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The Alpha's Scentless Mate

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He wanted her and she wanted him. But they were not fated to be. So did they think until the spell landed and he was stolen from her. He hurt her and drew out her essence. He was covered in her fragrance and he realized her scent was meant for him but it was too late. She was the savior of a world gone mad. She was chosen to save the world but she needed to be saved. Pearl Shelby is a half-blood Vampire but her necklace hid her identity. Her destiny began when her step-mother dropped her at Hopkins Citadel to get rid of her. Hopkins Citadel is a supernatural school in the woods where humans are treated as outcasts. It turns out that Pearl holds a mystery that all supernatural beings are dying to possess. Will she be safe? Who will keep her safe?


PrologueHundred years agoEvanora stood over Mount Prizm. Her red cloak covered her frame from head to toe. Her legs were widely thrown apart and under her feet were faint lines in different shades of red. Whilst her cloak fluttered noisily in the boisterous wind, she stood rigid with her arms open as wide as possible.Her hands were slightly curved and they borne two crystalline almond shaped stones. A single stone nested in each hand. The stones looked identical.Right before each of Evanora's outstretched arms was a twirl of whirlwinds. They blew so hard but none of the stones was shaken.Evanora's eyes were like pools of red inferno. Her mouth moved rhythmically as she chanted repeatedly.Whatever she was saying seemed to control the whirlwinds as they danced to her rhythm."It is I, Evanora! This day, all inhabitants of the earth are doomed as I unleash terror into the earth. It's the time for Cleansing! Evil! Be gone from our lands!" She yelled with a great cry and the mount quaked.Slowly, she brought her hands together. The stones held in her palms seemed to cause a repulsion as her hands were pushed apart, but the whirlwinds provided the needed force.After much struggle, her hands forcibly met and the stones touched each other. There went out a great spark. Evanora was shaken to the core. She let out a great cry and fell to her knees. Her hands were still merged together in front of her. Slowly, the stones began to merge into one. The whirlwinds also began to merge.The whirlwinds merged at the same time when the stones merged as one. A great light radiated from the single stone that was formed and the heat there-of blasted through the whirlwind.The whirlwind shattered like sand grains. The light from the stone shone widely and dispelled over the mount.Evanora thundered in an ecstatic laughter. As the Umbra Stone absorbed light, thick dark clouds began to gather a yonder. Slowly, the earth was covered in thick darkness, only Mount Prizm shone with a great light.The world became chaotic. Men and women ran for safety as some of them began to vanish. Yes, some not all.Evanora was a great witch who lived during her time. It was an era when supernatural beings lived amidst humans. Vampires were numerous, they were the most feared and most hated. They were hunted down by vampire SlayersEvanora was at variance with vampires. She wanted to remain the most prominent being who ruled the land. Her greed and quest made her join forces with vampire slayers but the result was far below what she wanted. This made her seek out an ancient relic; The Umbra Stone. She overlooked the consequences of using the stone with her unclean intentions and with her essence, she unlocked the power of the l stone. With the Umbra Stone, she started 'The Cleansing' on Mount Prizm with the aim of destroying the Vampires. As she continued to invoke the powers of the Umbra Stone, vampires in the land all melted away. But the Umbra Stone has its own will. It chooses and recognizes its owner. It works with the purest intentions and hearts without guile. Evanora was not of pure intentions. Greed, resentment, selfishness and vanities were all embedded in her heart.Whilst she continued her chants, the sky thundered with great thunder. The earth shook in tremor, Mount Prizm quaked and Evanora fell with a great thud. She shrieked and she screamed with a loud cry as she tumbled down the base of the mount.While she fell to her death, the Umbra Stone lifted itself. It floated in the air and slowly descended towards the base of the mount.At the base of the mount, was Vivian; one of the Vampires whom Evanora had destroyed. She did not melt away like others but she lay there unconscious with her body intact.Evanora's body was covered in cuts, she coughed out blood and jerked hard as she landed at the base of the mount. As she died, she struggled to grab the stone out of the air. The stone was within her reach but she couldn't touch it. As she battled with her battered body to repossess the stone, the stone continued to descend towards Vivian's lifeless body.Evanora watched in horror as the stone descended on Vivian's body. Instantly, Vivian's eyes fluttered open. Her eyes fluttered continuously as they adjusted to the great light that emanated from the stone. Slowly, she sat up and watched the stone in wonderment, not knowing what it was, but she knew the stone had revived her.She was a half blooded vampire and a healer. She had thought she would melt away like other vampires but as she died, she was astonished that her body remained intact.As she watched the stone, the light from the stone rescinded slowly, it turned to an ordinary mass of stone and fell into Vivian's hand.Evanora cried out in disdain and tried to lift herself. Even as she died, she wanted the stone. She finally fell flat on her face and yelled as blood sipped out from her mouth. "I will hunt you! The stone chose you, but I will hunt you. There will be an awakening ...and the whole world will be ours again!" Evanora choked on her blood, she breathed her last breath and her eyes closed in death. Gradually, normalcy returned to the earth. The dark clouds dispersed and the earth was illuminated.Vivian and Horace; an aged and full blooded vampire, were the only vampires who survived Evanora's Cleansing.

Chapter 1

HardinI am Hardin, the only son of the Great Alpha King, King Aragon. I am a student at Hopkins Citadel.To avoid attention and favoritism, my identity was hidden. Yes, that was what my father claimed but I have always thought there was more to it.Hopinks Citadel is an unusual school in the woods. The school is sealed away from the outside world by spells. Students and staff of the school are supernatural beings.At the Citadel, humans are called 'normins' and they are treated as outcasts.It was the beginning of a new term and it's Friday. We just rounded off the last class for the day. It was a Mathematics class and the topic was 'Bearings'. I sucked at it and I knew it.All I did during the class was to envisage the sporting activities that would take place after the class. Only Fridays are available for sporting activities. Saturdays and Sundays are all fixed up.I think I love track events


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