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Trapped by Billionaire

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His family was like Messiah in her life. Everything in her life she achieved was because of them. Otherwise how a maid's daughter can study in the best college in New York? She was returning to Italy with a heart filled with respect and gratefulness only if she knew what awaited her. Leonardo Rossi was a terror in the Italian business world. Any deal he wants he would achieve it. But only one thing that his heart wanted to achieve. A sweet innocent girl Isabella Beth. This was forbidden in many ways. But when did he care? Her Innocence was the thing he wanted to possess.


Her whole body was trembling in fear as he cornered her into the wall.

She was here to talk with him, clear the misunderstandings, and took the permission she was reluctant to ask. She thought she was free to go anywhere as she used to, but her mom had a different view.

She was sure though her permission was just a formality and he would agree without even batting an eyelash.

He was such a good-hearted person according to her.

So she walked toward his room but met her in the corridor.

Who knew all her life was based on a lie?

Anything in him can’t be referred to as good except his welled tone body and handsome face, and she was living her life thinking of him as Messiah.

“What do you want, Bella?” He asks while running his fingers over her cheeks, caressing her face with a soft touch.

The feeling was so foreign to her; it was making her goosebumps and how his huge frame was hiding her small body and caging her in between him and the wall was making her feel suffocated.

He removed the black tendril of her loose locks and tucked it behind her ear.

He leaned forward and his hot breath was falling on her lips, making goosebumps run down her body.

“I am asking you something. What do you want?” He asked.

His Grey eyes were boring whole in her face, and his intimidating aura was forcing her to submit.

“I want to go out… with my friends.” She replied, stammering.

“Where?” He asked again.

“Club.” She replied.

This simple word was enough to make his eyes blaze with anger.

Did she say something wrong?

Why he was so angry?

She is an adult, and it is normal for her to go out with her friends and have fun.

Then why he was angry?

“You are not going anywhere outside the house.” He ordered and moved from her, making her take a deep breath. She didn’t know his presence can make her so scared.

She didn’t know he can be so intimidating.

His words held power, and it was sure she don’t hold a chance to negotiate.

But her mind wanted to protest, and a rebellious word left her lips unintentionally.

“I am an adult and I don’t need anyone’s permission.” She couldn’t believe she just talked back to that person who has been her idol all her life.

But his possessive nature was making her confused.

She didn’t know he can be so demanding.

“Do you?” He asked, and she noticed the craziness in his eyes.

“Don’t try me, Bella. You won’t love the consequences.” He left those words and walked toward his room, leaving her confused, standing in the middle of the corridor.

Chapter 1

“Hey, Izzy. I know you are excited about going back home. But at least spend a night with us before you return to Italy.” Isabella was packing her luggage excitedly when her roommate groaned in annoyance.

It’s been four years since she didn’t meet her mother.

Though it’s good here living in New York. But the feeling of being home was too tempting to ignore.

“You know Mona. I am missing my home too much. My flight is tomorrow night and before that, I need to finish packing to buy some gifts for everyone. I have so much less time remaining and I can’t afford to miss my flight.” She said and Mona made a disappointed face.

“Izzy, I know. I would be as much excited as you if I would be returning after four years and my family would be so welcoming.” Mona said, making a sad face.

Mona has had a traumatic childhood.

Her father was a drug addict and her mother suffered abuse before she filed for a divorce.

After Mona’s constant pestering, her mom ha


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