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Undying Lord of the Underworld

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: moke
  • Chapters: 40
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 75
  • 7.5
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Never allow the existence of techniques beyond one's comprehension," this was John's motto in the pursuit of martial arts. In pursuit of this grand yet challenging goal, he resorted to every trickery, deception, and theft imaginable. In the end, he incurred the wrath of both heaven and man, succumbing to demonic influences and meeting his demise. However, when his soul found itself in a different, unfamiliar realm after death, he was pleasantly surprised to discover a myriad of extraordinary martial arts. What was even more astonishing was that he could effortlessly grasp these never-before-seen techniques at his fingertips.


"Drip... Drip... Drip...

The sound of rapid footsteps echoed in the silent alley. A slender figure swiftly traversed the moonlit pathway, moving like the wind through the narrow lanes.

There it is!

In an instant, upon emerging from the alley, the lithe figure abruptly came to a halt. Gazing at the gruesome scene of a distant car accident, he involuntarily raised his right hand to wipe away the sweat on his face.

Meet John, a 16-year-old prodigy and a new student at Yingcai High School. Despite his ordinary appearance, John's unique sense of cleanliness and order emanated from the gray Zhongshan suit he wore, originally blue but faded due to frequent washing.

Watching the busy traffic police and the eerie, twisted corpse isolated at the accident scene, John clenched his fists tightly, producing crisp cracking sounds. To most, it was just a routine traffic accident, an unfortunate event. However, John knew better—this was no ordinary incident.

Taking a deep breath, the next moment, John's expression turned serious. His hands formed intricate seals at chest level, his fingers rapidly interweaving through a multitude of gestures in just a matter of seconds. Simultaneously, he murmured, "Path of the Abyss Twenty-Three—Abyssal Sight!"

As John spoke, the next moment, his hands gathered in front of his forehead. The index and middle fingers of both hands formed a seal, pressing against his forehead. Then, the seal split apart from the center of his forehead, spreading to both sides.

With John's movements, a barely perceptible glow flickered at the center of his brow. If not observed closely, one would not notice any abnormality. However, during this brief flash, the world in John's eyes underwent a transformation.

As the surroundings slightly brightened, John saw two ethereal figures on the street—one, the deceased person lying on the road, and the other, a menacing-looking individual.

At this moment, the ghostly figure of the deceased appeared disoriented, crouching beside its own lifeless body, hands cradling its head in apparent agony, utterly unaware of what had transpired. Meanwhile, the other figure, with a fierce expression, squatted excitedly on the road's median, continuously extending a long tongue to lick its own lips.

Witnessing this familiar scene, John's internal anger was on the verge of exploding. He knew that the accident was orchestrated by the malevolent entity on the median, driven by the desire to inflict pain similar to its own upon others. A classic case of causing harm without benefiting oneself.

However, despite his resentment, John found himself helpless against this particular entity. Humans and spirits took divergent paths, and all John could do for now was witness. His anger stemmed from his powerlessness.

At the same intersection, at the same spot, counting today, this was the sixth time the malevolent entity on the median had succeeded. Six fresh lives had already met untimely deaths at this crossroads because of this entity's actions. Yet, faced with these repeated tragedies, John couldn't prevent them.

In fact, what the malevolent entity did wasn't particularly remarkable. It merely utilized spiritual energy to disturb the driver's brain. In that moment of disturbance, the driver would become sluggish, confused, lose control of their limbs, or even experience a blank mind.

Of course, executing this wasn't as straightforward. Under normal circumstances, a healthy individual in a sober state could easily overlook such interference. However, if one were intoxicated or sleep-deprived, their susceptibility to this entity's interference increased. The more fatigued the driver, the higher the chance of success.

Sighing, John shook his head slightly. He realized that the crux of the issue lay with people themselves. If one refrained from drinking and driving, avoided staying up late, and kept their mind sharp, the probability of traffic accidents would decrease significantly—by several times, if not dozens of times.

Inaudible to others, John sighed once more. In reality, the problem ultimately lay with human beings. If you refrained from drinking and driving, avoided staying up late, and kept your mind sharp, accidents would become much rarer. Microscopically shaking his head, John knew that all he could do now was to allow the already decaying seven souls of the deceased to rest, sparing them unnecessary torment. Simultaneously, this process served as John's cultivation.

Thinking this, John glanced at the unlucky guy still squatting on the median, looking at him with malice. John couldn't help but smirk, turning away to retrace his steps.

As John gradually distanced himself, the next moment, he slowly extended his right arm to the side. Clenching his right fist, the middle finger pointed straight to the sky.

Observing John's gesture, the malevolent entity on the median went berserk with rage. In these eight months, it had succeeded six times, yet each time, this kid ruined its plans, preventing it from relishing the satisfaction of seeing its victims suffer. After all, the entity only experienced pleasure when witnessing the agony of its victims.

However, despite the hatred, just like how John couldn't do anything to the entity, the entity couldn't do anything to John. It was just a lowly, insignificant malevolent entity – its greatest ability was only to disturb others' minds when they were mentally weak. Aside from that, what else could it do?"

High School Life

"Classmates, welcome to Yingcai High School, and to Class 16 of the freshman year!" With the voice of the class teacher, Mr. Huang, applause erupted in the classroom.

Sitting indifferently at the back of the classroom, John coldly watched everything in front of him. However, he didn't applaud. He knew very well that even the words spoken by Mr. Huang himself would not believe in the concept of a 'big family.'

A big family? Foolish... How could such a thing happen in this world? Humans are selfish creatures, inherently evil. From the moment of birth, all they know is to take, who ever thinks of giving?

Lost in thought, Ms. Huang Qiuya, the class teacher, finally finished her speech. Following that, each student in Class 16 took turns to the stage for a brief self-introduction.

John didn't invest much energy in this boring activity. Even when it was his turn for a self-introduction, he merely mentioned his name and considered it do


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