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Always You (A very Short Story)

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Josie has always liked Jake from high school, her high school crush is back in town and now a master chef. Rekindling her feelings for Jake, Josie is determined to make him notice her. Her mother is hell bent on making Josie marry a man she chooses for her, but Josie will stop at nothing, until she gets the man of her dreams. Will Jake notice her and accept her feelings for him?, does he feel the same way as she does?. Josie wants to find an answer to these questions, and so her plans to finding true love begins....... (Very short but sweet story, Enjoy)

Chapter 1

It has always been him, I have never for once thought it could be anybody else. There he was, looking like he just came out of the shower, with water dripping all over his hair, I couldn't but continue to stare like my life depended on it. Jake still looked the same. That same boy I had a high school crush on is right here looking at me like I was a stranger whom he just met.

Janet was my high school best friend until we all went to college and lost contact. Jake and Janet had to leave town because their parents got a job outside town where we all grew up. Janet is back in town after completing her college degree, now getting ready to start her master's degree program, so why was Jake here?. Jake had also gone to college and is now a master chef who made different kinds of dishes. Hearing from Janet that Jake plans to open a restaurant here in town had me questioning my stay in town.

I had always thought that I need to be everything Jake wanted in a woman not minding if I will be happy or not, I just needed Jake to see me as someone who will complete him. Mom had always told me to be careful around boys, the orientation mom gave me before going to college made me think all boys are not to be associated with, but I still thought of Jake from time to time.

Thinking back, I have always liked Jake and thought of him as handsome and manly, but has Jake ever thought of me that way?. Leaving town so early and now back, connecting with Janet will give me the chance I had always wanted to be close to Jake by all means. I asked Janet if Jake was seeing someone at the moment and she affirmatively replied with a big no, then and there my chances of being with Jake increased to a very high percentage.

I didn't want to sound desperate by asking Janet if Jake had ever said anything about me in any course of their discussions, but I was dieing to know. What can I do to get Jake to even look at me before deciding if he has ever been interested in me or not. Standing on a street walkway, a vacancy for cashiers, waiters and waitresses was lying on the floor, I picked it up and it was Jake's restaurant, looking to hire people. I have never been this happy for a very long time now, this is my excellent opportunity, wouldn't want to miss it for anything in the world.

The D-day was here, I had to go into Jake's office for the interview. I had applied to work as a cashier in Jake's restaurant. He was surprised to see me, I could see it in his face, but he tried his best to hide the shock on his face, but I could see it. What could be going through his mind.

Josie, what are you doing here? Jake asked, I am here for the interview I replied. I had used a different name to apply for the job because I wouldn't want Jake to know I was the one applying for the job. I sat down waiting for my turn to be interviewed. Finally it was my turn and I was asked to go in. Jake had his eyes all over me, I could see the questions running through his face. After the interview we were all asked to wait for the result and in few minutes, all those who were employed had to wait behind and luckily, I was one of them.

We were all told to resume work the next day and I was excited to be working alongside someone I had feelings for, it was going to be fun I thought to myself and I couldn't wait to start. The next day couldn't come any faster for me, I couldn't sleep at night because of the butterflies I felt in my tummy. Janet called to inquire how the interview went, I told her everything she wanted to hear and off I went to bed. Few days ago I told Janet about how I want to work at her brother's restaurant, but Janet could see through me. "Josie, are you sure you want to work with Jake?, Janet was not convinced I wanted to only work with Jake, she knew I have feelings for him, but then she wanted to hear the words out of my mouth. I still couldn't give Janet a clear answer, I guess she figured it out on her own. "Go get your man"Janet said, I couldn't but hide the embarrassment I was feeling, I knew Janet had figured it out on her own but I didn't know she was going to support me. I thanked Janet for being on my side and promised her that I wasn't going to let Jake slip through my fingers.

Before going to bed, I had set an alarm to wake me up on time as I couldn't sleep early because of the excitement I was feeling. I could hear the alarm screaming "wakie wakie" but I couldn't open my eyes as I was very sleepy. Mom couldn't take the sound of the alarm clock anymore and screamed, Josie! Josie!! Wake up and turn that thing off or I swear am going to barge into your room and smash it to pieces. Mom was a strict person, she never let us do things other kids did, but I still loved her nevertheless. She made sure we never lacked in either material things or parental love. Leaving dad was the most difficult decision she has ever taken, having to choose between her and dad was like a needle piercing through my heart, but anything to make her happy was my priority.

Mom didn't know I had applied to work at Jake's restaurant. I didn't want her to know either. If she found out I wanted to Work there, she will go on and on about how it is totally unacceptable for her daughter who had a master's degree to be working at a restaurant. What she didn't know was that I had a reason of wanting to work there. What time do you start work, mom asked, 6:30am I replied mom. She asked for my office address and I wrote down Jake's restaurant address, still didn't want to tell her it's a restaurant, she won't be coming there any time soon after all. I was almost ready to leave the house when my brother asked what my place of work does. I literally ignored his question and zoomed off like someone who was being chased. I never want to be the one to tell mom where I work.

A whole lot of things went through my mind as I drove down to Jake's restaurant called King's diner. What if mom finds out about my place of work, what is she going to say, what is she going to do. I just let all those thoughts rest at the back of my mind, I will deal with the situation when it comes up. I walked down to the counter, which is where my work post will be, as I am the cashier. I saw Jake walking out from the kitchen area to the dinning area, I walked up to him, greeted him with all the strength in me, maybe because I was nervous or maybe he was looking too handsome to be real. I was blabbing and called him boss, Jake looked at me like I was crazy. Who calls anyone boss this days, Jake asked, I looked at him like I was looking at a ghost.

Chapter 2

All I could think of was going home to rest, when a customer walked in, Jake had told the customer we are closed but he insisted on coming in, looking out I was shocked to see it was Ric.

Ric is mom's best friend's son whom she has been trying to set me up with, but I have always made myself clear that I was not interested, Ric wouldn't take no for an answer, I wonder how he knew I worked here. Ric came in and was trying to exchange pleasantries with me but I kept the greetings professional and that made him somehow upset, I could tell because his tone changed when he was trying to talk to a waitress. I outrightly told Ric the restaurant was closed for the day, Ric wouldn't hear of it. Jake looked at me from the corner of his eye, trying to signal to me not to be rude to him, so I kept quiet all together. Ric decided to leave but not until he tells me he was waiting for me outside the restaurant. I didn't give Ric a reply but he didn't care. He j


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