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Dominant Queen

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In the kingdom of futanari, Andrea reigns supreme as the Dominant Queen. With her fierce strength, breathtaking beauty, and unapologetic dominance, she holds all who cross her path within her grasp. But when she comes face to face with her greatest enemy, Andrea finds herself caught up in an unexpected romance that challenges everything she's ever known. As she navigates the treacherous waters of lust and power, Andrea uses anyone and everyone for her own pleasure - indulging in all manner of sexual experiences with beings both divine and mundane. The only constant throughout is her unwavering desire for control. But in the end, Andrea's true legacy is born through her daughter Anna - conceived with the nefarious Maleficent - as she becomes the future ruler of the kingdom, ready to take up her mother's mantle of strength and domination. "Dominant Queen" is a thrilling and titillating tale of power, passion, and the limits of desire. Will Andrea's quest for control lead to her ultimate downfall, or will she rise above all others to claim her rightful place in the world? Find out in this unforgettably steamy read.

Andrea finds love

The Palace of Futanari is the most popular place where everyone is having fun, no matter their gender, being, or looks.

Exceptional parties are being held every Friday and Saturday, and everyone is welcome.

It was not my first time partying at the palace, but it was an exhausting night and I will tell you all about it, making you wish you were there with me.

It was amazing as usual. No man or woman would ever refuse me, not even the creatures from my Kingdom. How could they? I am beautiful and gifted: perfect boobs, perfect *ss, round and big, a tight p*ssy, and an enormous c*ck. Everyone desires me, but not anyone can have me. I am picky with having s*x and my wish has to be your command otherwise you will leave my sight.

At the gates of the Futanari Palace, four gorgeous minotaurs greet everyone coming to the party. Each of them wears just a pair of tight black boxers, through which anyone can see the shape of their enormous cocks.

They placed a note on the gates saying, “If you are horny before the party, please enjoy yourself by picking a minotaur, or two or three or all of them!”

Oh well, I am always horny, so I guess I am going to pick two minotaurs to f*ck me this time.

Greedy and proud, I enter the palace in the minotaur’s arms; all eyes are on me. I wink at some creatures I plan to f*ck tonight and make my way to the Private Chamber.

My p*ssy and c*ck are burning with desire!

Removing my white dress filled with diamonds with lots of caution, I grab each of the minotaurs by their horns, make them kneel in front of me, and ask them,

“- Who am I to you?

- Our s*x god, our queen, Your Majesty!

- You will s*ck on my boobs while rubbing my c*ck and you will sit on the floor while I am widening my legs so you can lick my juicy p*ssy while fingering my *ss. Is that understood?

- Yes ma’am!”

They follow my instructions precisely, giving me intense satisfaction.

The one sucking my boobs is drooling all over my t*ts, to my c*ck, which helps him to jerk me off much better; getting on his knees opens his mouth and sucks my c*ck.

Sucking it slowly, massaging my balls, I pull him by his horns towards me, then push him back; back and forth, back and forth, ah…. I go faster and faster; I moan loudly when I c*m in his mouth. He swallows and licks the rest of it off my c*ck.

The other one does a better job at licking my p*ssy with his long thick tongue throbbing inside my vagina; f*ck*ng my *ss with two of his fingers.

“- Go on deeper!” I say…

He gets p*ss*d off, throws me on the couch, and right when my guards were about to interfere, I tell them it is ok. I am curious how is he planning on giving me pleasure.

Spanking my *ss hard, he goes deep inside my *ss with that gigantic c*ck.

“- Mmm… This feels so good! I enjoy feeling your c*ck inside my *ss so badly! Push it harder!

- Here you go, my queen, I will give it all to you!”

And he goes all in spanking me with his balls on my p*ssy.

“- Ahhhh that’s it, go on, don’t stop, f*ck me harder, harder!

- Ah, you filthy b*tch, I am going to c*m!

- Not yet! F*ck me, you son of a b*tch! Harder! Do not stop!

- Yeah, yeah, yeah…

- I am close, go as fast as you can!

- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……

- Mmmmm…. aaaaaaaahhhhh…. I am done.”

My name is Andrea and I am the Futanari queen, the goddess of s*x, and whomever I choose is my submissive b*tch.

I go to the bar where you can ask for any drink your heart desires. The bartender is a beautiful siren with four gorgeous minotaurs greet, beautiful blue eyes, and red hair. I ask for two shots of tequila and three slices of lemon, drink it fast, and go on to the dance floor.

Surrounded by many creatures like sirens, minotaurs, futanari, incubus, elves, and many others; everyone is dancing like there is no one watching; kissing strangers just because you feel like kissing; here you won’t hear someone saying no to s*x.

I dance my heart out, enjoying myself as much as I can, when an incubus approaches me, with his strong, muscular body, immense wings, and horns on red fire.

Dancing behind my back, holding me by my middle, I touch his powerful hands and feel them burning. That is the case when an incubus has a strong desire for someone.

My c*ck gets hard, as I have never been with an incubus till far. I take his hand and we go upstairs and find the room where we have a jacuzzi.

“- Remove your clothes! He says to me.

- Do you know who I am? I reply.

- I know your name is Andrea and that you are a futanari.

- That is partially true, except I am the queen of futanari and I am the one who will give orders to you, not the other way!

- Is that so?”

After hearing that reply from him, I get pretty mad and you do not want to make me mad.

I get close to him, put my hand on his d*ck, then squeezed his balls, licking his cheek, whispering to his ear,

“- You are going to be my b*tch, demon!

- We’ll see about that!”

He grabs my hair, and kisses me intensely, staring with those black eyes straight into my soul.

Rips my precious dress, takes me from behind, and starts f*ck*ng me slowly…

I can feel his c*ck entering my p*ssy so good, so hot. Touching my breast, pinching my n*ppl*s, spanking my *ss.

“- Give me more! I speak.

- Are you sure you can handle me?”

I do not reply and decide to show him real f*ck*ng.

We get out of the jacuzzi and lie on a king-size bed. He sits with his wings wide, I get on top of him, and hold his horns, even though they burn. It doesn’t bother me.

We kiss passionately while our dicks poke, then I f*ck his c*ck and rub his horns.

Faster and faster, the incubus sucking my n*ppl*s. I push him on his back and insert my enormous c*ck right in his *ss, pounding him as hard as I can until I c*m all over the bed.

He falls asleep. I write him a note with my phone number and I leave.

A hell of a party like I thought it will be!

I get home, get a shower and some rest to be prepared for the next night.

Tonight, I am going to a VIP party in New York. It is not a new thing for me to party with regular people; it is quite fun to be surrounded by so many naïve men and women whom I can play, with my fingers.

Regular people, not futanari or creatures, really are so full of desire all the time, you just need to know how to talk to them and they fail for your charm. Especially mine. I do not even have to bother to talk much, just a gentle touch here or there, some whispering in the ear and that’s it.

A sure thing: they know how to throw a wonderful party!

I have so many outfits to choose from, not as if it matters. I look hot in everything.

Most of my closets are full of s*xy dresses, short skirts, tops, high heels; any and I feel like wearing, even any character I would want to dress up like, whatever you can imagine, I have it all.

My maid, Anastasia, a petite blonde, with huge boobs and sweet lips, is bringing me my black dress to wear. Ahh, she gives such great blowjobs and swallows every time! Every morning she comes prepared per my instructions, wearing a pair of red thongs, her hair pulled in a ponytail, she wakes me up by kissing my lips, going down until she reaches my hard big c*ck which she licks down and up, moisturizing it.

She sucks it, increasing the rhythm, while massaging my balls, until I get to off, climax, all in her mouth, always filling it, then swallowing it all… Anastasia knows her place and the rules I have, she is a good girl and has been with me for five years.

It is time to get ready for the party. I put on my black dress, which reveals my perfectly toned body, which you can observe but cannot touch without my permission.

I enter and as always, all eyes are on me; I am the hottest one here. Everyone is drooling seeing my huge boobs, my incomparable beauty…

A man approaches me to buy me a drink. Gazing at my blue eyes, I accept and drink two shots of tequila, then go dancing.

My moves impress everyone. How could they not? I am an expert at everything I do and I enjoy myself all the time.

A slow song starts and just as I am making my way to the bar, a tall brunette woman, with hazel eyes, perfect t*ts, and an *ss that I would enjoy squeezing stumbles and falls on me.

She excuses herself and asks if she can buy me a drink. I say that is the least she could do, and she smiles. We introduced ourselves. I find her name is Maria, and that she is engaged.

We drank a few glasses of wine and danced together for a while until again a slow song was playing. She grabbed my hand and asked me to dance with her as I was about to go to the bar. I could feel her heart beating so fast.

I knew she desired me as much as I desire her. She will be mine.

Feeling her big t*ts so close to mine, hard n*ppl*s, I put my hands on her perfect *ss and squeeze it; she moans slightly, and my d*ck gets hard poking her wet p*ssy.

She started blushing, as she didn’t know that I was a futanari. I whisper in her ear to come with me to the VIP lounge, and she follows me without hesitation. I started kissing her neck, licking her ear, and gently biting her while putting my hand in her panties, ahh she was so wet, exactly how I like it.

She has to get on her knees and undress. Maria follows my orders, very submissive, and that turns me on even more. I stay in front of her, poking her lips with my hard c*ck; she licks it fast as if she was hungry for c*ck.

I guess her fiancé doesn’t please her. She sucks fast, like a vacuum cleaner. I ask her to stop and I get on top of her for a 69.

Her p*ssy smells like cinnamon, so delicious, I lick her with passion, putting two fingers inside and rubbing it hard, she moans so loud, I stop, and she licks my p*ssy and opens her tongue inside, mmmm that feels so good… I continue fingering her while licking her clitoris until she squirts like a fountain. I demand she s*ck my d*ck while fingering my p*ssy, and she follows my directions and I get to c*m and squirt simultaneously!

Maria impressed me. No one had ever made me finish that way. There was something special about this woman…

A hell of a party, it was. I didn’t expect it to bring me so much pleasure… I can’t stop thinking of Maria, such great s*x, ah… I need to see her again soon.

I am being wakened up by Anastasia’s sweet lips on my boobs and a cube of ice on the other one, turning my n*ppl*s so hard, so good to be s*ck*d on and pinched with her teeth… mmmm… ahhh… My p*ssy is so wet and my c*ck is so hard, I am so ready to f*ck Anastasia so hard this morning!

I bend her over the bed, slap her *ss so hard that I leave a mark, and then insert my c*ck straight into her *ss. She moans loudly and I pound her very hard, slapping that perfect butt while holding her ponytail. I c*m inside her *ss, all dripping out slowly…

Anastasia turns around lay on my bed, looking at me with tears in her eyes, and asked me why was I so rough this morning and I told her she should admit that she enjoyed it as much as I did and that she shouldn’t dare to ever confront me, otherwise each other falls I might show her what rough means.

She didn’t dare to answer back, instead; she tried hugging me and I tossed her back on the bed and jumped on top of her, and started kissing her breast, slowly licking her n*ppl*s, then I went down kissed her delicious p*ssy and finally allowed her to kiss my p*ssy as well, which she has never touched until now.

This is enough for this morning! I said… And Anastasia left my bedroom.

Something inside me changed last night. I need to find out what and deal with it the best way I can. I need to f*ck Maria again without giving a sh*t that she has a fiancé.

withholding Jack, my driver who is a minotaur, to take me back to New York in the limo. I can’t travel by my dragon Ofelia without drawing attention. People would go crazy.

Jack has always been in love with me, and that is why he became my driver. He used to be my enemy’s driver Maleficent, such a bad b*tch and so funny thinking that she could ever destroy me, ha ha ha.

Maleficent and I go way back since we were just two little girls. She was always envious of me; well, she had good reasons though. I always had the best toys, the best creatures. I would steal all her boyfriends, and I even f*ck*d her once in her sleep.

Envy turned her into a mean girl, and with the passing of the years, she became pure evil. All the creatures in my kingdom are terrified by her, except me.

She has tried several times to take revenge, but she didn’t stand a chance.

I arrive in New York, and I enter a fancy restaurant. There were only female servers exactly as I wanted. Who doesn’t love being served by hot females, especially since I can f*ck either of them or even two at the same time after having some delicious breakfast? I need a special dessert.

After my meal, I leave a note on top of a huge tip to the brunette server with specific instructions to come to my limo with her blonde colleague in the next 15 minutes.

They obey and enter my limo. We drink a couple of glasses of champagne and then they start French kissing for me, touching each other’s bodies until they are wet enough and ready for me to f*ck them both.

Hot, naked, and wet they kneel in front of me after seeing how big my c*ck is, the blonde server sucks my d*ck while the brunette one is licking my balls, and after a while, I c*m enough sperm to fill both their faces. I ask the blonde to turn around so I can f*ck her doggy-style, while the brunette is getting her p*ssy licked and fingered by the blonde server. I just love a tight and wet p*ssy where my d*ck enters slowly, increasing the rhythm with every second, harder and harder until I finish her almost fainted.

Now the brunette sits on my lap kissing my neck and massaging my t*ts, with my hard c*ck deep inside her, she jumps up and down, up and down, while the blonde has one hand on my p*ssy and one on hers rubbing it hard and fast and so on until an explosion of pleasure happens for all of us. I enjoy this kind of great s*x daily, not with the same people all the time. I get bored easily, always seeking fresh adventures and new fun.

I arrive at my penthouse for a hot shower and a change of clothes, afterward, I enter a nice bar where the servers are all half-naked, order some whisky, drink it all up, and then move to the VIP section where I am offered one of the most expensive wines and guess who brings me the bottle? Maria!

This is a delightful surprise, I say… Maria blushes and doesn’t say a word as the owner of the bar comes and grabs her waist and asks how come we know each other, as his fiancée doesn’t go out much.

I tell him it is none of his business and that I do not care about giving him details. Surprised by my answer, he gets a little mad and tries not to show it because he knows my reputation and who I am.

I can see from the distance that he is fighting with Maria, so I get up and go straight to their way, determined to take Maria with me back to the penthouse for now.

I punch him in the face, knocking him out, and grab Maria’s hand and enter the limo.

With a trembling voice, Maria implies she has to go back to her fiancé, otherwise color the puts, and afterward, he will get in big trouble. I assure her she is safe with me and I show her where the bathroom is so she can take a long, hot shower.

I watch her without her noticing, how the water is dripping all over her body, I slowly remove my clothes leave them on the floor, and get in the shower behind her back, I touch her gently at first, but she gets scared and tries to get out but I grab her from behind and put my hand right on her p*ssy while whispering to her she is perfectly safe and desired badly. Her body becomes more relaxed as I rub her p*ssy with my index finger while squeezing her boob and kissing her ear…

Maria turns around, grabs my butt cheeks, and pulls me towards her so there is not even an inch between us and we play with our tongues with so much appetite that could leave anyone drooling. We kiss and kiss, touching each other’s bodies, I insert one finger inside her p*ssy, and she does the same, then two, she moans, then three, louder moaning, and at last, four fingers and she cums… We get out of the shower, throw me in the bed widening my legs, and tell her it is her turn to make me finish. She obeys and starts kissing my leg, going up and until she reaches my genitals. Unsure if she may play with both, I nod yes and she rubs my c*ck while licking my p*ssy. Ah, the immense pleasure…

Jerking me off faster and faster, spiting my p*ssy, and inserting 3 fingers, continuing to lick my clitoris at the same time. I succeed in c*mm*ng and squirting!

“Ah Maria, I think I am falling in love with you!” I couldn’t believe I said that out loud, nor that I could ever feel such powerful feelings for someone, especially a regular person.

“I am taking you to my kingdom tonight, Maria!” I said, determined to be with the woman that I love for the first time.


Maria nods yes and goes to sleep. In the meantime, I call Jack to go back to my kingdom and make all the arrangements for my return with Maria.

The next day we go out to have breakfast at a nearby restaurant and while eating, I see a familiar face through the window, walking by. Although disguised as a regular woman, I could tell it is no one else but Maleficent! She must have heard rumors about me being in New York, so she is definitely up to something, therefore I need to keep my guard up all the time, even when having sex, as that is the only time, I get relaxed for real.

Maria holds my hand, looks me straight in the eyes, and asks me if I can protect her. I assure her again that she is in the best hands that she could be and she gives me a big smile while stretching her leg under the table and starts massaging my cock with her foot… I get very horny therefore I ask for the check so we can go back to the penthouse. Just as we are ready to leave the restaurant, Malefic


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