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Blessing Okoye

  • 👁 35.2K
  • 6.9
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About me

I simply write for fun! Enjoy my books because it's coming from a fun-filled head! Thank you 🥰


Mandy's Desire
  • 👁 7.1K
  • 7.5

Heading to college has been Mandy's dream, this dream was about to be shattered when Mandy's father suddenly passes away, the chairman of Omega farms and grains. Mandy has always been protected by her father, but now he is gone. How will she sustain this large farm and it's employees, the bank is also on their neck to pay back a loan. Mandy will do whatever it takes, even if it means taking Bosey's hand for help. Bosey has always been an excellent farm hand who is in love with the Chairman's daughter. He is willing to help her keep the farm, if she will let him help. They will do whatever they can to protect the farm from the bank and from Frank.

Always You (A very Short Story)
  • 👁 1.6K
  • 5.0

Josie has always liked Jake from high school, her high school crush is back in town and now a master chef. Rekindling her feelings for Jake, Josie is determined to make him notice her. Her mother is hell bent on making Josie marry a man she chooses for her, but Josie will stop at nothing, until she gets the man of her dreams. Will Jake notice her and accept her feelings for him?, does he feel the same way as she does?. Josie wants to find an answer to these questions, and so her plans to finding true love begins....... (Very short but sweet story, Enjoy)

  • 👁 14.9K
  • 7.5

Jay had always known, that Daphne was the only woman for him. He had to leave town without a word, not informing her. Now he is back in town, to see Daphne with a baby. He has to do everything possible to find out, if the child belongs to him. He fell In love with the child at first sight, and fell deeper in love with the baby's mother. Does the child belong to him? Did she date some else while he was away? All these questions hover over Jay's head and He can't wait to find out. Daphne had been devastated to hear from people on the street that Jay, whom she was dating, packed up and left town without a word to her. Now that he was back In town, he is trying to seek her out. Will Daphne accept Jay back Into her life? Will his betrayal of not telling her before he left town bring back painful memories? Is she willing to tell Jay who the baby's father is?

Love And Trouble
  • 👁 8.8K
  • 7.5

Samantha has it all, a flourishing career, wealth and everything she wants and desires. She had been hurt in the past multiple times by men she loved. Samantha decided to not fall in love ever again, but having all the wealth she desired was not enough, she knows something is missing, but choose to ignore it. She has been single for too long and is now ready to give love a chance. She falls in love with her new next door neighbour, but there is one problem, she had a one night stand with him in the past and worst of all, she doesn't remember! Now she has an ex boyfriend who wants her back and won't take No for an answer, and a new man vying for her attention. Will Samantha let her self be loved by this new man? Will the memories of their one night stand, destroy her chances at happiness and make her give up on love again? Read on to find out what happens!

  • 👁 2.8K
  • 7.1

After her family goes bankrupt, and looses their whole wealth, Regina Oswald must save the only thing her father ever cared about, the Abyss Hotel. To save the hotel, Regina must seduce her childhood friend, the son of the family who put them in this ugly situation. She must get him to fall for her, and in the process, crush them to pieces. In the process of getting Revenge, Regina must guard her heart, from truely falling for him at all cost. She will either let love or revenge consume her. Agreeing to help the timid and Shy Regina Oswald save her family's dieing hotel was not easy for Cole Stone . He had to disobey his tyrant father to help her. While helping Regina save her family's hotel, falling for her was not part of plan. Cole must help her save the hotel from collapsing completely, since his family had a hand in it. He must also stop Regina from destroying his family. Who will Cole choose, Regina or his family?.


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