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Obiechinna Martins

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I'm a passionate writer.


Queen Of Hearts
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She must find love in twenty two days else the Kingdom falls. A beautiful Princess named Serila, set to be crowned as Queen is left in shock when she is warned to find love in twenty two days else the kingdom will be left vulnerable to the enemies. Serila hated to be in a relationship after Zado, Prince of Aviru dumped her whereas she was supposed to get married to him. Carried the hurt for four years she has just twenty two days to fall in love again or she will loose her kingdom to the wicked King of Aviru, the father of the one that broke her heart. She doubts the High Priest's prophecy but the gods proves him right in her dream. Can she find love in twenty two days having locked up her heart for four years and if she does find love will the person love her in return and accept her proposal to marry him? Princess Serila is left with the shock of her life when her heart falls for a common servant, Akaro but her heart is shattered to find out that Akaro is not ready to return the love for he is in love with Princess Serila's personal maid, Akara. The Maid Akara has to sacrifice her own love and convince Akaro to marry the Princess in order to win herself an honorable position in the palace. Drawn to jealousy after the marriage the maid Akara, having become an official in the palace plots to have the Queen, Serila killed.

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Beautiful princess Chelu was adored by most men from noble families, but her arrogance made her unpopular amongst her peers in the kingdom of Ranai in which her father was King. Her mother who knew the reason for her daughter's malicious behavior over the years feared as she tried hard to hide the fact that she was caught by her daughter, sleeping with Labi. Labi was betrothed to the Princess at a tender age and she grew to love him, hence this development brought out the beast in Chelu and turned her into a wicked fellow. Udo, from a poor background in a neglected village called Ochi in the land of Ranai, disguised as son of a noble man in the bid to get a job and take care of his sick parents, was hired to work in the palace as a Special Attendant and finally to meet everyday with the arrogant princess everyone talked about.

Married To A Witch
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A broken hearted witch, Asam promises a vulnerable and broken hearted widower King Dura power, honor and greatness if only he could marry her. King Dura dies and his son Ebuna takes over the throne of his father and he must continue to marry the witch his father left behind in order to keep sustaining the Kingdom. Ebuna refuses to take over the wife of his late father for he has found love with Princess Asira. The power that holds the kingdom is withdrawn by the Witch and Princess Asira abandons Ebuna. Ebuna must travel to the forest of Okiri to find the witch and bring her back to the palace else the kingdom falls but he soon finds true love on his way back. Ebuna and his new found love Erika refuse to leave each other as the witch threatens to kill them both and destroy the Kingdom. Ebuna runs off with Erika and the witch rules the land of Mba with cruelty. Having discussed it with Erika and she is ready to die for the Kingdom's sake Ebuna returns to the palace with her and he orders for the death of Erika in order to please the witch Asam and regain her trust. He soon takes advantage of that trust to learn the secret of her powers...

Play Boy Trapped
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Veronica leaves the village to the city to find greener pasture, leaving behind her childhood lover, Edu. Weeks after she arrives the big City of Enugu she meets with an old time friend who suddenly introduces her to work in a company owned by a drug lord, Charles. Charles is Edu's older brother who went missing ten years after he was born. He has become a kingpin and widely feared in the city and beyond. Veronica finds herself in-between accepting the dangerous billionaire Charles or facing death. She has to confide in Edu who suddenly realizes that Charles is his long lost older brother. Desperate to live large Edu decides to trade his love for Veronica to get his brother to help him. Charles who has refused to go home to see his sick mother is lured home by Veronica who promises to marry him if he would visit home. Charles's love for Veronica prompts him to lead a new life and this does not go down well for Edu who has decided to become like his older brother. He tries to fight Charles and retake his childhood lover but..

The Prince Is Mine
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  • 3.6

She must volunteer to have sex with charming Prince Khal else he dies in sixty days. Cursed to die by the gods, Prince Khal of Larun Kingdom, rude to his wicked father, negligent of his mother's zeal to bring the royal family together and cruel to his father's female slaves is left with the shock of his life when the ten female slaves chosen by the Chief Priest of Larun rejected all the offers presented them to climb the Prince's bed. Left with the fear of loosing his only son the King of Larun summons the ten slaves and gives them the authority to make any demand in return for one of them agreeing to let the Prince have a taste of her body and save the throne. It is on the fifty eight day that Ebube the boldest of the ten agrees to have sex with the Prince but her condition is too high; she is to be made Prince Khal's betrothed if she must accept. This development annoys Suza, a sacrificing girlfriend of Prince Khal who is as wicked as he is and she seeks the friendship and approval of the Queen mother whom she had neglected in the past, Prince Khal's mother who had been on a mission to unite the royal family and together they sought for the forgiveness of Kog's father who is younger brother to Khal's father and the two families having been at war with each other came together once again.

The Alpha's First Love
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He moved closer to her, held her by the neck with both hands and gave her a slobbery kiss, then she felt his strange presence and held his chest, it felt good, like she wanted more of what he just did. That night he made love to her and became an alpha, the first to ever walk the earth. His name was Bambi, the first werewolf to later become an alpha. Bambi's mother Rasah had been having strange dreams right from the moment she turned ten, inquisitive about a compass she found she followed it's leading to a cave where she was forced to mate with a strange spirit, the spirit that was to later become the father of the first alpha werewolf to ever walk the earth. Visited by monks and against her will commissioned for the task ahead, Rasah and her lover Akez who lost his family to a war and with her two year old son Bambi in a quest to avert the prophecy over Bambi's life went to live in the deepest part of the forest of Safa region, in an ancient country in the European continent. According to the strange monks that visited Rasah Bambi her son will fully become an alpha and discover his true potential when he meets and mates with his mate. Rasah had to hide her son in the forest from all humans to avoid his getting to mate with a woman.

The King Is Mine
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  • 7.5

A maid is paid by her King to bear him a son since the Queen, Hemes can't give birth to a child. Moved by pity, Nima the maid gets pregnant for the King, Exa, but the Queen soon plans to kill her immediately the child is born. Nima learns of this and escapes the palace with the King's child, Udi. The King must look for his child and to find him he must find Nima. The Queen moved by jealousy must protect her position as Queen. She takes over the Kingdom by bribing the officials. The King who is on his way to find Nima looses his throne to his wife. It is left for the King to protect his only son and heir to the throne from the desperate desire of Hemes to eradicate him and his maid, Nima, alongside their son and righful heir to the throne of Zeri Kingdom.

I Bleed For You
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Even the best sex and love from Lume and the best wine from the Royal Wine Taster could not take away the sad memory of how King Zakiza lost his father, the late King of Agor; Samata was married to king Agor of Akozo Kingdom but could not give him a child until the King got married to a second wife who gave birth to the first royal son, Zakiza. Moved with bitterness Samata who later gave birth to the second son of the royal home named Akiza, yet unfulfilled Killed the King, failing to complete her mission by killing Zakiza the crown Prince, escaped from the land of Akozo to a far away land known as Dodo where she stayed with her son Akiza until he became a man. During that process of Akiza's growth the mother became a Witch and through the use of Dark Magic invoked an ancient creature, a fire spitting dragon. Lume, a commoner from a neighboring kingdom was married to Zakiza in the land of Akozo. The day Lume revealed her pregnancy to her husband was the day Samata brought war to the land of Akozo with her dragon and an army she forcefully took over from the king of Dodo. King Zakiza died that day and Lume fled with her pregnancy. Akiza took over the throne of Akozo. Few months passed and Lume was discovered by a Priestess from the land of Dodo who helped her deliver her female child named Nimua. Aromo was from Dodo who once betrayed her friend Samata but she rode to Akozo, pleaded for forgiveness and revealed the whereabout of Lume. Lume was separated from her child and killed by the sword of Akiza and the Priestess escaped and raised the child by herself. The baby girl Nimua grew up to hear the story behind her birth. Advised to tame the dragon belonging to Samata and use him against her and her son Akiza and all her enemies in the lands of Dodo and Akozo Nimua began her spiritual practices. Nimua was to practice how to tame the dragon by falling in love with a handsome mate, Ruru; She entered the land of Dodo, tamed the dragon and used him against her enemies. She became the Queen of Akozo and released the dragon from the realm of men through the help of the Priestess that raised her hence lived happily ever after with Ruru.


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