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Trapped by Billionaire

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His family was like Messiah in her life. Everything in her life she achieved was because of them. Otherwise how a maid's daughter can study in the best college in New York? She was returning to Italy with a heart filled with respect and gratefulness only if she knew what awaited her. Leonardo Rossi was a terror in the Italian business world. Any deal he wants he would achieve it. But only one thing that his heart wanted to achieve. A sweet innocent girl Isabella Beth. This was forbidden in many ways. But when did he care? Her Innocence was the thing he wanted to possess.


Lydia Appiah

Review after the novel completion

Wow such a beautiful story. Leonardo and Isabella wow so beautiful. I am impressed how they finally became one big family. Alicia and Alesandro finally understood the true meaning of love. Their ego was important to them than their only son . I love Leonardo he loves with all his heart. Imagine the background of Isabella he didn't think twice. He just fell in love with her from day one.Mona and Angelo were best friends. 👌 the story is superb. I love it

March 1, 2024

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