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Stephanie Nzekwue

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About me

Hiya loves! I'm Stephanie! Twenty-something...lover of fantasy... mostly fae fantasy and maybe lots of romance too. I love writing and shipping my characters together...ugh. Smuts and joy. Love it! If you're a fan of fantasy, I'd suggest 'Empyreal'. For romance, definitely "One Night, Six Days and A Date Later". And if you're into Greek Mythology, even better. "The Goddess's Conquest" is here for you. I really do hope you enjoy my works. If you wish to reach me, or speak to me, send me a message via; [email protected] Or Thank you!


Book cover
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There was a woman in the void. She was clothed in gold so bright, it was as though she wore the sun and on her head, there sat a crown of rubies. She was pregnant and she ran and she cried. She cried for herself. She cried for her child. She cried for the world. She was in agony, not just because she was about to deliver, but for her heart she was leaving behind. She looked back and she saw she was still being chased. She knew she could not outrun them but she kept running. Should they catch her, it would be the end of her and her child. She raised a hand and the darkness cleaved, showing the light of another world. She jumped through, hoping the darkness would not follow. It did. She cried out, begging whoever could hear to come to her aid, even when she knew no one was listening. She looked back again and she saw them running with her as well. The four of them. There was no surviving them and she knew this, but she was determined to give birth to her child and save it. Her kind knew not what love was but she felt it for the child within her. She would not let it die. She raised her hand again and the light cleaved to bring forth the gray. She jumped in again and they followed. She fought them. Their beautiful dark voices in her head, in her thoughts, telling her to come back. Telling her to stop fighting and that she deserved to die as well as her spawn. From world to world, she jumped, searching for safety. Still they followed, inching closer with each jump. When her feet could carry her no more, she flew with the wind. She looked back and saw their wings too. She cried out again as Death sent a flood of darkness her way. It swept, the worlds, devoring everything that had life, leaving nothing but ash behind. It followed her, faster than they could and soon, it was nigh upon her. She could not fly high enough or fast enough. With her last shred of strength and hope she screamed out in her language for help from the universe and the universe answered. A door appeared. A white door with white etchings on it. Runes like nothing she had seen before decorated it and it opened before she could touch it. Through the door, she saw green and she saw the blue of the sky and she saw that it was Earth, yet it was different. She saw beautiful monsters moving with speed on four wheels and she saw one of them in the sky. She remembered she had seen it before and she laughed. A different time. She looked back and her eyes locked with Death’s absurdly beautiful silver and dark eyes and she laughed for she knew she would live. And she jumped....but she could've sworn she saw something else. Someone else in his stead.


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