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The Goddess's Conquest

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When Primordial God Gaia suddenly dies, the cosmos is thrown into Chaos. As their very existence is tied to Gaia's essence, the gods are thrown into panic as their power source starts to get depleted. They must find Gaia reborn and ensure that she comes to the full extent of her powers before they can fade away completely. Twenty three years later, in Gaia's planet Earth, the impact of the God's death sets in, bringing destruction in its wake, as well as the mysterious disappearances of its people. Gin is right about the most ordinary girl in the world with the not so perfect family and relationship. The world she has come to know is destroyed when her school is attacked and she is abducted. Gin finds herself in a new place and on battle grounds, battling enemies of different sizes and shapes as she competes in the Goddess's Conquest and tries to return home. Follow Gin as fights to stay alive in the God City along side friends and loved ones and at the same time figure out what the memories and dreams of a different life might mean for her.


I will not die here.

Sweat trickles down my temple as I try and fail to calm my nerves. I swallow, hard. The arena sits in dreadful silence as we await the Wail of Death. The wail that might end my life. My heart beats rapidly and i swallow again. I can't die here. I must live...but can i take them on?

My daggers are dead weights in my hands. I have never fought this many people at once. Trust Ares to complicate everything and place me in the right place to be skewered. This group...It can't be a coincidence. The Mighty Five...and me. Laughable, really. No one should be this unlucky.

The familiar high-pitched wail shatters the silence and instincts built from two weeks of drilling kick in. I duck in time to avoid the axe that nearly decapitates me. Dropping into a low crouch, I turn, kicking my right leg out to trip him as i do. The man who swung at my head falls on his back with a thud, providing me with an opening.

The audience come alive with a deafening roar and i barely have enough time to act before someone tries to maim me again. Not. It wasn't aimed at me. I jerk inwardly when a heavy sword comes down on the head of the man I tripped and I stare in horror as his head is severed from his body in one clean strike. Warmth splatters on my face and the audience goes wild with excitement.

My hands shake at my sides as the executioner's gaze meets mine. My mouth goes dry as Momorh bares his teeth at me in a feral grin. A triumphant, feral grin. F*ck*ng Ares! Surely, he heard of the fight and the promises of death shared between us and thought it amusing to put us on the field together. I cut him a furious glare across the arena and even if I can't make him out amongst the many people seated to watch this, i know he can see me. I will not die here. Not on this field drenched in blood. Not in this decrepit city filled with useless gods who watch us kill each other as sport and surely not by the hands of the bloodthirsty b*st*rd who killed Omuar.

I snarl in response and he lunges for me. Steel hits steel and my legs quiver under his weight as he presses against me, using his weight to push back against my small daggers. I should have listened to Helga and taken a sword instead. I can't say I'm grateful for Momorh's dedicated attention but it is keeping the other three off my back... From my peripheral, I see Joao cut Amir down. Amir doesn't rise again. My breakfast turns to lead in my stomach. The clamouring of the crowd is ever growing. Watching us kill each other brings them joy.

I won't die here. I ground my foot and push back with all of my strength, roaring as i do. My arms start to ache but it is nothing against the adrenaline pumping within me.

"Haha! Little maggot!" Momorh laughs loudly and his eyes brighten with excitement. B*st*rd. It is the same look he had on his face when he...when he...

He withdraws and comes at me again with incredible speed for someone his size. But I am faster. I duck under his arm--perks of being a midget--and shove him hard with my elbow. He staggers a little but rights himself sooner than i expect him to.

He launches himself at me and i meet him halfway, as i try to get within grappling reach. As if reading my thoughts, he lashes out and the pommel of his sword smacks into my head. Stars explode in my vision and i fall from the brutal force of the blow, daggers clattering to the ground.

His looming shadow falls over me and i roll out of the way as he brings his blade down, no doubt to severe my head too. He follows me and strikes at the ground, laughing at my silly attempt to escape him. He is taunting me. Toying with me. I grunt in frustration and kick hard at his knee as he closes the distance between us. A stumbling moment and i am back on my feet, charging for him. If i can just get close enough...close enough to get one hit in...just one.

The back of my neck tingles in warning and the sudden scream of excitement from the arena has me whirling to see Joao swing for me. I whirl out of the way but not before the tip of his blade cuts into my forearm. I suppress scream and retreat several steps.

My heart thuds as I look from Momorh to Joao who now stands between us. Joao's head snaps left and right as he looks between me and Momorh. Momorh just frowns. The crowd goes quiet as they watch us, waiting for which one of us will be stupid enough to make the first move.

Lying by Momorh's feet are my daggers and in the exact same moment i realize how defenseless i am, Joao notices too. He moves first, racing for me.

I do the only thing that comes to mind.

I run like hell.

From Joao. From Momorh. From my possible death here. I hate this arena. I hate this City. Most of all, i hate my life.

I should let you in on why. Let's start from the beginning.

Chapter 1

I rub my arms as i walk quickly down the muddy and ditch filled road to the class area. The sun had been high in the sky a few seconds ago, beating down on me with furious intensity like i had offended someone. It is surprising that the air is suddenly very cool and the skies are getting dark...but then, the climate in Nigeria is everything but normal. It could be very sunny and still be raining at the same time. Even the grounds are still suffering from the heavy rain that fell earlier this morning and it looks like the skies still have a lot to bless us with.

I jump and sidestep as the class area draws nearer, avoiding the mud so as not to get my freshly polished trekkers stained. Students are lounging about and talking about things that they find meaningful to them and as i stride past them, i hear hoots and very inappropriate comments about how big my backside is. I ignore them. I get that very often, within and outside school environment.

"Ginika!" Someone


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