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Ezrah-The Vampire King

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I had not even had my first kiss yet and the hunger was growing day by day. The pecan-brown sleeping beauty had started to disturb my senses. I wanted to get out of there, but I was scared someone would rob her of her innocence. I had trouble trusting creatures around me, ever since I had been betrayed by my own blood. *** Prepare to be enthralled as you delve into the gripping tale of Ezrah Helek Khiba, a young man whose life takes an unexpected turn in the heart of Lesotho. In this captivating story, Ezrah's tranquil existence is shattered when his malevolent uncle, Tarsus Khiba, unleashes a devastating plot to attain supernatural powers. Driven by a sinister desire for immortality and fuelled by his insatiable thirst for dark forces, Tarsus sets his sights on Ezrah, who unknowingly possesses the key to his diabolical plans. Guided by his nefarious black magic practices, Tarsus manipulates events to lead Ezrah to a fateful encounter with the dormant Bat King, Ponahatso. Little does Tarsus know that his scheme will take an unexpected twist, forever altering the course of Ezrah's life. Thrust into a world of supernatural beings and haunted by remorse for his unintended actions, Ezrah flees his homeland in search of solace and a new beginning. To his astonishment, he discovers an extraordinary ability to shape-shift into various forms, granting him unimaginable powers and speed beyond comprehension. As Ezrah seeks refuge on the enigmatic Voir Island, home to jinns, werewolves, and witches, he is crowned King, leading a life of power and privilege. Yet, his newfound tranquility is disrupted when a mysterious stranger arrives, triggering a perilous journey of self-discovery and untamed desires. Prepare to be spellbound by this gripping narrative as Ezrah navigates a treacherous path, battling inner demons and external adversaries. Will he succumb to the darkness within or find the strength to conquer his own fate? Lose yourself in this enthralling tale that seamlessly blends supernatural elements, gripping suspense, and a dash of forbidden allure, leaving you craving for more with each turn of the page.

Chapter 1 The Inexorable


Had it ever occurred to you that you did not feel human anymore? It happened to me once and I totally freaked out! Then it happened a second time until I became accustomed to it. You might be wondering if I was an angel. Well, I could be mistaken for one if you happened to meet me in the daytime. You would change your mind if you met me in the darkest hours.

I am Ezrah. For some, I am Helek.

Chapter 1 The Inexorable

We all had been through an identity crisis when we were teenagers. Unfortunately, I had been facing this issue for quite some time now. Would it end? Umé did tell me that everything would come to an end only on Judgement Day. That was why I was being patient.

My beautiful, wonderful mother was full of energy and wisdom. She taught me all I needed to know before leaving for the other realm. It all happened because of me. The remorse had been eating me away for months.

Here I was, all alone, entirely cut off from the world, living on Voir Island. Well, not so lonely. I was surrounded by an army of delicious prey, jinns and werewolves. An island between my native place, Lesotho and Antarctica, which no one had nor could ever reach here as it could only be spotted by non-humans.

My Kingdom consisted of a vast castle, left to me by the previous tyrant King Djal, whom I defeated in a duel.

On 15 June 2011, my life was overturned by a very despicable event. I had to fly away from Maseru, and fortunately, I had discovered this island-previously known as Jinn Island. Upon arrival, I witnessed the tyranny of Djal and I saw the pleading eyes begging me to free them. I decided to overthrow the King, as he reminded me so much of my Devil uncle, Tarsus Khiba.

When I killed Djal, after my coronation, I requested the maids to roast Djal and serve me.

I only tasted blood once and I had promised myself that I would not do so again. Hence, from that time, all the meals prepared for me had to be cooked before serving. I was willing to eat anything but fixed and seasoned.

The inhabitants had great respect for me and I treated them fairly. Everybody was happy and I instilled noble thoughts in them. Even though some of them had accepted Christianity, others showed no interest and I never forced any being to follow my Faith.

We did not indulge in idol worship. We only invoked the name of God.

Speaking about Faith, after what I did back there in Maseru, I did not think that God would forgive me. Umé did... She would always do.

A pearl-like tear fell from my cognac-coloured eye every time I thought of Umé. I wished I could turn back time, but impossible.

Who would have thought that after my twenty-first birthday, I would be turned into a vampire-so dangerous and so powerful?

I had always been fascinated by science and all these years; I had worked so hard to complete my tertiary education at the University of Roma in Maseru. My mother, Yuneka, was very proud of me for I was so intelligent that I skipped one year at Secondary. 2011 would have been my graduation year if Tarsus had not used me as a medium to fulfil his evil wish.

"Thusa! Thusa Ezrah!"

My mother had been calling me for help, but what had I done? The irreversible damage!

"Your Majesty," Eva brought me back to Voir.

"Yes?" I asked in a husky voice.

"May I serve dinner?" She checked.

"Sure," I replied.

I was so absorbed in the past that I totally forgot that I had to eat. That was the only meal of the day-night rather. The day was only to sleep. The night was only for feasting, flying around, studying, and building my personal library.

Since I could shape-shift, I visited bookstores around the world where they were open until late at night.

Now Ezrah the vampire did not need to wear glasses. My eye problem was fixed. I was new, fresh and immortal. Therefore, reading even in the dim light was no big deal.

"Here, sir," Eva and company arrived with fruits, meat, wine and dessert.

"Thank you," I said before they left.

My chef, Albert, was the best. Yet, I read that Gordon Ramsay was number one. I wished I could visit his restaurant once, but I was scared to be around humans for long. I saw them with a label:

Warning: Exposure to humans can cause death.

The scent of their blood and flesh might turn me demonic again. I did not want to hit the international headlines.

I concentrated on my meal. Night by night I was growing paler. This tall, African with chestnut skin was turning pale! I had nothing against white skin or black skin. It was just that I loved the way God had created me. Nonetheless, now when I would look at myself in the mirror, I was entirely unrecognisable.

The fangs were showing just a bit and I wondered if they would continue growing! I definitely had to complete my library tonight.

Although I could shape-shift into a human, my fangs would show and I would not want any attention on myself.

Last time I visited a store, a lovely woman was trying to get my number. I was able to read minds now and I knew what she wanted. Women were often attracted to bad boys.

I did not blame her. I had always been successful with girls in Maseru. They often said they loved my long, soft, coiled and shiny black hair. Saniella, my childhood girlfriend, was crazy over my oval-shaped face with a strong jawline. She said I had enthralling features and was blessed with charismatic hooded eyes.

I would just smile when she praised me.

"Here! Helek! Hold that smile! Let me admire your dimpled cheeks. You're the very definition of tall dark and handsome!"

"Come on, Sani! Stop it now!"

"Helek! Your curved eyebrows and wedge-shaped nose! Oh my!" She teased again.

"Enough! I wish you could stop talking!" I giggled.

Really, she took my words too seriously and she left me when we were both 15. She died of tuberculosis.


That night, after my meal, I decided to fly to Dubai since they experienced the coldest months over there. Moreover, there was an international book fair being held in the city. I had to get hold of some books to complete my collection.

Money? I was filthy rich and a very modern vampire, equipped with the latest gadgets and gizmos.

I mutated into smoke and reached Dubai in no time. Once I landed, it was already crowded and lively. Locals and foreigners reached the venue in luxurious vehicles. A car was something I had not yet driven and the Porsche Carrera was my obsession.

This city was booming even after the recession that hit in 2009. I had read a lot about Dubai and GITEX. Next year I was sure not to miss that event.

Without losing any second, I scanned around and got all the books I needed. Most of them were related to science and technology, while some were the latest cookbooks of famous chefs. As I was interested in fiction, I picked books related to me-Vampire. I was curious to know what authors wrote about my kind.

Once I paid in cash in dollars, I disappeared from the crowd and spotted a deserted place. Immediately, I transformed into a falcon, hanging my satchel in my clutches to head home.

The ocean looked amazing at night, especially the fireflies lighting up the paths. I crossed Yemen, Seychelles, Africa-in particular-Lesotho, my motherland and my mother's land.

My stomach felt so upset thinking about my beautiful Umé who had been buried there. Part of me was buried with her and the wounds that slashed me would never be healed.

Umé had died! No! I had murdered her mercilessly when I turned into a bloodsucking monster, as she had come searching for me in the dark night along with ntaté Philetus Khiba.

Seeing Tarsus coming at her to capture and harm her, she had called out to me for help. She did not know that I had already turned into a vampire. She was hoping I would be the hero, but I was the villain.

I felt parched and I was craving for blood I jumped at her throat, throwing her into the mud and bit at her neck. I s*ck*d her life away, just like a hungry lion preyed on its food.

After my thirst was quenched, I looked at her in horror and found her writhing in agony.

"Umé!!! E-e! Please don't leave me! I'm sorry... Forgive me," I lamented, holding my mother in my arms.

"Ka kopo, Ezrah..."

She was only saying please while her heart was throbbing against her rib cage.

"I know... Not your fault...I for—give," she mumbled.

Her heart was beating so faintly while mine was racing at full speed, as hers came to a halt.

"Don't leave me Umé!!!" I begged at the top of my voice. Then she was dead.

"She's gone! You killed my wife!" Philetus shrieked.

Before my father could approach me and I hurt him too, I fled the place instantly.

Lost in thoughts, as I flew and passed over the beautiful island of Mauritius, I did not realise that I would be at Voir in a few seconds.

I wiped another tear from my eagled eye doing my best to curb the pain in my heart, thinking about my disastrous past.

I shape-shifted back and headed to the library. Once the books were stacked, I started reading novels about vampires. I had noticed some articles on the internet before, but I found them stupid myths.

My grandfather, Nereus used to narrate stories of wizards, witches and werewolves―but never had we been exposed to vampire tales. I was hoping that I could find an antidote to my affliction.

As I read along, I learnt that a cross, holy water, a wooden stake, fire, or brick could kill me.

For the cross I could agree as the night when I killed Umé, she had no talisman. As for fire- did it not kill humans, animals and plants also?

As for the others, someday I should ask Ophel to try experimenting on me. I had really wanted Djal to kill me but he was no match and on top of that when the residents were cheering for me as their messiah, I had no choice but to destroy him and bring relief to them.

Chapter 2 The Vampire King

Before the sun rose, I hit the bed after reading twenty books in one go. This was the advantage of being a vampire—I was swift.

Nonetheless, the dreams haunted me once again. The attacks, the killing, the screams, the blood and the loss.

I woke up in a jolt! It was around 8 AM. The sun rays peeping through the hole of my room was ticklish.

It felt so good. It reminded me of the days I used to wake up early, enjoying the breathtaking sight of sunrise.

We, the people of Maseru, living near Caledon River, used to find happiness in everything; from the peeping of the sunlight to the diamond mines.

We had no ambition in trying to plunder those mines to become rich. We were proud of Letseng being the world's richest mine. As grandpa used to say, riches were no man's pal. I could not disagree.

Although Lesotho was in South Africa, it was the coldest part of the continent. We would be dressed in a traditional Basotho blanket to keep us warm.


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