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Demons bride

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Tomorrow I turn 18 and I will finally move out and get away from my cold hearted mother. That was the plan 3am the morning of my birthday our house is visited by the most beautiful man I had ever seen. His black eyes and aura told me he was a demon He had come for what my mother had promised him 18 years ago. She had promised him me.


The demon stood before me

" what is it you desire " he said, his voice echoed around the room and i felt his power to my core.

" please , I want the powers I have asked for"

" you want to be a witch" he sneered

I nodded " yes"

" and what do I get in return?" He asked

I was confused " soul? You get my soul when I die?"

He shook his head and my heart dropped

" no good regina, you see witches don't have souls" he tapped his chin thoughtfully " however maybe another sacrifice will suffice"

" anything " I pleaded " whatever you want you can have it , I just want what I have asked for!!"

He smiled and placed a hand on my bulging stomach

" you carry a daughter " he said as a statement if fact rather than a question

I nodded " yes , I.. do" I stammered

" my son needs a bride" he sneered a cruel smile " I will give you what you want but in return I will take your daughter when she comes of age"

I didn't know what to think. I didn't even want to get pregnant. The man I thought loved, he left when it was too late to get an abortion.

I nodded quickly " ok you can have her "

" excellent" he said " hold out your arm"

I did as he asked, excitement blooming within me

He reached out a hand and grabbed my wrist . I screamed as my skin burnt. He removed his hand and I saw a pentagram branding my skin before it glowed and soaked into my skin, disappearing. I could still feel it's warmth even though I couldn't see it.

" you have your powers witch" he smirked " I will send my son in 18 years to collect the girl"

With that he disappeared, leaving behind a smell of sulphur in the air.

I felt the baby kick and for a moment I felt guilty. I pushed the feeling away, I didn't want her anyway so why not get what I did want instead.


I awoke with a start, breathing heavily. I looked at the clock.


I was confused momentarily at what had woken me but then I heard my mother's voice coming from downstairs. She sounded scared and I heard my name.

I snuck to the stairway and sat on the top step , peeking between the rails at the scene below.

My mother was cowering before the most beautiful man I had ever seen.

He was tall, over 6ft at least. His ink black hair curled just above his shoulders and his eyes were dark and emotionless . A demon. My mother had summoned enough that I could feel it.

I felt like running but I was frozen.

" please, there must be another way" pleaded my mother.

" there's nothing I want from you witch!" He spat the last word , as if disgusted by the very sound of it.

" Vienna is just a child"

I was taken back, not because she was talking about me but because she sounded like she actually cared about me.

I had no


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