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The Destined fate

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This story is about popstars Daniel and Bella . Bella runs from her home to an uncertain path of pursuing music in New york having the hopes of escaping her planned future. What does this new world holds for her ?.Daniel, a superstar and an arrogant one needs to bag a deal by convincing the newest voice in music that she should get signed into his label what he didn't know is he has to protect her from the roaming eyes that intends to harm her. Does she succeed in this new chosen path , would he be able to convince her that he is all she ever dreamt about

Chapter 1

Just like the stars were made to support the sky .I was made to support you my love,my world.

October 18th 2006, Jeneval forest.

The young lady was seen running into the forest. Her small figure moving hastily, as her hand clutched a bag and the other hand trying to move the unwilling full plants— looking back and front she slipped and fell,Her gown was struck. the autumn rain has passed but the forest had its mark —THE slippery road.

Grunting in pain from the burning pain on her back, she struggled to pick herself up, after tearing the lower side of her gown. The mud stuck to her white legs but that was the least of her worries ...

She had to escape, today was the perfect chance to get away from him.

She had to escape, today was the perfect chance to get away from him. It might be the only one even.

Mustering all her strength, she continued her race but stopped as she reached a junction of 2 different paths. “ Which way do I go now left or right? ", she thought.

Taking in a long breath she rushed to the side with a clear view ahead d— left side.

With a quick speed she collided into someone and gasped, His torturing smile irritated her, slapping his left cheek, which made him wince, she made to proceed in the left direction,

“But then the big man grabbed her, tossing her over his shoulders, ignoring her plea...

“Please let me go, don't take me back. The wails and kicking continued as she headed back to the village and was dropped onto the familiar floor of the big mansion.

“ She was dropped onto the sitting room floor of the man she desperately wanted to leave".He was there on his favorite chair watching her dropped.

“Sir, I saw her in the forest with this bag.. He said emptying it on the floor.

“You can leave, the big man was instructed... Shut the door behind you".

“Yes sir".

Afraid to look at him, she knelt on the floor and continued sobbing, Not stopping even when the hand touched her.

“ Bella, His tone harsh and deep. “What were you doing in the forest".

“Let me go father, I do not want any of this, crying deeply she held her father's hand...

“ Please don't send me away, I will not complain again to you, please father ".

“You have to do this for our family, you are my only daughter and successor, you won't be able to succeed me if you don't partake in this training.

“I am not interested in succeeding your business father", I just want to sing and make people happy like my mother ",

There in the family's mansion, he grabbed her hand and lifted her from the floor, his handsome face was frowning and seemed less as his eyes became red - almost teary.

For the longest time he stared at her and said “I told you not to mention her in my presence".

Pushing the door with a force, The both looked at the source of interruption...

A man who had similar features like her father's entered,

“Wow, what do we have here, a family's moment, the slim man walked over to the center of the room and sat down at the most prominent chair,“ so it's true fordes, your daughter wanted to run away? ".

“Who let you in".

“I let myself in the man continued sipping the unfinished drink. “Good Wine, you got here brother".

“Mind your business and get out from my mansion".

“ You mean my soon to be mansion he said smiling at Bella — She can't inherit all these she's a woman - a weaker creature, and on top your daughter, I am warning you to give up on on this idea, only boys inherit power and propertiesa, and you don't have one so let my son be given what he deserves.

“He deserves nothing just like you, Bella might a lady but she has far more sense to take care of our family's business and will too in no time.

“Chuckles, she is pretty smart for a woman but definitely not going to be in charge of the family's properties and business just like you tyrantly did, I'll make certain of that he threatened".

“Bella dear, I hear you love singing, while don't you continue doing that and leave business for men ".

“I heard New York is the best place for singers, Don't listen to your father, go and live your dreams".

“Get out, fordes barked angrily at his brother who had a smiling face". "Keep your advice for your loser son",he would definitely need it.

Chapter 2

5 years later

Bella turns the sign at the door to “We are closed ", She had a very busy day at the restaurant and it has taken everything in her not to scream “Get lost" to the customers.

All she desired was to to take a cold shower, tuck her self into bed and never wake up again!

But first she had to change, Moving inside the empty Cafe she bumped into someone and screamed.

“You scared me girl, I told you not to use the back door, you can get me in trouble if anyone sees you".

“I like trouble the brown skin winked".

Sitting on the chair, she waited as Bella poured her coffee before joining her on the opposite seat.

“I couldn't work, I was thinking of your story and,

“I bet you were, liar "Bella chuckled as the brown skin Amara pushed her lightly on the shoulder.

“You left your mansion in Whatever that place is called, to wait tables here. Seriously sis, I think something is wrong with you.



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