


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