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The Mafia Devil's Doctor

  • Genre: LGBTQ+
  • Author: DarkMage
  • Chapters: 21
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 447
  • 5.0
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THE MAFIA LORD's DOCTOR “I love you,” the cute boy peered up at the doctor. “You are my type,” he shyly bit his bottom lips as he blinked. “Take your damned medicine and get out.” The doctor narrowed his eyes at him, “I don't date men.” “I'm not a man, doctor. I'm a boy.” ****** Steve's life consisted of being a good doctor and nothing else. He had no thoughts of the future. All he was concerned about was his job. But all that came to an end when Aiden stepped into the picture. Cute and sweet, Aiden was the perfect embodiment of a rich rebellious boy who was pampered by his parents. He was the exact type that Steve doesn't want to associate with. But Steve doesn't have a say in what he wants, not when the person involved is Aiden, who is determined to have the doctor as his. He won't stop at anything to make the doctor his, even if it means killing anyone whom the doctor smiles at. The cute little boy isn't who the doctor thinks he is. Beneath the cute body lays a ruthless man who doesn't blink when he shades blood.

Chapter 1 I love you

"Steve!" A nurse rushed into his office, looking like one who had an entire legion of dark angels against her.

"What's wrong?" Steve closed the book he was leafing through and stood up. "What's the matter?"

"We have a rather stubborn patient. He keeps throwing a tantrum and has been asking of you." The nurse explained as she tried to regulate her breathing. She ran all the way to the doctor's office, to tell him of the stubborn young man.

"What's wrong? Was he badly wounded?" Steve checked the time on his wall clock as he ran a hand through his hair.

It was almost time for him to leave. The day was long for him, and you can see it from the bags under his eyes. His brown eyes seemed dull compared to how bright it was when he arrived at work in the morning.

"He only has a small wound on his right leg. It was probably that he scratched it when riding a bike. It's nothing serious, but he made it seem like it was." The nurse pouted, "What should we do, doctor?"

"Don't worry, I will check on him," Steve ran a hand through his tangled black hair.

"You look tired, doctor. Please have a rest, I will take care of him. You don't have to bother—"

"It's alright," he forced a smile as he put on his white coat. "I will just check on him, and be on my way."

"Thank you!" The nurse clapped in glee. She was happy that her boss was so kind.

Leaving the nurse, Steve strode out of his office and headed over to the room the nurse told him the patient was in. He opened the door, and stepped in, only to stop dead in his tracks when he saw who it was that sat on the bed.

A cute boy, who didn't seem that older than eighteen, sat on the bed, with his back to the door.

His black hair looked like something he ran his hand through, countless times. His back was a bit hunched, like a dog who had been abandoned by his owner.

The moment he heard the sound of the door being opened, he turned.

"Steve!" His blue eyes sparkled at the sight of the doctor, who seemed like he was moments from running out of the room when he saw the patient. "I know that you will come, Steve." He rose from the bed and hastened towards the doctor. "Did you miss me? Was that why you came?"

"Why are you back here?" Steve folded his arms as he darkly glared at the excited boy. He was just a few minutes from storming out of the room because he knew exactly what the boy wanted with him.

"I missed you, Steve!" He made to hug him, but the doctor moved out of the way.

"What are you doing here?" He glared at the boy, with his arms folded.

“I missed you, Steve. Isn't that enough reason for me to visit you?” He pouted, looking wronged by the doctor's harsh words.

Steve sighed, “Where is the wound on your leg?”

"Here!" He tugged the doctor towards the bed, and rolled the left leg of his trousers, to expose a small cut.

"God," Steve groaned. "Is this a wound?" He glared at him.

"I'm hurt that you don't care about me," he folded his arms. "I care about you, Steve, but you don't care about me. It's not fair!"

"You are not a kid, Aiden," Steve glared at him.

"You still remember my name!" Aiden grinned.

He looked like a dog with the way his eyes shone. It only remained a tail for his look to be complete.

"If you don't have anything to do, I'm leaving," Steve turned to leave, but Aiden wrapped his hands around his waist.

"I love you, Steve. Why can't you see how sincere I am, Steve? I love you," Aiden looked like he was close to tears. He was baring his heart for a man, who doesn't like.

Steve pinched the bridge of his nose before he turned to the over-excited boy. "I will have the nurse prescribe some vitamins for you,” He said as he removed Aiden's hand from his waist.

“I love you," Aiden peered up at Steve. "You are my type,” he bit his bottom lips as he blinked. “I love you so much that it hurts.”

“You are still young to know what all this means,” Steve narrowed his eyes at him, “I don't date men.”

“I'm not a man, doctor. I'm a boy,” Aiden grinned.

“I don't have the time to baby you.” Steve narrowed his eyes at him. “Don't you ever come to this hospital? I don't date men. I like cute girls and not boys."

"That's not true!" Aiden sat back on the bed as his eyes welled with tears. "I can also be cute, you know? How cute do you want me to be? I can be anything for you!" He stubbornly said, trying to show him how serious he was.

"Bye," Steve left the room without paying Aiden any heed.

He was so used to Aiden. He knew that should he stay back to console him, Aiden would cling to him and refuse to let go.

This was what Steve has been going through for three months now. It all started on the night he stayed back at the office, to sort some things out.

He happened to meet a boy on his way back who was being bullied by three hefty men. As the good man he was, Steve saved the boy, by threatening to call the police on the thugs who tried to assault him.

And since that night, he has been constantly disturbed by the cute boy who doesn't seem to take no for an answer. He never ceases to come to the hospital each day to disturb the living hell out of Steve.

Even when Steve threatened to call the police on him, it didn't faze the boy at all. He kept on doing what he wanted, which was to disturb Steve.

"God please save me," Steve glanced back at the room he just left.

He had half the mind to enter the room and console the boy, but he knew that wouldn't help his case at all. It will only worsen it since Aiden will always ask for more.

"Doctor, how are you?" The same nurse who entered his office rushed to him. "What of the patient? Why don't you get a restricting order from the police?"

"Prescribe some vitamins to him. I will be on my way now. Don't disturb him. Allow him to leave when he wishes to do so."

Steve stepped out of the hospital and headed towards his car. He placed his head on the car and took a deep, steady breath.

"Steve!" Aiden waved.


At the sight of Aiden running towards him, he hurriedly entered his car and drove out before Aiden could catch up to him.

Chapter 2 He took the bait

Aiden stood at the place where Steve's car was once parked.

He looked like a dog who had been abandoned by his owner. With his back hunched, he looked to all like he had given up on life.

The phone in his pocket rang, and almost immediately, the expression on his face changed. Gone was the bright boy who begged Steve to return his love.

His face was pulled up in a dark frown as he took the call.

“Sir, we are at the warehouse,” A voice said from the other end, the moment Aiden answered the call.

“And the man?” He asked in a deep voice.

“He's here with us. What should we do, sir?”

“I'm on my way. Keep the man there until I arrive," he disconnected before he pocketed the phone.

The expression on his face was tight as he crossed the road, to the place he packed his vehicle. He had hoped to return with Steve, that was why he packed his car across the hospital.


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