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Murder In High School

Murder In High School

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When Mr. Damar is found dead in a very gruesome state, detective Anna immediately concludes that someone has killed the math teacher. There are several suspects who deserve suspicion.  1. Angie was an ordinary girl who wasn't very smart. 2. Thomas, a student who had won the parallel championship for two consecutive years.  3. Alice is a tomboy girl who is naughty, and likes to get drunk.  4. Mrs. Rosie, a physics teacher with a gentle heart and a beautiful face.  5. Emma, Mr. Damar's wife.  6. Andrew was a wayward student who always had problems with Mr. Damar Among the six suspects, who killed Mr. Damar? And what was the motive behind the incident?

Chapter 1 : Mr. Damar's Body

"Before the first day of the self-examination begins, it would be nice to pray according to your respective beliefs and convictions so that the exams you carry out run smoothly without a hitch, and your scores will all be satisfactory. Pray, begin." The principal, who stood at the podium, immediately led the prayer. Her head was bowed with her eyes closed, followed by all the students of Starlight High School who were sitting on the floor in the hall. 

"Prayers over." Mrs. Kelly raised her head again, her eyes scanning all the students before her. Smiling so wide and bright, she continued. "I hereby declare that—"


The shout was so loud and thunderous that the principal's speech was immediately interrupted. All eyes inside the main hall were immediately drawn to the direction the voice came from. 

"HELP! HELP!" The shouting became even louder when the school cleaner, let's call him Mr. Toni, burst into the hall through the side door, the same door through which the principal had entered the large room. 

Mrs. Kelly, the teachers, and the students were shocked by the presence of the janitor with his face covered in sweat. All the students kept their mouths shut, watching Mrs. Kelly, who was walking towards Mr. Toni. 

"Mr. Toni, what's wrong?" asked Mrs. Kelly with a flat face, looking at Mr. Toni, who was still trying to catch his breath to walk normally again. 

"Mrs. Kelly, I apologize if I interrupted your time, I didn't mean to interrupt."

"Mr. Toni, just get to the point." Mrs. Kelly immediately spoke firmly to the cleaner beside her. 

Mr. Toni's head nodded quickly. "I accidentally found Mr. Damar dead in the secret room." 

Everyone immediately became rowdy upon hearing what the cleaner said, especially Mrs. Kelly, who immediately glared in disbelief. The noise was even more intense because the news was so shocking and sudden. Everyone didn't expect it, and some couldn't believe it, including the principal herself. 

Stifled shrieks, shocked looks, and whispers could be heard and merged into the air. 

Mrs. Kely looked at the man in front of her with a probing gaze. "Mr. Toni, are you serious? You didn't see it wrong?" 

"I wouldn't be lying, and I wouldn't have come and ruined the atmosphere here if I didn't have to, and I wouldn't have come here if the situation wasn't as urgent as it is now." 

With her heart pounding, Mrs. Kelly tried to remain calm. The woman with her hair pulled back on top of her head looked straight ahead, watching all her students, who were still noisy and rowdy. Everyone was busy gossiping, telling stories, and expressing their disbelief to each other that Mr. Damar, one of their teachers (the math teacher, of course), was gone. It was shocking news for everyone. Even the other teachers standing behind the podium were still chatting with each other. 


There was an immediate silence as the principal spoke quickly and loudly. Mrs. Kelly took a deep breath. "I hope you all can be quiet and calm. The self-examination will continue as scheduled, you must focus and not think about other events. Do you all understand?" 

"We understand!" All students immediately said it in unison. 

"Good, now I ask you to go straight back to your rooms. The independent examination will begin soon." 

All the students of Starlight High School rose to their feet together, then they walked out of the hall in a queue and in an orderly manner, walking towards their designated rooms. 

Mrs. Kelly's gaze turned to Mr. Toni again. "Let's go there now, Mr. Toni."

With quick steps, Mr. Toni, Mrs. Kelly, and dozens of teachers made their way to the secret room, the room where all the exam questions and answer keys were kept. Mr. Damar was assigned by Mrs. Kelly to guard the room so that none of the students would steal them secretly. Because in the past, exactly three years ago, there was one student who tried to break in to steal exam questions and answer sheets so that his grades were high and satisfying, and of course all of that was done because the student wanted to get a prize in the form of millions of rupiah in cash and free school fees for the next three semesters. But, the student's action was fortunately caught. Then, from then on, the school ordered one of the teachers to strictly guard this secret room. And Mr. Damar is a teacher who was chosen directly by Mrs. Kelly, the principal. 

Arriving in the room, it was true that Mr. Damar was found lifeless. A lot of blood was on the floor and pooling everywhere. There were obvious stab wounds on Mr. Damar's stomach and neck.

Everyone was shocked to see Mr. Damar's lifeless body. 

"Who did this?" Mrs. Kelly said softly, her voice choked, she was so creeped out and scared to see the body in front of her. Her head then turned to Mr. Toni, the person who first discovered the math teacher's body. 

"Mr. Toni, can you tell me exactly why all this happened?" 

"I don't know myself, I came here with the intention of cleaning the room, like my usual job. And I was immediately shocked when I saw Mr. Damar's body just lying there. Because I was confused, that's why I went to the hall, because mom and all the teachers were there." 

Mrs. Kelly rubbed her face in frustration. Obviously, this incident would damage the image of Starlight High School as an elite and in-demand school. It was not easy to get into this school. 

This incident was really unfortunate. Mrs. Kelly was also saddened by the shocking news that Mr. Damar had died in such a tragic way.

"Okay, we have to act quickly. Mr. Abi, can you call the police now?" 

"Yes, I can," Mr. Abi said swiftly. 

"Thank you." 

"And others, let's make this self-exam a success as scheduled. The students should not wait too long. I myself will wait for the police to come here." 

All the teachers agreed with Mrs. Kelly's words and all went out to distribute the question papers and supervise all the students taking the exam. 

"And Mr. Toni, you should stay here with me. So that you can be questioned for your position since you were the first to find Mr. Damar's body," said Mrs. Kelly. 

Mr. Toni nodded his head in agreement. "Yes, Mrs. Kelly."

Not long after, Mr. Abi returned to the secret room. "I've contacted the police, and they say they'll be here soon."

"Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Abi." 

"No problem, it's for the common good. If so, I'll take my leave first to supervise the students who are taking the exam." Mr. Abi then left the room, leaving the principal and the cleaner, who had worked here for more than ten years. 

Mr. Abi walked at a brisk pace to one of the rooms where the self-assessment would be held. When he arrived, he immediately handed out the answer papers and the questions that needed to be answered. 

"Do as much as you can, answer what you think is easy first. No cheating, or I'll kick you out of here." Mr. Abi let out a long sigh. "And as for what happened to you in the hall earlier, I hope you don't need to worry about that. All you need to think about now is finishing this exam. Do you all understand?" 

"Understood, Mr. Abi!"

Chapter 2 : Murder

After the investigation was complete, Mr. Damar's body was immediately taken to the nearest hospital to undergo several examinations before being returned to the family and buried properly. Anna, as a police officer in the crime division, could conclude very clearly that Mr. Damar had been killed by someone. 

"Can I speak to the witness who found Mr. Damar's body?" Detective Anna walked over to Mrs. Kelly and Mr. Toni, both of whom were standing by. 

Mr. Toni immediately raised his hand at the question. "I was the first to come across Mr. Damar's body." 

Detective Anna's gaze narrowed, watching Mr. Toni's face for a moment before she nodded her head twice. "Can I talk to you, sir?" 

"Yes, i can," Mr. Toni replied.

"Come." Detective Anna walked first to the nearest chair and table in the secret room, followed by Mr. Toni behind her. When they arrived, Detective Anna said quietly,


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