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In Love With My Brother's Fianceé

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I heard my Brother's voice, though I couldn't catch what he said. I looked at him. "Meet my fiancèe, Charissa. Charissa, meet my Sister Royal, but we call her Ry or handsome." He said with a smile. That was when I noticed he was with someone, I turned to where she was standing. My mouth was left hanging. 'Sweet mercy! This girl is gorgeous! how come I didn't notice her?' Well, trust my thoughts to always stray. I smiled at her. "Nice to meet you, Charissa." Royal Dawson, the H.R. of Beverly Hills Hotel, California, is a cute tomboy and a lesbian who is not yet out to her parents but to only her best friend, Maya. Maya was the first straight girl she had fallen for, back in college days but she turned her down because she was in a relationship already. They ended up becoming best friends. Royal adores Maya and thinks she is the only straight girl she would ever fall for. Not until she came face to face with the queen of hearts_Charissa Williams. Who happens to be her brother's fianceé. Royal saw herself falling deeply for this lady, as the day went by. If she is engaged to any random guy, she will strive to make her hers. But being that she is engaged to her only brother made her powerless and unable to act on her feelings. But seeing this lady every day makes her inner stir and causes her heart to beat faster than normal. Will she listen to her heart and risk a war with her brother as well as show her real self to her family? Charissa Williams is the only daughter of her wealthy parents and the heiress of her father's conglomerates. She is also an artist and a bisexual unknown to her parents. She is engaged to Karl Dawson, just to make her parents, especially her mom happy. She had left her gay side dormant for years until she set her eyes on this cute tomboyish lady that took her heart with her at first sight. This lady happens to be her sister-in-law. Meeting Royal awoke her gay side and stirred a deep and unquenchable feeling. She had earlier promised herself and her mom to marry Karl and officially claim her inheritance. But will she follow her heart which would only mean coming out to her parents and risking losing her inheritance? Fate can't be overridden and what will be, will be.

Chapter 1 Meeting The Queen Of Hearts!

Royal's POV

My morning routine on workdays was simple. Running a bath for my brother, preparing breakfast, and then running my bath afterward. However, this morning was different. My brother wasn't around, so I only had to prepare breakfast, run my bath, soak myself in a hot tub for a few minutes, and get ready for work. Unlike most girls, I didn't spend much time in the bathroom washing my hair and stuff since my hair was cut short and shaved on both sides, giving me that cute tomboyish look.

As I set my pan on the cooking gas to bake my usual morning pancakes, I hummed to myself while whisking the eggs I would fry afterward. My speaker was beside me, and the melodious voice of Ellie Goulding's "Burn" filled the kitchen - just my ideal way of preparing breakfast.

I sang along with Ellie, moving my body in sync with the music. However, as I was lost in my world of music, the doorbell rang, bringing me back to the present. I rushed out of the kitchen, wondering if it could be my brother.

I opened the door, and my face lit up when I saw my brother smiling. "Hey, handsome," I greeted him.

"Good morning Ry. You know that 'handsome' is not for me, or are you trying to take my mind off calling you that?" I smiled at him, knowing he was somehow right. 'Handsome' was what my friends called me, while my brother and my little sister were the only ones that called me that in my family, much to the irritation of my parents and my elder sister. To them, I was a woman and nothing more. Well, I didn't see myself as one, hence I didn't dress like one. I was the second girl in a family of four and the third child. My brother Karl, whom I lived with, was the second child and the only son, and sometimes, I included myself as the second son. The girls in the house were my elder sister Ashley and my little sister Rachel, whom I called Baby Ray.

I heard my brother's voice, though I couldn't catch what he said. I looked at him, trying to understand.

"Meet my fiancèe, Charissa. Charissa, meet my sister Royal, but we call her Ry or handsome," he said, introducing the beautiful girl standing beside him.

That was when I noticed he was with someone, and I turned to where she was standing. My mouth was left hanging. "Sweet mercy! This girl is gorgeous! How come I didn't notice her?" I thought to myself.

I smiled at her. "Nice to meet you, Charissa."

"The pleasure is mine, Royal," she replied in her well-accentuated and lovely voice. I thought angels existed only in heaven, but I was wrong. This lady standing here was more than an angel; she was not only gorgeous but her voice was magical. One look at her, and I was already enchanted, unlike me. I don't usually drool over girls like that; it was usually the other way round. That was the secret about me that I had not told my family - my sexuality.

I finally caught myself before my brother would notice that I was drooling over his fiancee.

I ushered them inside, and the aroma of my pancakes filled the entire sitting room.

"I hope I will partake in these pancakes, Ry?" my brother asked, inhaling the delicious scent.

"For one, you didn't tell me you would be coming back this morning. You didn't even tell me where you were going yesterday. Why would I want to share my pancakes?" I teased him, glancing at Charissa, who was still staring at me. I smiled at her. "I will only pity you because of this lovely lady here."

She smiled back at me, and I felt my heart warming to her.

My brother motioned for her to join him at the dining table, where he was already seated. Karl loved pancakes; they were his weakness.

I glanced at the wall clock and gasped. "I will be late to work today, thanks to someone," I said, playfully blaming my brother.

He laughed, knowing I was talking about him. "Look who's scared of going to work late. Who's going to query the H.R.?" he asked, looking up at me.

"I will query myself; you know that," I replied with a smile, disappearing into the kitchen to get their pancakes and fry the eggs.

Even though I was the Human Resource Manager of the Hotel I worked at, being punctual was my watchword. I had to set a good example for those beneath me.

I carried the steaming hot pancakes and the fried eggs to the dining table. Karl was whispering something into Charissa's ear, and she was smiling.

My heart stood still. I had never seen a smile as lovely and captivating as hers. "I will be damned," I thought to myself.

"You are not joining us?" Karl asked as soon as I dropped the two plates on the table.

"Nope, I will eat mine at the office. I am so behind time," I replied, knowing I needed to hurry.

I left them in the sitting room and rushed into my room and to the hot tub. It was almost 7.00, and I ought to be in the office before 7.15.

I loved my job so much. It was my third job since I got out of college, and it had been the best. Though it was my fourth month there, my account was already smiling, unlike the previous ones. It gave me time for my private life. I loved living a private life, like hell. I'd opted to live alone so I could have the freedom to live my secret life. But trust my mum; she would never hear of it. "The only way you are leaving this house is if you are married, like your sister," she would always say.

I wondered who told her that I would ever say yes to a guy.

My brother came to the rescue. He offered me a room in his two-bedroom apartment, and I was able to breathe freely for me and my ears. I turned the room into my small haven. The room looked and screamed pink - my favorite color. From the bed to my wardrobe, my reading desk, and down to my bathroom, all you could see was pink and, well, with a touch of rainbow.

Thanks to my brother, I stopped seeing my mother's angry eyes often.

I stopped hearing 'When are you bringing your boyfriend over?' Gosh, that question!

My dressing was enough to send a signal to my parents and siblings that I was more of a guy than a girl, but it was only Karl and Rachel, my little sister, that got the message. Thus they called me 'handsome,' which was initiated by Rachel, my pixie sister.

My elder sister Ashley, well, we didn't get along that much. She expected me to be a doll like her but was disappointed with the way my fashion sense turned out. She transferred her way of life to Rachel. My fashion sense made me closer to my brother instead. Growing up, I used to wear his trousers, shirts, and shorts. My mother would always scream in her tiny voice, "Royal! You are a lady, not a guy!" My father would end up laughing at her. Apart from Karl and Rachel, he was another person that understood me.

Sometimes I felt like coming out to them, but I was still a bit scared.

My alarm rang, indicating it was 7.00. "Shoot!" I screamed as I rushed out of the tub. My black trousers, pink shirt, and black blazer were already arranged on my bed. In a few minutes, I was already set for work. I brushed my brown hair backward and dashed out of the room with my bag.

My brother and his fiancèe were already done with breakfast, and my brother was about to go prepare for work when I came out.

"Sis," I turned to him with a questioning look. He only called me that whenever he wanted to beg for something.

"I want Charissa to share your room with you, please," he said, looking at me pleadingly.

"Of course, bro," I replied, handing the keys to him, and smiled at Charissa. "Feel at home."

I bumped my brother's shoulder, waved at Charissa, and left for work.

My phone rang as soon as I got out of the house, and I looked at the screen and smiled. It was Maya; my best friend of all time and, of course, my crush since my college days. She got a job immediately after college at The Beverly Hills Hotel in L.A, California. When she was made the General Manager, she made me stop my previous job, where I was paid stipends monthly, and employed me as the New Resource Manager. That was how I joined the class of the 'money makers' in town.

I clicked the answer button and placed the phone to my ear. "Hey My, what's up!"

"Hey, handsome! I am in front of your gate. Come out now or you will be late for work," she said and hung up.

I smiled and walked to the gate.

My best friend would never cease to amaze me. I bet she must have gotten to the office and found out that I had not arrived, then she came to fetch me - as always.

I opened the gate, and truly she was there, standing in front of her red car, her face beaming with smiles.

"Good morning, handsome," she greeted, with her magical smile as we got into the car. I sat in the passenger seat beside her, and she drove off.

"Good morning, My. I hope your night was good?" I asked and pecked her.

"Yeah, yeah, how about you?" She asked and quickly scanned my outfit.

"You look lit in that stunning trousers and blazer of yours. Good thing I am wearing the same outfit," she said with a wink. "You and I can never go wrong with pink. It's always magical," she added.

Pink was her favorite color as well, and she was wearing the same black trousers, pink shirt, and black blazer as mine.

Maya loved wearing identical clothes with me, even though she had never accepted to go out with me. She was as straight as they came. So she thought, but to me I could sense a flicker of gay vibe around her. But I guess she was holding back because of her boyfriend.

"Why don't you just go out with me, My? We can wear tons of couple outfits together," I teased her.

She glanced lovingly at me. "As lovely as that idea sounds, Royal, you know I can never ditch my fiancé. He would be a dead man. Besides, I am okay with just wearing identical clothes with you and being your best friend."

"That's what you have been saying since College," I replied, and she laughed. Her laugh was always like music to my ears.

"By the way, you look gorgeous," I said, knowing she liked it whenever I complimented her.

"Thanks, handsome," she replied and winked at me.

Maya was the only straight girl that drove me crazy.

The first day I met her at the college cafeteria, dressed in a pink crop top and blue jeans skirt, my heart went out to her. Even though I saw her with her boyfriend Chris, who was now her fiancé, I couldn't help but want to make her mine. We became friends immediately, and I didn't waste time in reaching out to whatever my heart yearned for; I asked her out, but she politely refused. That didn't make me love her any less; we became best friends. I cherished her a lot, and she remained the only straight girl to capture my heart. Well, not until this morning when I came face to face with the queen of hearts - Charissa.

'As I said earlier, I will be damned.'

"Royal?" She called, interrupting my thoughts.

"Yes, baby," I turned to her.

"I was told by the Managing Director as soon as I got to the office that the CEO would be coming this morning. That was the main reason I rushed out to get you; I wouldn't want him to get to the hotel before you. It won't make a good first impression, you know."

"That's why I love you so much, baby."

She already knew the next thing I would do, so she leaned over, and I pecked her.

"At this rate, you are going to kill me with pecks, Royal." She said as she made a left turn to the road that led to the hotel.

"I wish I could kill you with more than just pecks."

She turned sharply at me. "Naughty girl," she said, and I gave her a wink, which made her blush.

I smiled. No matter what, I would never stop having that effect on Maya.

Chapter 2 Preparing For My Presentation

Royal's POV

Maya drove her car into the parking lot reserved exclusively for the Manager herself. We got down and walked into the Hotel together. We were lucky to have arrived just on time, judging from the smiling face of the M.D. who was at the reception, conversing with the receptionist.

"I can see you went to bundle her to work?" The M.D. asked in his usual jovial tone. Maya's brown eyes sparkled as she replied, "M.D. you wouldn't believe I had to drag her out of her cozy bed to prepare for work."

"You mean she prepared for work in ten minutes? How possible is that?" By then, Maya and the receptionist were already clutching their stomachs as they laughed.

That was our M.D., he never gave us a reason to feel uncomfortable around him or act all superior. He gave his workers a friendly atmosphere to work under, but that didn't mean you could override him when it comes to performing your duty. Hell no! He was

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Nkosingiphile Mkhize

Review after the novel completion

Wow what can I say.where do I start am just impressed by how much you have gotten me hugged really the writing was amazing, turn of events for Rissa and Royalty , their story is an amazing love story. I love how thy always stood up for their love and by each other. And their fathers were amazing thy made them feel loved and exepting them was very good, I admire how thy supported their daughters to be happy with who thy love. Thank you Auther for this beautiful looking forward to the next story on Lora and I can't wait really. And am hoping we will get also some continuous story about the main characters ... their journey going forward, kids and building a family of their own. Karl's story with his new girlfriend would be a nice add ... am also looking forward to getting more on them as well. Maya Royal's sweetest best friend, she have warmed up also with Rissa I liked that, am liking the happy ending their mom's finally except their union and the sisters I must say that really wowed me, I wasn't expecting it. They seemed unmoved on their homophobic behavior towards their gay Daughters. How can I forget the promotion, the two love birds have taken the business work place by storm , talking of love. Beauty and brains. Am also happy that May got her own promotion too. Though am still wondering when or are we still going to hear from the company's director the guy who's daughter is a lesbian and wasn't ashamed to say and show support to her, we would love to meet them both at some point again on the next books.

May 16, 2024

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