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  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Author: Salna
  • Chapters: 70
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 756
  • 7.5
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Thama Canon is a beautiful young self-made billionaire. At only a young age, she had to inherit the biggest empire in the city after her father passed away in an accident. Left in the hands of her two uncles and mother but unknown to her, the uncle's request for a second time will be read. With little knowledge about the will, she is married off to the most dangerous family in the city and the company is left in the hands of her two uncles. She suffers at the hands of her new husband and waits for the day she will retribute herself.

Chapter 1

Thama's beauty draws attention wherever she goes, but her name also has a special backing from the glamorous empire left in it by her father, James Canon, to match her beautiful looks.

But what stands out the most is the name she has built for herself.

She was the first woman in the city to run the biggest company without backing from anyone.

Whatever she touches turns to gold, be it any new project, good or bad.

The Canon Empire is the biggest in the city and is the biggest technology company in the city.

With her father not around, she has to endure the pressure of marriage from her two uncles, and today is like any other day in her life.

There is a party hosted in her name to celebrate the launch of a new game that has been developed by her company.

The Canon Empire is the city's largest and most powerful technology firm.

Her two uncles, Charles and John, have a negative opinion of the company.

Without her father, she must deal with the pressures of marriage from her two uncles, and today is no different than any other day in her life.

A party is being held in her honor to commemorate the debut of a new game made by her firm.

But, before she leaves the office, she must double-check that everything is in order, or else she will find it difficult to start her busy day. She has several hurdles as the CEO of the city's largest enterprise and a woman, but she always perseveres.

Her phone rings, and it's a message from her mother, reminding her of the dinner party, but she can't answer because her secretary has entered her office.

Kylie, her secretary, hands her the documents and says, "Miss Canon, there are some documents that have come through for you to sign." "What time did they arrive?" She consults with her secretary.

"Just now," Kylie replies.

She is older than Thama. She was her father's secretary. After the death of her father, she had no one to replace her, so she decided to stick with her.

Thama has no time to read through the documents, so she decides to take them with her and read them during her free time, which she doubts she will have.

After she finishes everything, she leaves the company, with Kylie by her side, for the villa.

She has only a few minutes remaining before the party starts. Charles keeps calling her phone, which terrifies her because she is the sole daughter of James, who died in a vehicle accident.

She is the CEO of the Thama Empire and the city's richest woman.

Kylie leads her to the dinner gathering 30 minutes later.

She is astonished to discover her uncle, John, giving a speech at the dinner that is primarily about the company, as if he is the one who put it on the map.

She shakes her head and walks over to Thelma, her mother.

"What kept you so occupied?" When Thelma sees her daughter standing at her side, she asks

"I had to work, Mum," Thama says as she reaches for a glass of red wine. "You shouldn't work too much and get enough sleep," she advises, caressing her face.

Thelma understands that if her daughter is to keep her father's company, she must work hard.

"You've arrived at last," Charles says as he hands her another glass of wine.

As she raises the glass to her lips, she says, "Thank you."

"I want to steal her for a little while," he says to Thelma as he drives her to meet their invited visitors.

As Charles introduces her to the other visitors, she smiles pleasantly and greets everyone.

After 9 p.m., the party is over, and everyone heads to the villa. The Thama Villa was created by James, who had the city's best designer design it for his daughter and later named it after her.

They arrived at the villa, with John escorting the family to the meeting location.

"Did you get to meet all of our visitors, Thama?" He starts by posing a question to her.

"Not everyone's uncle," she says, smiling.

"The lawyer is on his way to the next step of the will reading," John explains.

Thama can't believe what she's hearing; she's been aware of her father's will for some time, but she hasn't had the opportunity to read it. Thama’s mother has long forgotten about the will, but when John brings it up, she recalls that 15 years ago, he had left out a letter to be read after Thama took over the company.

A few minutes later, the lawyer arrives, and they're both attempting to figure out what the last part of the will is.

"Sorry, I'm late; I had a client," he apologizes as he walks into the dining room, where all of the family is seated.

"It's great; it's not a huge problem," Charles says as he shows the lawyer a place to sit.

John, the oldest of the remaining two brothers, begins to address everyone as such. "The one we were waiting for has arrived," he says, leaving the lawyer to handle the talking.

"The last time I read James’s will, Thama, his daughter, was only ten years old, and we knew she couldn't grasp anything," he continues, glancing at Thelma and Thama, who are seated on the same couch.

And after studying everyone's reaction, the lawyer proceeds so that everyone is on the same page. Thama cuts him off before he can finish his sentence.

"James would never issue such orders to his daughter," she exclaims angrily, and everyone can tell how enraged she is by the tone of her voice.

She speaks to Charles, who has been a long-time interiors expert before she speaks.

"Shut up, woman, you merely bought my brother's pain, and don't look at me like that Thama is now old enough to know everything," he adds, pointing at Thelma, who is speechless. The lawyer, on the other hand, wants to get out of there before he hears something he isn't meant to hear.

As everyone settles back into their chairs, he continues, "Please allow me to complete the reading, and then I will leave you to talk."

"Thama Canon should be sure to have an heir within one year of her marriage," the lawyer reads to everyone, leaving Thama dumbfounded, but Thelma continues to accuse the lawyer of filtering the paperwork.

Every time Thelma raises the issue of the will being forged, the brothers defend the lawyer and accuse her of anything they can think of.

Thama was unable to stay and listen to her mother and uncles' conversation. "I'll look into it," she replies as she takes her mother's hand in hers.

"Don't think about it; just do it." Before she departs the villa, John says, "I'm sure you've heard that if you don't do it, you'll leave the firm and go far away from it."

"She's not going to find a man any time soon," Charles declares emphatically. Thelma and Tama leave the villa.

Chapter 2

Thelma is angry at the turnout of everything, but Thama has no emotions. She has not said anything to her mother since they left the Cannon villa.

She knows her mother as being through hell with her father’s brothers and they will not stop until they have their way with everything.

She remembers very well how her uncle John told her she would not be able to handle the Cannon Empire because she was a girl, but now she has proved them wrong and they have decided to use her father's will on her.

Finding a man to marry in a month will be the hardest thing she will have to do in her life.

When her father, James, died, Thelma took on the role of father and raised her daughter to be the woman she is today.

She never had friends; her only friend was her mother. The only thing she focused on was school.

The only guy who worked up the courage to approach her got married to her former teammate and they have twins together.

As they were sitti


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