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Werewolves From The Grave

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The weak omega called Lexi sleeps in her room but wakes up in a coffin each single day. She would eventually make her way back to her house until a bombshell falls and she ain't able to. The graveyard is more silent now and all actions are being taken with unseen powers. As usual, creeping out of the coffin and tiptoeing to the main road with her little weak power, she does. But, she's being held back by a strange and single arm. Only one arm with no visible body but very strong. She gasps at the sudden but perceived sight. Her head tilts sidewards till her bones crunch and snap, releasing her into a realm of a different supernatural power. Another ghost from behind her hits a bolo on her forehead and she eventually lays down unconsciously. The arm now carefully and eerily infuses itself in her body system through the hole provided by the cooperating monster. Lifting up her eyes now, suddenly, she becomes as aggressive as ever and making her way to her house successfully is the first step to mass destruction as a Werewolf has been polluted by Graveyard's forces and powers. She is unconsciously set to inflict Werewolves and Human beings with her grievously given powers, but if not so, cause a great ruin to the citizens in Arizona. Read with me how wolves and human beings with other strange powers struggle to be free from this wolf from the grave, the reason she sees herself in the coffin every day, and you'd either bite your lip or I drain your blood.

Chapter 1 - Riddles Of The Night

As Lexi gracefully makes her way towards the sanctuary of her room, Morrigan, her mother, breaks the ominous silence that hangs in the air, her voice tinged with a peculiar mixture of caution and urgency. "Perhaps, a taste of blood before the werewolves emerge would be wise." She suggests to Spike, her gaze fixed on Lexi.

In response, Lexi grunts in stubborn disobedience, planning to walk away to her room. Morrigan, undeterred by her daughter's defiance, raises a quizzical eyebrow and lets out a nonchalant shrug, as if to say, "Your move" but she shoots a covert glance in Spike's direction, Lexi's father. An exchange of cryptic looks transpires between the parents, a silent dialogue heavy with unspoken concerns. The room becomes more tensed as it suggests an approaching heated argument when Lexi departs into her room.

However, an unusual noise from upstairs captivates Morrigan while prompting Spike to hastily investigate the sudden commotion.

As Morrigan and Spike head downstairs, the noise persists from upstairs, and they realize they are being tricked. Spike decides, "Morrigan, you stay here. While I go there," descending the staircase with cautious fear. Slowly peeking for any movement, he tiptoes toward the source of the noise.

Reaching the wall clock, Spike feels a hand wrapping around his neck, sending shivers down his spine. He unconsciously mumbles his desire to be swallowed by the ground, receiving an eerie reply that echoes in the sitting room, "Not swallowed up by the ground, but by the grave." The voice abruptly stops, leaving Spike unsettled.

Rushing back upstairs, Spike checks on his wife and child, finding them both unharmed. The mysterious encounter lingers in the air, casting a shadow over their peaceful night.

"What's up with her? What did you find out?" Spike inquires, but Morrigan initially only gestures until she's compelled to speak.

"I... I can't hear you?" Spike becomes puzzled, struggling to comprehend her words.

"...she's... a... Werewolf!" Morrigan yells, and at that moment, Lexi turns her face toward them. Her visage resembles one submerged in a pool of blood, cruelly mangled. Her eyes are white and vacant, her breath intense as though it might cease within moments. The revelation sends a chill through the room, as the reality of Lexi's transformation into a werewolf becomes undeniable.

"You should have given her blood to drink before she came up here." Spike accuses his wife, Morrigan, as Lexi approaches subtly and quietly.

"Didn't I ask her to?" Morrigan retorts, exchanging an up-and-down look with Spike. "You were there when she bluntly refused to take even a sip."

"What are the ingredients in the... blood?" Spike asks, his voice trailing off at the end of the question. The sight of his daughter in this state pains him. While she had transformed like this before, it had been many years, and each time, she would be given blood to drink to stave off the transformation.

"The blood of wolves." Morrigan informs Spike. "She's near us now. Don't you... think we should run?"

"Run from your daughter?!" Spike asks, disappointed.

"Do you want to become a Werewolf!!!" Morrigan yells in return. "This girl is not just human. She's a wolf, and she has a connection with dead creatures."

"That's how far you know..." A deafening voice interrupts their bickering. "...she's... a... Werewolf... from the grave!"

"Infected by us..." A skull speaks up, revealing itself at the doorpost of Lexi's room. "...she has been mandated to bring all human beings and Werewolves from all kingdoms to be like us."

"And..." It concludes as Spike and Morrigan partially block their ears to shield themselves from the unsettling revelation. " starts with you."

Lexi whimpers and dashes towards them with unbelievable speed, clearly under some form of control. She howls in a distressing manner, echoing through the house. Morrigan swiftly heads downstairs, but Spike remains frozen, reluctant to witness his daughter's descent into madness.

"Get me the blood." Spike instructs his wife from his frozen position.

"It's expired!" Morrigan yells back.

"How did you f***ing know?!!" Spike exclaims, attempting to endure the gruesome scene.

"It's green, no longer pure red!" She splutters.

Spike retreats, avoiding his daughter's biting attempt until his back hits the wall. Frozen, he anticipates the worst. Shutting his eyes, he waits to be bitten, but it seems Lexi has different intentions. Perhaps she intends to take him somewhere. Spike cautiously frees his hands from her bloody grasp, wary of being led to a jarring destination.

The wet squelching sound abruptly ceases, and Lexi stares directly at Spike's face, appearing surprised, shocked, and amazed. She raises her other arm, revealing the symbol of infection.

"...can't... can't... I just get someone to explain this to me!!! Huh!!!" Spike yells. "This is not what I signed up for!"

"It is," the skull at the entrance of her room speaks up again. "Demon Lexi, bring him over here. Utilize your werewolf power, and let's get him here."

This revelation clarifies things for Spike. Lexi is not only a Werewolf but also a demon. In contrast, he and his wife, Morrigan, are Werewolves, but their condition is less noticeable. They can shift, but only under the full moon, and their werewolf abilities are more restrained compared to genuine Werewolves. They have better control, retaining their strength for years without frequent transformations, unlike real Werewolves. If they get lost while transformed, they would shift back to human form still wearing their clothes.

In summary, Spike and Morrigan are light Werewolves, blessed with a demonic daughter by the moon Goddess. They have no cure for their daughter's condition - main reason for resorting to draining a wolf's blood and feeding it to her in hopes of diminishing her demonic power.

On the twelfth day of the month, Spike finds himself being dragged on the ground by his daughter towards the entrance of her room. The air is heavy with a pungent smell and the scent of decaying bodies.

As Lexi reaches the entrance, she forcefully opens the door. Spike abruptly wakes, his heart pulsating with fear, only to grasp the realization that it was merely a nightmare that had ensnared his subconscious.

Chapter 2 - Illegal Contract

"Spike, shopping today?" Lexi silently asks since she keeps staring at her dad but doesn't get any response. Meanwhile, Spike is shifting into his wolf gradually, all because she is near him.Another disaster in the town. This has shown that Spike won't be able to control himself once his daughter gets to be with him or anywhere close to him. He would not want to tell her that. She might feel weird or being isolated. "Why you not answering?" She asks, and wants to tap him but he struggles to talk."I'm feeling so dizzy now..." He says and his voice cracks. He seems so savvy to have revealed his voice as such that cracked. Notwithstanding, his bones cracked. "...would see you in your room in three minutes."Her obedience saves her, it saves Spike too. Generally, it saves them both. She turns her back to him with her mouth wide agape and then walks towards her room without looking back. And since she's not go


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