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Abigail busayo

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Alpha fated to a witch
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Irene grows up trying everything within her power to shred herself away from the supernatural world. But she never thought that a little sign of weakness from her would destroy all her years of hard work. It all started when she met Ethan a werewolf alpha, she fell in love with him at first sight, but is afraid to accept him, accept his pack. She also had to gain the trust of his pack members who believes witches are evil Will she be able to accept and live as his mate will she be able to live off her mothers shadow? Will she ever get over her fear of falling in love?

I rejected the alpha for being a bully
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  • ⭐ 7.8

When Rachel found out that she is mated to her old enemy, she was asked to forgive him for the benefit of the old pack. She needs to think if the whole pack is Worthy of her forgiveness to her mate. "I think I can give you a chance". I said quietly, and he sighed in relief, he took my hands off his face and kissed my palm before placing it on his chest. " Are you sure?". He asked hopefully. walked out of the store , minding my own business when a firm broad shoulder brushed through me and pushed me hard enough that I fell down. The contents of my bag was scattered all over the floor and I threw my black long hair sideways so I could see who the culprit was and I furrowed my brow in anger. I narrow my hazel eyes at the familiar sheet eating grin and can't stop the growl of hatred that rumbles through me. Wow dear you should watch where you're going." Fucking Gabriel . The alpha son has always been an since we started high school.Now a year after graduation he still find every chance he can to torment used to be throwing my homework into pool or "accidentally" shoving my books out of my hands or pushing me into lockers.i don't know how many bruises i came home with after he"ran into me" with his shoulder .

Mated to my nightmare
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  • ⭐ 7.5

This was Angela Cassiel's last year in high school. She had planned to spend the last year smoothly and welcomed her she-wolf when she turned 18. She may even find her mate. But she didn't expect her bully, Leo Miller to come back. Leo had always bullied Angela since they met in middle school. Leo kept bullying Angela, because Angela's father was the reason his mother and sister died. And he wanted Angela to pay for her father's mistake. Angela had no idea of this. She just knew Leo hated her to the guts. She tried to fight against Leo several times, but she was no match for him. Two Years ago, Leo transferred to another school because of family issues. Angela was glad to get rid of the bully bandage. And she thought they would probably never see each other. But her peaceful life was shattered, again, by Leo Miller's return. What would happen next? Would Angela fight against Leo bravely this time?

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An overachieving Vera aspires to achieve success in Atlantic City, but her dreams hinge on marrying someone. She enters a three-year contract marriage with Ivan, who harbors a powerful secret. Unbeknownst to Vera, Ivan shields her from various threats to her life and even posing as an anonymous Angel investor to save her company from bankruptcy. When their contract expires, Ivan resumes his responsibilities to lead a secret organization, seeking vengeance for a past war that shattered the group and claimed his lover's life. Meanwhile, Vera becomes entangled in the murder of her rival, Steve Anderson, which was orchestrated by Ivan. Simultaneously, a visually impaired girl discovers her importance to the "new gods” — a treacherous faction responsible for the war. As these events unfold, the characters' destinies intertwine, leading to a compelling story of power, secrets, and retribution.

His unwanted luna
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  • ⭐ 7.5

Being the heir to his pack , Rex was made to do what ever his father wanted . He never had the chance to choose anything for himself but everything change when he meet his mate and he couldn't help but feel drawn to her even when his father was against it. He was betrothed to another Female wolf who happen to also be an heir to her pack. Will he be able to claim his mate despite all the odds against him . What happen when a wall emerge between himself and his father over his mate . Will he choose his mate over his betrothed and father . Find out on His unwanted Luna


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