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The pack in school

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Msketch
  • Chapters: 28
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 1.9K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 10


Berean Academy school's grade 11 is excited for their excursion to ancient Greece, but things take a dark turn when Peter, the clumsy but brilliant main character, unknowingly unleashes a demon. He and his friends Scott, James, Sarah, and Sandra must confront the demon and battle for the safety of the world and their loved ones. As they fight, they discover that they have superpowers and are not alone in this fight. But when they realize that some of their friends are also possessed by the demon, they struggle with the decision of whether to kill them. The hoodman, who knows the story behind the demon, helps the teens in their battle, but ultimately sacrifices himself for their cause. Meanwhile, the demon collides with Hades and resurrects the Olympus gods and monsters, creating chaos and destruction. The teens must use their newfound powers and bravery to save the world. As this collides with their affections

Chapter 1

The dynamic 10th-grade high school students are preparing and packing their luggage. They are going to a village called Athens in Greece, and they are happy and excited, gathering all their stuff.

Their class teacher comes in and announces, "We'll depart in 10 minutes."

"Okay, sir!" they shout, and he leaves.

Peter, whose luggage and belongings exceed his bag's capacity, keeps trying to squeeze everything in. He has the most items among them, and he is the happiest and most anxious one. He has always been enthusiastic about traveling to ancient villages; it has been his dream since he was a child. His great-grandfather, grandfather, and father were all archaeologists, so it runs in his family.

"Are you planning to live there?" Derek mocks him, and the class laughs. Peter focuses on what he's doing, ignoring them.

"Don't you hear me? Are you going to live there?" Derek shouts at him. The class falls silent. Derek has started again; he is the class bully and the principal's child. He has never liked Peter. Peter is the most brilliant student in the class, always achieving the highest scores and winning many competitions. He is a slim boy with a fair complexion, of average height, and has a handsome face. His hawkish nose complements his cheeks, and he has curly hair. On the other hand, Derek is a sturdy, rude, and inattentive student. He often jokes with the teachers, and his father happens to be the principal.

Peter stands up from his seat and tries to make his way out, but Derek blocks him, joined by his gang (Mike, David, and Owen).

"Why do you think you're going? I'm asking you a question, and you should answer," Derek says, and Peter can feel his hot breath on his face. He can't handle Derek; he is stronger, both physically and in age. Peter is only sixteen, while Derek is eighteen.

"No, I'm just preparing myself," Peter quietly replies.

"Oh, what's with that ragged bunch of yours?" Derek says, and his gang laughs. The other students remain silent; they despise him, but what can they do?

Peter tries to pass by him again, and this time Derek punches him hard in the face. Peter's glasses fall off, and everything becomes blurry. Peter, being patient, quickly bends down to pick them up, while Derek laughs at him once again, calling him a "blind boy." His gang joins in the laughter.

Then Sandra walks in and witnesses what is going on. She runs to stop Derek and yells, "Please stop! Why must you cause trouble?" Sandra is Derek's girlfriend; Derek had pursued her and she accepted, although she is attracted to Derek's looks and not his character. Sandra frequently talks to him about stopping his bad and barbaric behavior. She has even threatened to break up with him, but Derek doesn't pay attention. All he wants from her is s*x, but Sandra never gives in.

"What's your concern now, huh?" Derek retorts.

"Why? Leave him alone. He did nothing to you," Sandra defends, referring to Peter, who is now on his feet with his glasses intact.

"Oh... so he's your boyfriend now? The one you've been cheating on me with?" Derek accuses. Sandra feels irritated and says, "How could you say that?"

"Because you are interfering in something that doesn't concern you," he responds. Right then, Scott and James barge in. They are Peter's friends, informed about the situation. The class murmurs and moves to a safe corner; they know something is about to happen. Scott is Derek's ally and his weak point, being as strong and handsome as Derek. He is slightly taller than them. James is of the same stature as Peter, not as strong but stubborn.

Without saying a word, Scott throws a punch at Derek's face, causing him to stumble over a chair. Derek's gang interferes, and it turns into a group fight. Just then, the teacher walks in and restores order. The teacher looks at them and senses that something is wrong but chooses to ignore it and says, "Now, let's go."

After several hours of travel, they arrive in Greece and make their way to the temple. It is a one-hour journey by bus, passing through the woods. They have a stopover when the bus gets a flat tire.

"Please, you'll have to get off now. We have a flat tire," the driver announces, and they groan. They have no choice, and one by one, they disembark.

Peter excuses himself to urinate and goes deep into the forest. Derek and his gang see him and sneak after him. Derek is still consumed with rage from the earlier humiliation. Sandra notices them, has a bad feeling, and follows them.

While Peter is urinating, Derek forcefully pushes him against a tree. "Hey... you think I'll let you be?" he taunts as he moves closer and grabs Peter's collar. Peter is unable to fight back.

"I'm sorry," he says weakly. Peter has always been weak and fragile, bullied since childhood. Sometimes he wishes he had supernatural powers to defend himself, and now, he wishes for it once again.

Without hesitation, Derek delivers a hard slap. "Sorry? Did you think that would end it?"

Sandra witnesses this and rushes back to call Scott and the others. Scott arrives unnoticed and delivers a powerful kick to Derek, causing him to hit his back against the tree. Derek retaliates by charging towards Scott, grabbing his waist, lifting him, and throwing him to the ground. Derek stumbles on top of him, but Scott manages to overpower him and pummel his face with punches, turning it red.

Derek's group interferes, and James also joins in. Although James is not a skilled fighter, he is not as weak as Peter.

Sarah and Sandra witness all this (Sarah is Scott's girlfriend), and things are not going well. They run back to inform the teachers.

Peter stands there like a fool, just watching them. Then he hears a strange voice, listening carefully. It sounds like a growl.

Wait!" he shouted. They all froze, staring at him. "Don't you hear that sound?" he asked. They strained their ears and, after a moment, they could faintly hear it—a growling, like that of a tiger. Suddenly, something darted past them.

"What was that?" James asked, fear evident in his voice. Once again, it streaked by them, causing them to panic and retreat. As they hurried back, they ran into their two teachers, Sarah and Sandra, who observed them silently. "Let's go," Mr. Francis said, urging them forward.

Chapter 2

They arrived at the temple, accompanied by a narrator who diligently chronicled their every move and the events leading up to their arrival. As their eyes fell upon a peculiar statue, its form seemed to defy convention. Though seemingly crafted from stone, it possessed an uncanny semblance of life. Each student paused, captivated by this enigmatic sight.

The narrator's voice resonated once more, filling the air with a tale of ancient lore. "Behold the king, the inaugural werewolf in human history," they proclaimed. "Once a beloved soldier of King Zeus, he commanded immense strength and an expansive army. Yet, in a fateful encounter with Hades, the lord of the underworld, he harbored ambitions of toppling the earthly order. His reckless pursuit almost wrought destruction upon the world itself. However, King Zeus, filled with righteous fury, condemned him to eternal petrification as punishment, simultaneously sealing away his legions within a chamber."


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