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Even the best s*x and love from Lume and the best wine from the Royal Wine Taster could not take away the sad memory of how King Zakiza lost his father, the late King of Agor; Samata was married to king Agor of Akozo Kingdom but could not give him a child until the King got married to a second wife who gave birth to the first royal son, Zakiza. Moved with bitterness Samata who later gave birth to the second son of the royal home named Akiza, yet unfulfilled Killed the King, failing to complete her mission by killing Zakiza the crown Prince, escaped from the land of Akozo to a far away land known as Dodo where she stayed with her son Akiza until he became a man. During that process of Akiza's growth the mother became a Witch and through the use of Dark Magic invoked an ancient creature, a fire spitting dragon. Lume, a commoner from a neighboring kingdom was married to Zakiza in the land of Akozo. The day Lume revealed her pregnancy to her husband was the day Samata brought war to the land of Akozo with her dragon and an army she forcefully took over from the king of Dodo. King Zakiza died that day and Lume fled with her pregnancy. Akiza took over the throne of Akozo. Few months passed and Lume was discovered by a Priestess from the land of Dodo who helped her deliver her female child named Nimua. Aromo was from Dodo who once betrayed her friend Samata but she rode to Akozo, pleaded for forgiveness and revealed the whereabout of Lume. Lume was separated from her child and killed by the sword of Akiza and the Priestess escaped and raised the child by herself. The baby girl Nimua grew up to hear the story behind her birth. Advised to tame the dragon belonging to Samata and use him against her and her son Akiza and all her enemies in the lands of Dodo and Akozo Nimua began her spiritual practices. Nimua was to practice how to tame the dragon by falling in love with a handsome mate, Ruru; She entered the land of Dodo, tamed the dragon and used him against her enemies. She became the Queen of Akozo and released the dragon from the realm of men through the help of the Priestess that raised her hence lived happily ever after with Ruru.


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