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Contract Marriage with the CEO

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Adam has fallen in love with someone, so he tried every means to win the person's heart, but unfortunately, the other person's heart is already taken. William treated Adam so well at times that Adam thought William had fallen in love with him. Then at other times, William would act distant and elusive, making Adam guess and wonder about William's true feelings. Adam finally gave up and decided to leave. But just then, William appeared in front of Adam, begging him to stay, with his eyes full of deep affection. Why do humans sometimes act so masochistic? When they can't seem to get what they want, they suddenly come running back.

Chapter 1

"If there's no problem, just sign it," William tugged at the collar of his shirt, loosening it a bit. He felt a bit of depression in his heart, but thought that as long as the contract was signed, he could save himself a lot of trouble. This made him feel a bit better.

The person sitting opposite him had red lips and white teeth, and a good appearance.

Adam looked at the contract in his hand, then looked up at the person in front of him, and nodded slightly. His tone was soft and his eyes, with long lashes, trembled like butterfly wings that couldn't bear the slightest wind. " problem."

He looked innocent and delicate, with a transparent mind that could see through others' thoughts.

At this moment, the innocent person who didn't know the world still thought that he would sign the contract even if there were problems.

The person in front of him was the heir of the Wilson Group, and also the person he had liked for seven years, hidden in his heart.

Picking up a pen, Adam did not hesitate to sign his name on the contract.

He pursed his lips, grasped both corners of the contract with his hands, and handed it to William. His tone was soft but not weak, and he said gently, "I've signed it."

He looked like a naive student in school, with a hint of nervousness on his face. Especially the way he respectfully handed over the contract to him, it was like submitting homework to a teacher. William suddenly smiled and said, "You're so well-behaved. Good boys are the best."

"I like well-behaved people." He said casually, but saw a layer of red cloud creeping up on the fair face in front of him.

So easy to tease? He's really innocent.

Looking down at the contract, he saw the beautiful handwriting, each stroke signed with his name. The satisfaction in his eyes deepened.

At this moment, Adam, who was secretly looking up at William, felt his heart beating fast.

Frankly speaking, William was really good-looking. He was the type that was stunning at first sight and became more attractive as you looked at him longer.

Before, he was in a bad mood, and there was a hint of irritation and melancholy in his eyes that seemed to be overflowing.

Now, most of the melancholy on his face had dissipated, like the fog on the ground being dispelled by the sun, leaving a clear and handsome appearance.

"That's it."

Standing up from the sofa, William said in a tone that brooked no argument, "Move to Di Jing Yuan tomorrow and live with me."

"We need to do the whole thing, come with me to meet my parents."

He paused for a moment in his speech, as if remembering something unpleasant.

His eyebrows furrowed, and he quickly added, "Act well and don't give the game away."

Adam quickly nodded and agreed, saying, "Okay" in a very obedient tone.

Seeing how obedient he was and responded to everything he said, William felt a pang of conscience, thinking that his attitude towards the "partner" was indeed not good enough, and it was irrational to take his anger out on an innocent person.

His eyebrows relaxed a bit, and his tone was a little better than before: "As long as you cooperate with me well, you won't lack money."

He said this very casually, as if he was just dismissing a trivial matter that could be easily dismissed, as if giving money could soothe anything.

The thought that emerged made Adam's heart feel like it was being stabbed by a needle.

In William's eyes, he was probably just someone who came for the money, but in reality, he was actually here for him.

But who made him and William like fireflies on the ground and the moon in the sky? How could the moon bow to the firefly, and only the firefly, without measuring its strength, wanted to possess the moon.

If William didn't happen to need a "lover" to deal with his family, Adam wouldn't have had such an opportunity to get close to him, even if he worked hard and was lucky.

Adam stared at William, suppressing the bitter feeling in his heart, and nodded again. He watched William walk out of the coffee shop's private room satisfiedly before loosening his tightly clenched hand.

William took one copy of the contract on the table, while the other one was blatantly displayed in front of Adam. The four big words "marriage agreement" stung his eyes.

"Even if it's fake, it's okay..." Adam raised his hand, touched the words "marriage", and whispered, "I'm happy just to be closer to you."

Although he said so, his heart still felt bitter.

The sparse rain outside gradually turned into heavy rain. Adam slowly exhaled, carefully put the contract into his bag, and sat in the coffee shop's private room for a while, staring at the rain outside. He only left when the rain stopped.

Looking up at the dark, overcast sky, Adam stood at the bus stop. A cold wind blew, making his slightly thin body shiver. After waiting for more than half an hour, a bus slowly came from the distance.

When he arrived at the shared apartment he rented, he saw his roommate lying on the sofa playing on his phone as soon as he opened the door.

Upon hearing the door open, he immediately sat up, his face full of sunshine and smiles, "You're back? How did it go with the person you're secretly in love with? Did it work out?!" Mark was a little nervous.

The small apartment with a dim light was very simple, and the dim lighting made it even more stuffy and small.

Adam liked bright places, and he was afraid of the dark.

Even if he had to save money, he was willing to spend a little on electricity.

He reached out and turned on an incandescent light, and the sudden bright light made his eyes squint and blink.

Bending the corners of his mouth, he was about to speak, but a sudden feeling in his body caused his face to change.


"Quickly...!" The next second, Adam, who had been standing straight, felt his legs go weak and quickly leaned against the wall, shouting.

D*mn it, his heat had come two days early. Today, he was too happy to meet William.

When he got on the bus and arrived at his destination, he realized that he had forgotten to pack the inhibitor in his bag. For an Omega, forgetting to bring an inhibitor with them could be dangerous during heat. Walking on the street during heat was like walking into the mouth of any Alpha, like a sheep falling into the tiger's den.

But as soon as he thought about William, his intelligence seemed to drop, and he foolishly calculated when his last heat had been, thinking that it was still a few days away.

He was afraid that if he turned back to get the inhibitor, William would arrive and be unhappy that he wasn't there, so he stayed.

Unfortunately, his heat had come early today, but fortunately, it had only started when he was in the apartment.

He always kept inhibitors well-stocked in the apartment.

Apart from William, no one else could make him feel uneasy and nervous to the point of making such a basic mistake.

Mark, his Beta roommate who heard his cry, was taken aback for a moment. Upon seeing Adam's flushed face and weak appearance, he instantly forgot about his game.

He quickly jumped off the bed, reached into a drawer next to him, and took out an inhibitor, speaking hurriedly, "Don't move!"

The sharp and delicate needle pierced into the blood vessel on his arm. Mark injected the medicine skillfully, took out an alcohol swab, pressed it on the puncture wound, and complained, "Fortunately, I studied medicine..."

"Fortunately, I'm a Beta without pheromones, otherwise if this happened on the street, those Alphas sniffing the scent of your pheromones during estrus that you can't control... " He looked worriedly at Adam.

Adam understood his unspoken words. The pheromones of an Omega during estrus are a fatal temptation to all Alphas.

All Alphas will want to possess an Omega in estrus.

"Anyway, don't forget to carry inhibitors in your Omega bag!" He scolded. "I met an Omega who forgot to bring inhibitors last time, and the entire street's Alphas went into a frenzy because of his pheromone diffusion."

"If not for another Omega who brought inhibitors and gave him an injection, he would be in trouble."

Watching the fussy Beta, Adam sincerely thanked him, "I know, thank you."

This Beta roommate is a truly good person. Otherwise, after these days of getting along, he wouldn't have told him half-truths and half-lies about his relationship with William.

In his description, he is an ordinary person who secretly loves William, and William has someone in his heart, but they broke up.

Finally, this time he has gathered enough courage to confess.

But in reality, he has no confession. Before this, he even had to carefully conceal his own feelings.

When he presented a marriage agreement to him, he was almost stunned by the surprise. He never thought that he could have a closer relationship with him.

Even if it's fake,

He will strive to make it real.

Chapter 2

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Adam watched Mark throw the syringe and alcohol swab into the trash can.

Adam's face was pale and weak, but he smiled at Mark, unaffected by the discomfort brought by the heat of rut.

"William and I are getting married," he said with a face full of joy.

"What?!" Mark was taken aback and asked incredulously, "So you, after confessing to your crush, William, a wealthy Alpha, skipped the whole dating process and jumped straight into the grave of marriage?!"

Living with an Omega had been easy. Adam, although an Omega, was not as delicate as most Omegas, and he was also good at cooking. For a Beta who couldn't cook, having a roommate who could cook and feed him on time was a great blessing, especially when the roommate was good-looking and had a good temper.

From the moment Adam confided in him about his crush on a wealthy nobleman, Mark had always felt that Adam was delusional.



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