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Bride Of The Vampires

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On the verge of the 21th century with vampires seizing power from humans, domineering them and plunging them back into the medieval times, Nyx a human hunter struggling to adapt to having the undead around becomes a vampire killer herself. Until she crosses path with the ever-so-deadly King of vampires, Draven. Claiming her under the ruse of a mate bond and condemning her to a life of slavery, he makes her the empire's wh*r*. But as the pair grows close, Nyx slowly begins to pry off his bravado and shatter his world, opening the cold hearted vampire to a new kind of emotion. When the court demands a pure blooded queen, he knows he has more to protect than just the empire.

Chapter 1

Her purple hair flew to her face when the night wind swept over her skin, she rapped her ringed knuckles before starting the futuristic hi–tech bike she'd owned. Even during the carnage, she'd been able to rescue something that stood as a reminder of what the future once had.

Surely that was an abomination to the vampires but she'd properly gotten rid of any one of them who'd spotted her with it. Killing a vampire was not an easy task, but luckily, the moment they resurfaced, hunters came and selected a few humans from the bloodline of hunters and she was one of them. The symbol on her back and her family medallion hanging down her neck was a solid proof of it.

"Just hit it already!" Cheyenne's voice boomed on the other end of the ear pod plugged into her earlobes.

Killing a newborn vampire or a fledgling was easy but the man standing a few meters away from her was no fledgling. He was one of the first ancients who'd led the massacre of humans.

He stood transfixed, folding his arms at his chest as the breeze blew his brown locks about. He had a wide grin on, daring her to make her move.

They'd been hot on eachother's trail since she'd began to kill the newborns at the outside borders. Her action had forced the vamp's leader out to get her. Many a time had she barely managed to survive an encounter with him but tonight, he'd cornered her, leaving her with no way out of the abandoned alley than to kill him.

"Are you going to try to kill me or are you just going to stand there and stare at me? I've not got the whole time in the world so come at me and let's get this over with."

Firing her bike, she aimed in his direction with one thing in mind; hit him and make a run for it because that was the only option doable at the moment.

When the bike tyres skidded on the smooth asphalt street, he scoffed. Even when she rammed the metal bike into him, he didn't as much as flinch. She watched his body fly the opposite direction, rolling down the street, his bones popping and dislocating.

She observed the nauseous sights of his legs and hand twisting and turning in the wrong ditection which looked quite fatal and painful but she knew he'd heal between seconds she fired full speed into the night.

"Nice ride you've got here,"

She shrieked when she felt strong arms grab her off the bike, how on earth had he healed so fast?! That injury was enough to take him out for seconds, and most importantly, how had he caught up with her?! She was on a freaking bike! The fastest at that. She watched her bike, her most treasured possession shatter in front of her when it rolled down the path.

The next thing she felt was her back being pressed on the asphalt street and a strong grip tightening at her neck.

He tsked, "pesky little thing. When you began to kill my men, I'd thought you were just another raving insect that would soon be stepped on and destroyed but clearly I was wrong. You have become more than a pest, you've become a bug and a pain in the arse."

She cried out when his claws dug into her flesh, her hand traveled into the pocket of her combat pant.

"I...feel..honored for...being a..pain in your...majesty's arse." She wheezed out, struggling to breath.

"You'll feel more honored when I snap your bony neck," he retorted excitedly.

When her hand touched the little cylindrical metal in her pocket, he grinned, revealing sets of white fanged teeth. He leaned down a little but stopped midway.

"I cannot soil my insides with your blood, any last words bug?"

She scowled, pulling the metal into her grasp she spat on his pretty sculpted face.

"I'll kill you myself," She chuckled like a maniac.

"That's it!" He snarled, his hand at her neck tightened her eyes enlarged when air was restricted from entering her lungs. In one skilled precise movement he snapped her neck with a pop.

"It was a waste to kill such a pretty little thing," he sighed, cleaning his face with the back of his palm. Gazing at the dead girl on the ground with a shocked expression on her face he leaned back up, stretching his body before walking away.

"Where are you going? We have unfinished business!" A very angered voice spoke behind him.

He gasped, stopping and turning on his feet. His eyes met with the purpled haired girl who was supposed to be dead. She rubbed the part of her neck that had been bruised.

"Damn it! Why won't you just die already?" He stomped his foot angrily on the floor like a child, pouting.

She adjusted her footing, ready to attack, "I think your brain is too slow to realize that you cannot kill me. Not that easily, I'm an hunter you twat!" She rubbed her chin as if lost in thoughts, "oh wait you're dead, so I guess your brain is too. Am I wrong?" She chuckled.

He growled, lunging in her direction at a fast speed she couldn't keep track of. Hurriedly pressing the button on the cylindrical metal, it popped open and morphed considerably into a saber. It was the future anyways, now you could keep both a saber and a sword in your pocket.

She trailed her hand at the edge of the blade wincing when it cut through the skin on her palm. She placed it on a symbol on the blade, her blood seeping into it she activated the spell on it.

He wasn't charging at her yet, he was toying with her, trying to stalk her like the predator he was. She knew he'd enjoy attacking her at unawares and revel in killing her while her heart thumped in fear in her chest.

He was fast, swishing past her, making her turn in circles to see where he attacked from. She heard his faint chuckles in the air and the change of the earth under her feet when a force approached.

Turning back, she shut her eyes, snapping it open that very minute she swung her saber and heard a loud gasp.

She swirled back on her heels and glared at the alpha vampire behind her who grabbed unto his neck as blood spilled out of the opening her blade had caused. He had been fast but not fast enough for the effect of the attack of her blade with the spell on it.

Gurgling on blood he fell to his knees. She clicked on a button beside her saber and it morphed back to the cylindrical metal it was.

"Not so bad after all? Any last words to say?"

He grabbed unto her combat pants, wheezing. His eyes enlarged in pain and agony.

"Oh, sorry. You're dead anyways,"

With that, she pushed him back and watched his head sever from it's body the moment his back touched the floor. Who knew killing an alpha vampire, an ancient was this easy?

She bounced off triumphantly. She'd have informed the other hunters but her ear pod had flew out of her ear and they couldn't see her since her bike had been destroyed.

"Didn't they teach you never to leave a vampire with it's head?"

She stilled.

Her heart hammered frantically in her chest. How was he alive?! She'd severed his head with a blade forged with the energy of sunlight! No vampire alive could survive that.

The moment she tried to turn back she felt a grip on both her arms when he pulled her back into the curve of his cold rigid body,

"Goodbye, bug." He purred.

With that, she felt strong menacing jaws clamp down on her shoulders. She let out a high pitched screech when the bite burned into her body like hot lava.

He dragged her blood into his mouth mercilessly and relentlessly. A few minutes later her eyelids became heavy and her body went lax, slowly she drifted off into eternal darkness.

Chapter 2

She yelped, her eyes snapping open. She squinted her eyes in the lowly lit room, gasping when her eyes finally adjusted to the view of the room.

Large red drapes surrounded the whole room, the chandeliers burning with candles. Large black plush rugs splayed on the floor. Suddenly she felt the soft fluffy quilt on her skin she jumped down the bed.

"I see you have awoken,"

A voice and a person she hadn't realized was in the room startled her she let out a shrill scq1~ream before lunging back on the bed.

"Where...where am I?!" Dipping her hand into the pant of her combat boot, she noticed all of her weapon had been missing.

A male walked out of the looming shadows, his hair in a low ponytail, he had a black trouser on with brown shirt. When he neared, she let out another scream.

"You! Where is this?! Why am I here with you?! What have you done to my shit?!"

The next thing she felt was her back being pressed into the bed, he looked pissed-not th


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