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Devil's Angel

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His long fingers stroked my cheeks, a dangerous smile graced his perfectly structured face. “ I adore you far too much to let you go,my angel.” “ Then enjoy while it lasts because I've had enough, once I find someone stronger I will flee to him.”I snapped at him ignoring the dangerous aura surrounding him. With a very disturbing calm look on, he leaned forward very close to my ear and said “my dearest angel, he will face a fate worse than death. Then I will screw you again and again, until your insides are molded back to my shape. I'll put you in every position until you remember nothing but my name and the pleasure I've given you. Until you remember exactly who you belong to." ∆∆∆∆∆ Since weak creatures like humans were the reason he was cursed for life, king Xerxes would rather have his bond mate killed the very day she was born than accept a human as a mate. But even after all the massacre that took place that night, she somehow managed to escape . Now he wants her all to himself and will kill anyone who dares to think otherwise. But what happens if she's that “ ANYONE ".


In the middle of the night, a fiery chariot came to a stop in the firmament, on the chariot stood a Celestia beauty, his long white hair was adorned with a majestic golden crown carved into the shape of of the sun, the white dress he wore danced to the tune of the night wind, it shone in the dark night as his body radiates the sun. Zeus cast his glowing eyes on his three sons whose appearance screams the aftermath of war, muscular bodies scathe with bad slashes , batters and bruises of all shapes, the eyes of this three young men were the color of blood tinted with stubbornness and anger will a strong hatred carefully sandwiched between them. Their surroundings were marred by the aftermath of war, carcasses of both high and low ranked demons and other spiritual beings were laying hopelessly on the cold ground. Blood of all colors came together to create flowing rivers of blood. Vultures and other carrion eating birds dance over the bodies celebrating the feast prepared for them . " Do you know the gravity of your actions "the supreme god asked loudly, his angry voice echoing inside the heads of his three sons like a mystical instrument. " Those are the beautiful works of my hands, how dare you!, how dare you all end their lives so miserably."the supreme god continued, he stared down at the three brothers who are still groaning and moaning because of their injuries, Zeus could barely recognize his own sons because of the injuries on their faces but he was not bothered by this, his main concern was the innocent bloods that are crying out to him for justice, he could clearly hear different curses being lay on the heads of his children by the souls that are yet to cross to the other side. " You should have let us handle this war ourselves instead of sending some bunch of useless pieces of trash!!"Xerxes hollered, the demi-god has had enough with this Old man before him. ,"gravity?!, does that even exist?, even if it does, we don't care! " " No, you will! " Zeus returned with the same energy his eldest son spoke to him with. Jayantha stood up his shaky legs threatening to fail him yet he refused to give in, his thin lips pulled up into a devious smirk as he raised his eyes to meet that of his father's," father! Look at us!, "he spread his arms for his father to have a clear view of him," this war would have ended the way you wanted it, if you hadn't decided to make the battlefield a tutorial center." The brothers were all annoyed that they had to divide their attention, watching the frail creatures their father had sent to assist them in the battlefield, because of this they lost the demon king, out of anger they sent the remaining creatures to the war front resulting in their death. After all any soldier who died in the battlefield, died of greater cause, because of them they were able to force the demons to their domini and even sealed it off from the surface of the earth. Like his older brother Jayantha was also displeased with their fathers reaction , putting their lives in the line they fought off evil forces from every corner of the earth, only to get this as a " thank you" their own father is more concerned about some stupid creatures than the lives of his sons. Xerxes has had enough, with his father he doesn't seem to get anything right, whatever he does will always give this man a cause for complaints. Totally disregarding Zeus' presence, Xerxes started to walk away from the scene, seeing him take this step the other two followed suit. Jumping and kicking any of the lifeless bodies that happened to be on their way just to get themselves out of the battlefield. Even with the distance between them, their fathers voice still echoes in their heads. " This isn't over yet!, those evil creatures will still find their way to the surface of the earth again!, during this time you will need the power this divine creatures possess to fight them off, because of the cruel way you ended their lives, their souls are continuously cursing at you, but because of your Merit in this war, I'm granting you all a second chance, I will be giving three of this divine creatures a second chance to life in human bodies, you are to find this human childs and protect them and guard them until they regain their powers. " Zeus ' voice hammered inside their heads, aggravating the two brothers the most. " Protectors!!, guardians!!? " Xerxes snapped, stopping on his track, in the end he turned to face the glowing man, it took him all the remaining strength in him not to walk up to that chariot and drag him down. "That's what he said, brother, do you think we should also accept this order… " " Shut up! " Thinking his brother was beginning to have a hearing problem because of the war, Carlos, the youngest and least temperamental among them, tried to shade more light to what his father said, only to be shut off by his big brother. He narrowed his black eyes and took a few steps away from his angry brother. Previously the three of them were cursed and chased out from the welkin because of the bad influence their rebellious mindset was beginning to have on other gods. They were denied the right to having a life partner, nor will they be able to touch any other woman. They agreed to participate in this war hoping Zeus would grant them their heart desires but nothing of that sort happened. " Tsk!, because we agreed to this war, you want to reduce us to a guardian!You want us, demi-gods , to babysit some sickly human childs?!" Jayantha demands incredulously. " Aren't you afraid we might snap them into two and send them back to you?" " No you won't!" Zeus replied with a smile, of course he knows his son's better than anyone, especially his first son Xerxes, he won't hesitate to do what he just said, that is why he will be using his weakness against him. " Instead , you will love and cherish them as you do yourselves." This was the only way to tame his sons, with these humans by their sides their patients will be tasted to the point of driving them to the edge. Xerxes laughed menacingly upon hearing this, he laughed as if he just heard the funniest joke, he doesn't know about the other two but resurrection or no resurrection, any of these two parties who dares to cross his territory, he will tear their bodies apart and send them to this old bag of bones. He turned to leave but Zeus' final words took the smile off his handsome face. " Xerxes, you are not planning on killing your own mate are you? "

Chapter 1

1000 years later It was in the middle of winter, in the year of the rabbit. Terrified screams filled the night air as the sky in the human world suddenly turned red, but this didn't last a second before it returned to its original form. Before the eyes of everyone a new star appeared beside a red star called the “ devil's star ” causing a great uproar. All these signs remain unknown to a group of people hiding somewhere in the palace of DeHaven. KINGDOM OF DEHAVEN. "It's a g-girl, your highness," Prince Hendrick froze,his hands, resting on his exhausted wife's body, shook as he turned and looked at the royal chief midwife. He had secretly arranged this delivery months ago, and now they were hidden in one of the underground rooms in the palace, where his beloved wife Ava was giving birth. "What did you just say, Mia?" Prince Hendrick hoped he had heard it all wrong. Perhaps it had been a mistake. But the look of pity in the older woman's face couldn't be concealed. The royal


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