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Midnight Rose

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About me

Diana Alex is an author who has been writing since 2020. A lover of fantasy, werewolf and vampire genre with a touch of spice, likes to play video games, listens to good songs and makes delicious dishes in her free time. Strives to be the best version of herself whilst also creating worlds to get readers immersed in captivating storylines and plots.


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"Good morning class," I froze, The whole class went still with perked attention as they stared at the owner of the voice when they mumbled out their good mornings. I didn't need to turn back, I'd already figured out who that voice belonged to. "Sh*t!" I exclaimed as my face paled. "Lexi?" I turned towards the podium where he stood and he was so focused with arranging the books and organizing a few things. His brows were furrowed and he was deep in concentration. He had a blue turtled-neck shirt on, black pants and a black coat. His hair was tousled and he had his glasses on. "I'm going to be taking you NSCI 246. I hope you guys are excited cause I'm not," he said calmly, still not raising up his head. "I'm Dr Elijah Carson and you can call me Dr Carson. Anyways, let's start with the names shall we?" He began calling names of people present and I knew I was f*ck*d. I'd lied to him about my name-why, I had no idea. But it was just an alias I went with when I was hooking up with a new guy. Lee was still too busy trying to figure out the cause of my dilemma. "Leona Atkins?" He called out. "Here," she raised up her hand. F*ck! I was next, this sh*t was terrible. How and why the f*ck was he a teacher at Renville University?! Sh*t! I was beginning to panick. How do I tell Lee I had spent the night with the new professor of neuroscience and had been fantasizing about him for a whole week! My- "Alexis Peterson?" He called out but I was too stunned to reply. He didn't raise his head up but his frown deepened again. "Alexis Peterson?" He called out again. "He-here," I replied shakily. ★★★ Alexis is your typical university kid who enjoys parties, clubbing and most importantly-men. She meets the gentle, innocent-looking, cute nerdy man in plaid shirts, glasses and skinny jeans. He sparks up a conversation with her and little did she know that underneath his good guy facade lies a beast just waiting to be let out- in an enticing way. How possible is it for a guy you've just met to make you want him in just a minute? What happens when the one guy you want an encore with turns out to be your new professor who happens to teach neuroscience and is also the alpha of a wolf pack? All hell breaks loose.


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