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Alpha fated to a witch

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Irene grows up trying everything within her power to shred herself away from the supernatural world. But she never thought that a little sign of weakness from her would destroy all her years of hard work. It all started when she met Ethan a werewolf alpha, she fell in love with him at first sight, but is afraid to accept him, accept his pack. She also had to gain the trust of his pack members who believes witches are evil Will she be able to accept and live as his mate will she be able to live off her mothers shadow? Will she ever get over her fear of falling in love?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1


The minute I stepped out of the hospital, the cold air of winter hit me in the face. Another difficult shift just ended and I badly need to blow off the steam, lately it seems like every patient who enters my ICU dies. It gets me exhausted mentally and physically and sometimes it makes me wonder why I became A nurse in the first place. Then I thought of my mother. She is the most powerful witch in the blue sky coven, one of the most largest and well respected covens in this country.

She didn't get to be that powerful by accident,my mother was cruel, bloodthirsty and terrifying. She had tried everything possible to raise me up to be just like her but I refused.

Because of this she hated me, she was only using me to carry on her legacy, she would always force me to practice magic until I became perfect in every spell, incantation, potion and power that I could.

When I turned seventeen I was already lethal as she was, but I never liked seeing everyone walk around my mother with fear in them, because it wasn't the type of life I wanted for myself. I want to be loved, to have a family of my own and to feel like I made a difference in this world, I wanted to be forced for good, I wanted to be a ray of f*ck*ng sunshine.

So I left, I told my mother I would never be what she wanted me to be. At first I was worried she would come looking for me,and force me into servitude but her disappointment in me was so big that she never looked for me, she told me to leave and never come back so I did . That was four years ago, I went to a nursing school and graduated with honors. I moved to Sydney ,where I became an ICU nurse in a big hospital.

I save life every day with my skill, because I never use magic,but occasionally I use healing charms on my patients when I think no one would notice,but that is hardly ever. In The last couple of weeks though, I did try a charm on a burn patient, hoping the young woman would heal quickly and not feel so much pain. Burns are one of the worst kinds of pain and I couldn't stand seeing her suffer with it.

Today,that woman died of the infection we tried so hard to prevent, everytime I close my eyes I saw her family around her bed, holding her hand hoping she would come back to life. This made my heart hurt so much but I tried my best to save her l. So today I decided to drink away my pain and sorrow. Usually I try to stay away from every other supernatural being.

My mother made many enemies in that world and the last thing I ever needed was someone recognizing who's daughter I am and trying to kill me as a way of getting revenge from her. It's not like she would ever care if I got killed.

There is a well known bar in town for supernatural beings to come and mingle with humans, and for some reason this particular bar keeps calling me tonight. Maybe because I tried using charm on the woman earlier but failed. Or maybe I just need to be around people who would understand me better. Either way I'm heading in that direction tonight,I didn't bother to change out of my work clothes. I could feel my breath in the cold air and hear my feet on the hard floor. They were sore from the long sh*t that just ended, but the pain kept me grounded, reminding me of my purpose.

I walked for a very long time, trying to clear what happened today off my mind. Sydney is a beautiful city and I love the views of the building, seeing people going in and out of them. As I near the bar, I walked past a few others with people laughing and drinking excited for the weekend ahead. No matter how much I envied them I always remember the danger that comes with the supernatural world. I walked in through a small entrance where the bouncer looked me over. I created a small ball of light in my hand to show him that I know exactly what this place means. I walked in and started taking off my hat and gloves, my hair was messy from being tied up under a hat all day. I took it out and arranged it into a messy bun on my head as I looked around the whole place. I didn't feel like sitting at a table so I looked around the bar for a comfortable spot. The people around there were not much,so I headed for that direction. There was a vacant seat near a very large man. I praised him from behind. He had blonde hair, shorter on the side and longer on the top and incredibly broad shoulders . He was wearing a fitted black shirt that shows his tapered waist. The light jeans he was wearing showed off his thick thighs and since he didn't have any sleeves, I could see his firm muscles on his arms. He lifted his glass of amber liquid and I watched as his muscles ripped through his arms and veins popped out. God, how easy it would be to stick an IV in those babies. It had been a long time since I looked at a man and I figured why not? I went up next to him and cleared my throat. He looked at me and his eyes made me forget what I was going to say. They were the most beautiful mixture of color I had ever seen. I must have hesitated for too long because he raised his eyebrow like he was waiting for me to say something.

" Is this seat taken?"

" Not at all"

I couldn't tell if he had a slight accent or if that was just my imagination, he kept looking at me as I say on the stool and ordered for a drink. When I turned to look back at him, I caught his eyes again. They look wide in surprise" that weird". I thought to myself, I took a moment to scan the rest of his body features, strong nose,sharp jawline, full pink lips and the most beautiful long neck.

" I bet that neck would be fun to s*ck on, "what the hell, where did that come from?"

I needed to get my sh*t together, it's not like I have never seen a hot guy before. But this guy,he wasn't just hot. He is handsome. When my gaze traveled up back to his eyes,they were still on me. But instead of his surprised look, his eyes narrowed, his eyebrows were knitted together in confusion, I wasn't expecting this kind of reaction from him at all. I couldn't tear my eyes away from him and as I stared at him,I felt a warmth travel through my body and goosebumps appear on my body. It had been a long time since I had gotten laid, but I have never had a reaction like this to a man.

" What is your name?" This question pulled me out of my thoughts.

" What"

" Your name?" F*ck, get it together Irene.

"It's Irene. What's yours?"

" Ethan"

" It's nice to meet you Ethan". It's definitely an accent, like this guy needs to get any hotter. Of course I was wearing the most unflattering pair of scrubs and a messy bun when I met the most beautiful creature that exists in the entire world. He must have noticed what I was wearing considering his next attempt at conversation.

" Most women don't wear an outfit like that to a bar".

" I'm not most women". I snarl at him. Yes, Irene is cool.

He chuckled and it was a low rumbling sound like the last few bits of thunder after a summer storm.

" Actually I just came back from work, it was a hard day and I need to drink my sorrow away".

" Oh, I'm sorry to hear that,what do you do?" His eyes twinkled and he seemed genuinely interested.

" I'm a nurse in an intensive care unit of a local hospital. A patient died today".

"I'm so sorry". He reached across the small amount of space that separated us and rested his hand on my arm. It felt like a spark of electricity shooting up my arm, it scared me and I pulled back quickly and put my hand on my lap. I couldn't meet his gaze for a second, worried I wasn't affecting him the way he was affecting me. I cleared my small throat and smiled at him.

" What about you? What do you do?"

" I'm in town for a few weeks doing security".

" Security? Like a bodyguard?"

" Yes, people will pay someone like me to protect them".

" Someone like you?" He gave me a sly smile and I caught on immediately. I had almost forgotten where I was, obviously he was some kind of supernatural being.

" And what exactly are you?"

He narrowed his eyes at me again,like he was trying to decide if I could be trusted with this bit of information. Then he took a deep breath, turned his body on the stool to face me and look me straight in the eyes.

" I'm a werewolf ".

" Holy sh*t".

Chapter 2

Chapter 2Ethan's P.O.VI don't have the habit of telling a random stranger that I'm a werewolf, but this woman wasn't random. Not at all, I could smell her as soon as she walked in. An intoxicating sweet smell of cinnamon and vanilla,as soon as we made eye contact I knew. My wolf howled inside me and started chanting the word mate, mate,mate. When I came to this bar to relax after a day of protecting a rich dickhead from the people he had screwed over,the last thing I expected was to meet my mate. I could tell by her smell that she isn't a werewolf, that gave me concerns,that means she couldn't understand what mate bond is although by her reaction I knew she could feel it,not only the way she looked at me but when I touched her,which was a little experiment and she clearly reacted to our connection. I was intrigued by my little mate. She was nearly a foot shorter than me, her long hair tied up head and got beautiful brown eyes with a


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