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The Williams Legacy

The Williams Legacy

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Albert Williams, weary of the oppressive life as the privileged son of a billionaire gem refinery tycoon, and Conrad, trapped in the misery of his humble origins, cross paths in an uncanny twist of fate. Their solution: a daring pact to trade lives. Amidst a backdrop of romance, suspense, and intrigue, Albert and Conrad seamlessly step into each other's worlds. Yet, as they dive deeper into their charade, long buried secrets, concealed for over two decades, resurface. These revelations could not only dismantle their carefully constructed facades but also unearth corruption schemes deeply rooted within the Williams company. Secrets that threaten not just their own lives, but an entire empire.

Chapter 1: The young billionaire


When Albert woke up that autumn morning, he rolled around in his big bed lazily, already imagining how his day would go—boring as usual. He got up grumbling, went to do his hygiene, and took the opportunity to take a relaxing bath, the bath salts making the place as cozy as his bed. After a few minutes, he stopped at the large mirror in his bathroom in front of the sink to wash his face. He analyzed his face: his hair was still damp, there were dark circles covering his eyes from not sleeping regularly, his greenish eyes looked tired, and he trembled his lips, still looking at his image in the mirror. That life was wearing him out too much, and he was only 25 years old. It means he would like to be traveling the world, enjoying his short youth, but his status didn't allow it; he had a million important things to do in just one day. As people said, he was very important.

He took the cell phone he had brought there and took a picture in order to publish an update on his social networks. It was necessary for him to do this regularly—more than he could sleep. But this time he decided to take a picture a little more daring than usual, so with just a towel around his waist, he took the picture and published it. With no idea what to write in the footer, he just put a sun emoji and posted; it was 7:14. AM, his followers would wake up today with that little surprise to improve their day. He had thousands of followers as an influencer, model, and even actor. Albert had grown up in the media.

He went to his closet to get dressed; a tailored business suit would fit him perfectly; shoes, hair perfectly combed back, and a corrector on his face—he could already feel ready to face the day.

“Albert, you asshole. We don't have all day." A voice he knew very well called him. The voice belonged to Max, his best friend and advisor.

"I'll be right there, grouchy." He replied, taking the wallet. He found the boy sitting on his bed. Albert spun under his feet, so Max could get a better look at him. "What do you think? Flawless as always, huh!?" That charming smile of his made Max roll his eyes.

“Stop hitting on me, you desperate man.” Albert laughed. He had done that to tease Max, yes, because he knew Max liked it.

This one just got up and started moving on his iPad, dictating the agenda that Albert would have today. Now standing, Max's height reached Albert's shoulders.

Max Bathory was almost twenty-four, small, thin, and had short blond hair that he always died; these days it was a black color with neon green tips. Max was a transgender boy, so his body was more effeminate and smaller than Albert's. He had assumed his sexuality well back in school when he was 16 years old, at the time he and Albert met, and even today he was already openly assumed; people around them were already used to calling him with masculine pronouns, male pronouns. Right for him. He had already passed a lot of that rediscovery phase, and today he was okay with it.

Unlike Albert, Max was not wearing a suit, but black metal pants, gray tank top, dark jacket and black boots, his eyes, as usual, were heavily outlined and dark lipstick on his lips, he looked like a rich emo.

"9 am, photo shoot for Beauty, 12 pm lunch with Korean investors, 2 pm corporate meeting at Williams, your father will be there, so this one is really necessary for you to go." The youngest was talking as they both left the room and went down to the living room downstairs.

"Big deal..." Albert muttered disgustedly, he really didn't want to be under his father's sharp gaze while he was presenting his thesis, his father always criticized his steps, according to him, he was just doing that to make Albert do well, but even so, Albert didn't like it at all.

"At 4 pm you have the gym and later, dinner with some friends." Max finished after being silent for a while, maybe because he had noticed Albert's discontent, Max knew Albert too much.

"Can't you cancel the academy, Bathory?"

“Again, Williams? Why don't you close the gym at once?" He replied sharply.

"Wow, you're thick today, huh."

"Like my dick!"

"Like what...?" That was the voice of Emily Rosebery Williams, Albert's mother, who looked at them curiously. They had just arrived in the dining room, in the midst of so many servants of the mansion busy with their morning tasks, Albert and Max did not realize that the woman was already sitting there waiting for company, so she could start having take a breakfast.

"An..." Max stammered embarrassed, after all, he couldn't repeat the curse word he usually threw at the woman's son.

“Just like his new , mom." Albert was faster going to help his friend with a tender smile directed at his beloved mother. He approached her and kissed her cheeks. "Good morning, beautiful mom." She reciprocated her son's affection and invited them to sit with her, Max sat down after also hugging Albert's mother.

"You young people wake up with such excitement, dear God." The eldest of the three over there commented happily after asking the servants to start serving on their plates.

Emily was a cultured and elegant woman, her brown hair was always tied perfectly at the nape of her neck, her brown eyes were also very expressive, she was a woman who had already been born into the upper social class, she was a good wife and great mother, Albert remembered when he was small of how well she took care of him, he only knew how to be grateful for having a mother like Emily, all the things that Albert had achieved up to that moment he did because Emily always supported him and was by his side. He was grateful.

"Where is the father? Isn't he coming to have coffee with us?" He asked soon after realizing that the man was not there.

“Oh, he had to leave early. Job things." She just said. "Then please eat." She sipped her coffee.

"What time did he get home yesterday? Because when I went to say good night to you, he wasn't there, and it was already quite late..." Albert spoke suspiciously, he had been suspecting that his father was having an affair with another woman, and it seemed that his mother also suspected, or knew more things than Albert did, but he didn't like to talk about it because now she seemed uncomfortable with that subject.

"Heavens, this cake is delicious." Max was talking, interrupting the little tension that had formed there between mother and son. "I had coffee on the way home, but I couldn't resist this delight." He made Emily laugh.

"So you better eat everything, see, I know you haven't been eating properly, young man." She scolded as if Max were her son, Emily was very attached to Max.

“Abbie, big mouth." He glared at Albert with his eyes, calling him by his childish nickname.

“I didn't say anything." He defended himself. "You are the one showing off."

The truth was that a few years ago, since Max started living alone because his parents didn't accept the fact that their son wasn't a girl, Max hadn't been taking care of himself as he should have been in terms of eating well, according to he didn't have time to take care of that issue, and since his Albert's mother being too controlling was resulting in this.

"I already asked you to come live with us." Emily continued. "This house is big and practically only me and Albert live here, you would make us very happy if you came to live here, son." Max was not able to look at Emily, she kept insisting that he move in with Albert, but Max vehemently refused, claiming that he knew how to take care of himself.

"Anyway." Albert got up, looking at the clock. "I have a tight schedule, we have to go."

"Okay. Have a good day." His mother replied disgustedly and after a light hug, both boys left through the door of the mansion to one of Albert's luxurious cars.

Chapter 2: The hard truth behind the scenes


Albert liked to drive himself, so as soon as they were in the car, he started the machine, the wheels gliding smoothly along the well-maintained road in upscale Manhattan. Max was silently fiddling with his cell phone while Albert drove smoothly.

"Why don't you just accept my mother's proposal and come live at the Williams mansion right away?" He started. "I mean, you're almost part of the family, it doesn't make sense that you're still living alone."

"Have you ever wondered if maybe I like and want to live alone?" Max replied sarcastically.

"You practically don't even stay in your apartment, you're always there at home, I've lost count of how many times you've slept there, you fool. Obviously, you want to live with us." That was true, even Max's clothes could be found in Albert's room.

"I do not want to talk about that."

"Hey, you&


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