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Unknown - The Destiny Uniting Soulmates | MPREG

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Song JaeMin is a talented painter who finds himself facing a turning point in his life when he discovers he will become a father for the first time. However, his fiancé, LinHyun, is unwilling to accept the arrival of the baby and puts JaeMin in a difficult situation: he must choose between the baby or their relationship. With courage and determination, JaeMin decides to move forward and face the challenges of single parenthood. Amidst this journey, destiny introduces him to Lee JunKoo, a man who unexpectedly enters his life during a moment of pain and uncertainty. JunKoo instantly falls in love with JaeMin and nurtures the dream of building a family, even though the baby will not share his DNA. This story of love and overcoming obstacles shows us how JaeMin deals with challenges and adversities to raise his child and find true love alongside JunKoo. It is a tale that speaks of courage, determination, and the strength of family bonds, regardless of blood ties.

Unknown world and how babies are born

!! This is just a curiosity about the story before we move on to the first chapter !!As noted in the title, this is an MPREG (Male Pregnancy) story, and to avoid confusion and navigate smoothly through the incredible tale of overcoming and romance, please read the following explanation:The world has undergone an incredible mutation over the years, and in the world of "The Unknown Who Saved Me," men can also become pregnant.This occurs due to a natural mutation where all human beings have a reproductive system, but in cisgender men, it is only "activated" during sexual intercourse, allowing for the fertilization of the eggs they release every time.But you might be wondering: How can the baby be born?It's simple! Just as the world underwent mutation, the way babies can be born has also changed.Every human being has a part in their body called the "perineum" or "pelvic floor." Both men and women have it. In simple terms, it is the muscular area between the rear and front intimate parts.This mentioned "area" transforms into an opening that allows the baby to pass through during a natural childbirth.Now, enjoy your reading.!! This story involves Korean culture !!Another thing is about the dialect used in the book!!There are terms that will be mentioned throughout the story, and I will explain them briefly in this chapter, so you don't get lost.As mentioned before, the story is set in Korean culture, and therefore, we will use translated Korean dialect.Some terms like "hyung," "noona," "oppa," "unnie," and "saeng" will be seen during the reading, but I will briefly explain what each one means.Hyung = It is a term used by a man to address an older man.[JunKoo always calls JaeMin and his friends "hyung" because he is the youngest among them.]Noona = It is used by a man to address an older woman.Oppa = It is used by a woman to address an older man.[But at the beginning, JunKoo joked and used this term to get JaeMin's attention, since he refused to be called "hyung" due to being older.]Unnie = It is used by a woman to address an older woman.Saeng/Dongsaeng = It is used by an older person to address a younger person, regardless of gender.With this explanation, I hope the reading becomes easier and more engaging. I hope you enjoy the book immensely.

You will be daddy

POV: JaeMinFor the past few days, I haven't been feeling well.Exactly two weeks ago, I started experiencing severe nausea and dizziness.I had to go to the doctor and undergo several tests. My fiancé, LinHyun, was really worried about me, but there wasn't much he could do since he was on a business trip in Japan.The test results came on the same day, and it was Dr. Kim's job to explain to me what was happening and calm me down after my breakdown upon hearing the news.I'm four weeks pregnant, and LinHyun doesn't know yet. I decided to wait and tell him when he returns from his trip.My mother, who lives in Busan, freaked out when she found out, and if she could have hit me over the phone, she would have, but after a lot of complaining and shouting, she started crying tears of joy at the realization that she would soon be a grandmother.

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