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Married To A Witch

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A broken hearted witch, Asam promises a vulnerable and broken hearted widower King Dura power, honor and greatness if only he could marry her. King Dura dies and his son Ebuna takes over the throne of his father and he must continue to marry the witch his father left behind in order to keep sustaining the Kingdom. Ebuna refuses to take over the wife of his late father for he has found love with Princess Asira. The power that holds the kingdom is withdrawn by the Witch and Princess Asira abandons Ebuna. Ebuna must travel to the forest of Okiri to find the witch and bring her back to the palace else the kingdom falls but he soon finds true love on his way back. Ebuna and his new found love Erika refuse to leave each other as the witch threatens to kill them both and destroy the Kingdom. Ebuna runs off with Erika and the witch rules the land of Mba with cruelty. Having discussed it with Erika and she is ready to die for the Kingdom's sake Ebuna returns to the palace with her and he orders for the death of Erika in order to please the witch Asam and regain her trust. He soon takes advantage of that trust to learn the secret of her powers...

Chapter 1

In a cave in the heart of Aboge village, there lay an enigmatic and ancient chamber that had, for generations, been shrouded in mystery and whispered tales. Carved deep into the rugged mountainside, the entrance to this subterranean wonder was an imposing gateway framed by towering moss-covered boulders, as if nature herself had set her hand to guard its secrets.

If one found oneself into the cave's yawning maw, a chill seemed to cascade down the spine, as if the very air carried the weight of centuries gone by. The walls, rough-hewn and glistening with moisture, held within their stone veins a kaleidoscope of colors, an artist's palette of minerals and ancient paintings that hinted at the civilizations that had once sought refuge here.

The uneven floor was a prove to the eons of erosion and deposition, with occasional rocky outcrops strewn about like nature's sculptures, remnants of a geological dance that had unfolded over millennia. Stalactites hung like shimmering chandeliers overhead, their graceful forms dripped with time, while stalagmites rose from the ground like stoic sentinels guarding the secrets buried beneath.

Occasional rays of sunlight filtered through narrow fissures, creating ethereal beams that pierced the darkness and illuminated patches of the cave's interior. These transient illuminations revealed the delicate ecosystems that had adapted to this subterranean realm, with pale, blind creatures skittering along the edges of small underground pools, their existence a prove to nature's inexorable persistence.

The cave's chambers grew larger and more expansive, creating an awe-inspiring sense of scale as one goes deeper. Formations resembling frozen waterfalls and immense, cathedral-like chambers beckoned explorers to contemplate the enormity of geological time.

This cave stood as a silent witness to the passage of epochs, an ancient sanctuary where time itself seemed to slow, where the natural world revealed its enduring beauty, and where the stories of the past whispered softly in the cool, damp air.

Within the depths of the cave, concealed in the enigmatic embrace of time, there dwelled a witch whose existence spanned more than a thousand years. Her name, whispered only in hushed tones by the villagers of Aboge, was Morgana Shadowthorn. She was a spectral figure, both feared and revered, who had chosen this secluded sanctuary to weave her ancient spells and guard the secrets of her enduring life.

Morgana was a figure of profound mystique. Her presence was announced not by her physical form, for she had transcended the frailty of the human body, but by the faint, phosphorescent glow that emanated from the deepest recesses of the cave. This eerie luminescence danced and flickered like the elusive wisp of a fading star, drawing curious souls deeper into her lair.

Her voice, when she chose to speak, was a melodious cadence that seemed to resonate with the very heartbeat of the earth itself. It was said that her words held the power to heal, to curse, or to reveal the ancient wisdom of bygone ages. Villagers sought her counsel in times of dire need, beseeching her to decipher the cryptic messages of dreams or to invoke her ethereal visions to foresee the fate of their loved ones.

Morgana's appearance was as elusive as the shifting shadows in the cave. She was described as having hair as dark as midnight, cascading down her back like a silken waterfall, and her eyes, the color of deep forest green, held the wisdom of millennia. She wore robes woven from moonlight and adorned with constellations, an attire that seemed to blur the line between the corporeal and the celestial.

Her agelessness was a testament to her mastery of the arcane arts, and it was whispered that she had made a pact with the very spirits of the cave, binding her essence to its ancient stone. Throughout the centuries, her knowledge had grown, and she had become a guardian of the cave's mysteries, a living embodiment of the symbiosis between the mystical and the geological.

Morgana's existence was intertwined with the cycles of the natural world, her magic intimately connected to the cave's stalactites and stalagmites, which she could command to sing in harmonious resonance, creating melodies that could soothe the most troubled of souls or stir the wildest of tempests.

To the villagers, Morgana was an enigmatic protector, a source of both trepidation and solace. Her ageless presence in the heart of Aboge village's cave was a reminder that the world held secrets beyond mortal comprehension, and that time, in the hands of a witch who had lived for over a thousand years, could be a river that flowed in mysterious and unpredictable ways, carrying with it the echoes of history and the promises of the future.

One tranquil morning, the sun's first rays painted the land of Aboge in shades of gold and amber. Mabod, a young and adventurous visitor to this foreign land, found himself immersed in the age-old tradition of hunting. Armed with a sturdy bow and a quiver of arrows, he ventured into the dense, verdant forest of Aboge, his heart filled with the excitement of exploring new territories.

As he trod deeper into the forest, his senses attuned to the subtle symphony of nature, he noticed the thick foliage closing in around him, obscuring the path he had followed. The trees stood like sentinels, their branches intertwined in a maze of emerald shadows. The further Mabod wandered, the denser the undergrowth became, guiding him deeper into the heart of the forest.

Unbeknownst to him, the forest of Aboge held many secrets, and its labyrinthine depths concealed the entrance to the sacred cave. As he pushed his way through the tangled vines and moss-covered rocks, the whispers of ancient tales and legends fluttered in the air, but Mabod remained oblivious to their haunting warnings.

Eventually, with each step, the terrain began to shift beneath his feet. The ground became uneven, and the earthy scent gave way to a musty, damp odor. The subtle change in temperature caught his attention, and Mabod noticed the gradual descent into a shadowed realm, far removed from the forest's welcoming embrace.

Suddenly, his keen hunter's instincts alerted him to a peculiar phenomenon: a soft, ethereal glow, like faint starlight, beckoning him deeper into the labyrinth. Mabod, captivated by this otherworldly radiance, ventured further, believing it to be the trace of some mystical creature.

As he followed the mysterious light, the passage seemed to narrow, closing in on him like the jaws of some ancient beast. The walls of the cave, damp and glistening, encroached upon him until he found himself standing at the threshold of the sacred cave of Aboge, its entrance concealed by the forest's embrace.

In that moment, as he gazed into the depths of the cave, Mabod felt a shiver of awe and trepidation run down his spine. He realized, with a mixture of wonder and uncertainty, that he had unwittingly crossed the threshold into a realm where time itself seemed to stand still, where ancient secrets whispered in the echoes of the cave's cool, damp chambers, and where the mystical presence of Morgana Shadowthorn awaited him, a visitor from a distant land who had stumbled upon the heart of Aboge's most enigmatic mystery.

Chapter 2

Asam had left the land of Abhor without the knowledge of Felicia the new witch mother. She was actually heading to the land of Mba where she was meant to see the one that she had had in mind all these years. When she reached the town she then headed to the house of Ogiri and knocked on his door. Someone came out and asked who she was.

"I'm looking for someone, someone by name Ogiri" said Asam.

"I don't know whom you are talking about" the lady that opened the door had said but after a while she recalled. "Oh sorry, the man you are talking about packed out of here few months back and he no longer lives here" Said the woman before Asam left and headed to the streets of Mba.

Ogiri was the man that broke her heart few years back before she joined the witches of Abhor. Ogiri was the man that broke her heart in tiny pieces which prompted her going to join with the witches to find solace. She had to leave the land of Mba and headed


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