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Loves and Vampires

Loves and Vampires

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Heyon is a boy who has just turned 19. He is in love with his best friend, Seok, but the feeling is not reciprocated, as Seok already has a boyfriend. But to prove himself brave to Seok and all the other boys who decide to see him performing a challenge, Heyon agrees to go to the city cemetery to lie down on the sleeping vampire's grave and thus prove himself to be a brave adult for everyone. However, this was no simple, silly challenge. Heyon was taken to an ambush in the cemetery where he was where deceived by two wizards besides his best friend, having his blood delivered to the sleeping vampire, making the beast finally awaken. Heyon should die with the surrender of his life, however, his soul ends up being linked to the vampire's, making him a vampire too. And when Heyon awakens with a thirst for blood and hair that exudes power in its vibrant color like magma, everyone fears him, for now he will be compared to the offspring of a demon created to bring chaos to the world and who must be stopped before of the world being destroyed.

Prologue + Chapter One: Worship

In the beginning of the world, an evil was created from a betrayal. Expelled from paradise for not accepting to be submissive to a man, Lilith swore revenge on the creator of the worlds. She gave birth to countless demons, but the first and foremost was named Caille, a female demon with red hair, vivid as magma to remind her of her descent from hell.

Caille was sent to earth to dominate it with chaos, fear and pain, but as well as evil, good was also strong, and therefore, a fairy of Light was created and sent to arrest the demon.

With nine golden bows, trapped in the deepest hell, Caille was still powerful enough, and just like her mother, she fed on fear and gave birth to a new demon.

Again the land was taken, and the fairy had a redoubled job to trap that single creature. And as she was weaker than her mother, the fairy managed to purify the soul of the second demon, delivering him to Earth to live a common life without anyone discovering who he really was.

But as a human, the demon fell in love, got married and raised his own family, giving birth to the third-strongest demon on earth, the offspring of both human and non-human.

And in a world where mystical creatures also live, the third demon grew up unaware of his parentage, unaware of his powers and the evil that inhabited him. But everything came to a head nineteen years after his birth when, as an ordinary boy, he was invited by his best friend to go to the city's cemetery, meet the tomb of the vampire who would take his life and drink his blood, bringing back all of his life in the past.

But before we fully unravel the story of Caille's demon return, let's go back to where it really started.

October 09

With a small cake decorated with yellow flowers, Kim Seok was smiling as he had to wake up his best friend on his 19th birthday.

Lim Heyon was sleeping peacefully, wrapped from head to toe in his baby blue duvet.

" Yonie? " Kim whispered as he sat beside her.

Heyon had dark hair flowing over his eyes, partially obscuring his vision. Her puffy little eyes blinked slowly. Seok smiled, lifting the small cake when at last Lim's vision came completely to him.

" Happy birthday. " He dictated low.

Heyon sat up on the sheets, rubbing his eyes as he broke into a beautiful smile.

" Wait. " Seok asked, looking for a small lighter that he had in the pocket of the black jacket he was wearing. Heyon looked at him carefully. He bit his bottom lip as Kim turned his attention to the little candle and sighed softly, realizing how handsome Kim looked. The brown hair with the green tips was what most enchanted Heyon. " Ready. " Kim lifted the cake with the lit candles. " Place an order.

Heyon smiled, making himself better on the bed when he closed his eyes. He blew out the candles forcefully, making his wish very willingly.

Her eyes returned to the cupcake with sunflowers on top and her smile returned.

" It's beautiful. " He said, looking at Kim. "Thank you, Seok.

" It was nothing. " Kim left the cake on the nightstand. "What did you ask for?

"I can't talk, so it won't come true.

Seok pursed his lips, not approving of the secret, but he didn't want to know either way.

"I brought your present." He dictated, reaching deep into his jacket pockets.

Heyon opened his eyes in surprise.

" And if he fights? " He asked in a whisper.

" Let's not talk about him, you're turning nineteen, you're an adult.

Heyon bit the tip of his lower lip, staring at the bleaching powder and orange paint on his best friend's hands.

It was always your will to have colored hair. And after meeting Seok who always had the tips of his hair green, that desire only increased.

" Want to do it? " Kim asked.

Heyon had round, dark eyes focused on his best friend. It took courage, so he nodded.

"Okay, so let's eat the cake and do it, okay?

Heyon threw the blanket aside, making Seok smile when he saw him in his fluffy pajamas with white stripes and green birds.

The Lim's house was silent. Lim HanWool was sitting at the front with his small note table, but he had a bible open there, his hands were clasped together, and his mouth was babbling low words to a God.

Heyon looked at him when his father's eyes went to him and just bowed, giving him a small smile.

He knew how his father shouldn't interfere when he was in his moments of worship, and on his birthday, he didn't want to be punished for that mistake.

The man turned his attention to the bible in front of him and let his son go to the kitchen.

Heyon fetched two forks and tiptoed back to the bedroom. When he entered the room, he sighed in relief.

" How did you get past him? " He asked, handing one of the forks to Seok.

" I just passed by. " He shrugged. "You still won't tell me your wish?

Heyon laughed, denying it. She reached for a small piece of the cake, bringing one of the sugar flowers with her.

He tasted it, reveling in the sweet taste.

Lim loved sweets.

Seok sat beside him, reaching for a piece of the cake, but then grimaced disapprovingly when he tasted it.

" I don't understand how someone doesn't like sweets. " Heyon said, looking at him. " Like, it's sweet!

" I don't like it. " He dictated, setting his fork aside. " But to eat, I ordered with great pleasure.

The persistent smile revealed a little bit of the crush that Heyon always felt for the other.

He went on eating the cake as if it were the best food in the world, and indeed it looked like it was.

The corners of the lips smeared with the white icing, it made the boy look cute.

" What do you want to do today? " Kim asked, looking for his cell phone. "I'll take you wherever you want.

"Even to the amusement park?

Kim wrinkled his nose, he hated it.

"Of course, wherever you want.

"But you don't like it, Seok..."

" It's not my day, it's yours, Yonie. So if you want to go, we can go."

" So I want to. I want to play on the Ferris wheel, and you come with me, okay?"

Kim rolled his eyes, making Lim laugh.

" Okay "

Heyon continued eating the cake, he was almost half done when the door to his room opened.

His eyes widened at the sight of his father, but the man just looked at Seok.

" Give me that. " He asked, pointing to the cake.

" Do you want a piece? " Seok asked.

" You know how I don't approve of Heyon eating so much candy. It's already good.

" Are you going to keep it? " Heyon asked, full of misgivings as he fetched the small cake and handed it to him.

" I'll throw it away. And hurry up, you still haven't prayed today."

Heyon sighed, nodding. The man even glanced at Seok before leaving, leaving his annoyance in the air. He didn't like Kim, much less approved of their friendship.

" Why do you still pray? " Seok asked, seeing Heyon get up to get his bible that was stored on the last shelf of the wardrobe. "You don't even believe that."

" But he believes. What can I do?"

" Ask him to respect your disbelief, just as you respect his belief.

" If it was just because of belief... that has nothing to do with what's in that book, Seok.

"Then why are you still going?"

" Because I don't want to be punished. " He said, heading towards the living room. "Don't follow me, stay here and wait.

" Do not go, please."

Heyon gave him a small smile, already feeling his heart ache.

" I have no choice, Seok... It will be quick, I'll be right back." Seok had dark eyes on him. Heyon smiled sadly. " Use your headphones."

Going to the place where he always said his prayers, Lim saw his father in the kitchen, throwing the rest of the cake in the trash.

That pained him, and he even thought about how hypocritical the man was. He dictated so much about what was wrong, and he always talked about how not to spoil food.

But then why did you throw all the rest of your cake away?

It had been Seok who gave it to him, it had more value than just flavor.

" On your knees. " The man ordered.

Heyon followed, leaving his bible on the coffee table and kneeling in front of it.

" Start. " HanWool commanded.

The boy tucked his feet in, settling himself on his knees, and watched his father sit in the chair opposite.

He was disgusted when right from the start, the man opened a satisfactory smile.

Heyon always closed his eyes as tightly as he could, and followed a script of words that the man himself had taught him.

HanWool sighed, staring at the image of the little boy kneeling in front of him. He always remembered when it started, Heyon had grown so much...

Heyon closed his eyes tighter when he heard his father's loud sigh and wondered what the man started to do while watching him like that.

HanWool was despicable. He was still touching himself over the garment, seeing the delightful way his little son idolized what he had taught him.

Heyon felt his heart racing, since he understood what that really was, he felt more and more dirty. But unfortunately, if he refused to do that, it would be even worse.

He had already felt the pain of rejecting his father's pleasures. He had felt it and seen it in the blood trails that always left on the living room rug and on the leather belt the man wore to teach him how to be a good boy.

Seok heard those sounds from the room, and felt his anger increase by the second. Imagine how nice it would be for Heyon to get rid of that man, but unfortunately, that's all Lim had as a family.

With a loud noise, Heyon knew his prayer had come to an end. He got up, wiping the single tear that ran down his cheek and picked up the bible, walking back to his room without looking at the man's face.

At that time, it was impure. He felt the urge to vent his hurt, so without even looking at Seok, he returned the book to its place and locked himself in the bathroom.

Seok stood up, feeling disgusted. He touched the white wood of the bathroom door and put his ear there, listening to the soft cry that Lim was starting to let out along with the water.

He closed his eyes, controlling himself not to let his instincts surface and mix with the anger.

He took a deep breath, opening his brown eyes again.

" Yonie?" she called, hearing the sound of crying stop. " I'll take you to the movies too, okay? I'll buy a bucket of buttered popcorn, okay?"

Heyon was trembling his lips at that moment, trying, somehow, to clean his stained body. But he smiled, feeling a slight peace at having someone good he could count on and trust.

At least there was Seok.


Walking beside Seok, Heyon tried to occupy his mind with all the good things they would do that day. It was hot, the day was hot, but still, Lim was wearing a very long-sleeved shirt under his overalls. "

" Aren't you hot?" Seok asked, seeing the way Lim was holding his left wrist. " Is always wearing shirts that are too long."

"I like it." Lim gave him a sweet smile.

"Fine. Do you want to go home?"

Heyon got the lollipop that Seok had bought for himself, unwrapping the package, while keeping his eyes on his best friend.

" To dye our hair? " He asked, curious.

"We can do it there."

" So let's go. "

With a small smile, Kim put his arm around the other's shoulders. He headed for the house that was only a few blocks away.

Heyon, when he discovered the house that Seok lived in "just after they both left class together when they were still i


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