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The Billionaire’s Unplanned Baby

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I have a daughter, I have a daughter, I have a daughter!. My body was tense as I struggled to control my emotions. I didn't say anything to Felicia. I couldn't. There was nothing I could do, so I simply turned on my heel and left the house. **** A day after their graduation from college, her then boyfriend asked her to go on a special date with him. Felicia thought he was going to propose to her but that wasn’t the case. The next day, she woke up without a trace of him and when she tried to find him, he was gone! She found out that he had gotten a job in the big city and had decided to leave without saying goodbye to her and his number wasn’t going through anymore. Felicia was disheartened but there wasn't anything she could do but raise the baby she was carrying alone. Months later, Felicia gave birth to a baby girl named Ella. Now seven years later, Felicia’s and Luke's world collide again when Felicia who is now a reporter was asked to interview a billionaire who happens to be Luke, her baby daddy.

Chapter 1


Seven Years Ago

Felicia POV

Felicia's heart raced with anticipation as she prepared for her much-anticipated date with Luke. The evening held the promise of romance, laughter, and a shared connection that only deepened with each passing day. Their relationship had blossomed into a beautiful journey, and tonight was a celebration of their love.

In front of the mirror, Felicia carefully selected her attire, deliberating between a chic dress that accentuated her grace and a stylish ensemble that reflected her vibrant personality. Eventually, she opted for the perfect blend of both—a dress that exuded elegance while capturing the essence of her lively spirit.

As she stood before the mirror, the soft glow of her room's lights highlighted the excitement in her eyes. Her fingers traced the delicate necklace that Luke had gifted her on their anniversary, a token of their enduring affection. The memories of their shared moments played like a montage in her mind, filling her with warmth.

The room was filled with the sweet aroma of her favorite perfume, a scent that had become synonymous with the joyous occasions they celebrated together. Felicia took a moment to inhale deeply, letting the fragrance envelop her like a comforting embrace. She wanted every detail to be perfect, to create an evening etched in their hearts.

The sound of her phone chiming with a message from Luke heightened her anticipation. A smile played on her lips as she read his words, each one a testament to the love they shared. Their connection transcended the digital realm, but the messages added an extra layer of excitement, a prelude to the face-to-face encounter that awaited.

In her hands, Felicia held a carefully wrapped gift for Luke—a small token of her affection that she hoped would bring a sparkle to his eyes. The anticipation of his reaction fueled her excitement, and she couldn't wait to see the joy on his face when he unwrapped the surprise.

The final touch was a dab of lip gloss, chosen for its subtle sheen. Felicia wanted everything to be just right, not out of perfectionism, but out of a desire to make this evening as special as the connection she shared with Luke.

As she descended the stairs, the soft glow of the living room revealed a bouquet of flowers that Luke had sent earlier in the day. Each bloom seemed to mirror the vibrancy of their love, a kaleidoscope of colors that symbolized the myriad emotions they had experienced together.

The doorbell rang, and Felicia's heart skipped a beat. She took a moment to compose herself, savoring the butterflies that danced in her stomach. With a deep breath, she opened the door to find Luke standing there, a smile spreading across his face that mirrored her own.

Their eyes met, and in that moment, Felicia knew that tonight would be more than just a date—it would be a celebration of their love, a chapter in the story they were writing together. Hand in hand, they stepped into the night, ready to create another beautiful memory in the tapestry of their shared journey.

Under the moonlit sky, Luke and Felicia walked hand in hand towards their date destination. The evening air was filled with a gentle breeze, carrying the sweet scent of blooming flowers that hinted at the enchanting garden awaiting them. The soft crunch of gravel beneath their feet provided a soothing soundtrack to their journey.

As they strolled, their fingers interlaced, Felicia felt a warmth in her heart that mirrored the ambient glow around them. The subtle play of moonlight cast enchanting shadows, creating an intimate atmosphere that seemed to encapsulate the magic of their connection.

The private garden, a secluded haven adorned with vibrant blossoms and illuminated by soft string lights, unfolded before them. Luke, with a knowing smile, led Felicia through an archway draped with fragrant vines, welcoming them to a world of tranquility and romance.

The air in the garden seemed to carry the promise of whispered secrets shared between lovers. Luke and Felicia found themselves surrounded by nature's beauty, a canvas of colors that echoed the emotions they harbored for each other. The sound of a babbling fountain added a melodic undertone, enhancing the serene ambiance.

As they wandered deeper into the garden, Luke pointed out a secluded nook, a hidden gem embraced by climbing roses and nestled beneath a gracefully arching tree. A small table for two awaited them, adorned with flickering candles and a bouquet of flowers—a thoughtful touch that spoke volumes of Luke's attention to detail.

Seated at the intimate table, Luke pulled out a chair for Felicia, a simple yet chivalrous gesture that elicited a heartfelt smile. The air was filled with a mix of laughter and soft murmurs as they delved into conversation, savoring the delightful dance of words exchanged between two souls deeply connected.

The gentle glow of the candles cast a warm glow on their faces, revealing the shared excitement in their eyes. The garden seemed to cocoon them in a world of their own, a space where time slowed, allowing them to savor each moment without the rush of the outside world.

As they enjoyed a sumptuous meal prepared by the discreet garden staff, Luke and Felicia's laughter echoed through the night. The dishes, crafted with culinary finesse, became a backdrop to the symphony of their shared joy. The garden's ambiance, a silent witness to their connection, seemed to amplify the emotions that bubbled between them.

Between bites and sips, they reminisced about the journey that led them to this enchanting garden. Shared memories unfolded like petals, each one a testament to the growth of their relationship. From the laughter-filled adventures to the quiet moments of understanding, their journey was a mosaic of experiences that had shaped their love.

As the evening progressed, Luke stood up and extended his hand to Felicia, inviting her to dance under the twinkling stars. The soft strains of a distant melody wafted through the garden, beckoning them to share a dance that mirrored the rhythm of their hearts.

Their movements were graceful, an effortless dance that transcended the physical steps. In the embrace of each other's arms, Luke and Felicia swayed to the music, lost in a world of shared dreams and unspoken promises. The garden, with its blooming flowers and illuminated paths, became a backdrop to a dance that spoke volumes without the need for words.

As the night unfolded, Luke and Felicia found themselves lost in the magic of the private garden—a sanctuary that encapsulated the essence of their love. Hand in hand, they walked back, hearts full and spirits intertwined, grateful for a night that had become a chapter in the love story they continued to write together.

At that moment, Felicia was sure she loved Luke with all her heart and saw herself growing old with him.

After their dinner, Luke followed her home and they made love all night long. The next day, Felicia woke up and Luke was nowhere to be found.

Chapter 2

Present Day.


I  sat at my desk, staring blankly at the computer screen in front of me. The reports and emails I had to review were forgotten as my mind wandered to memories of my wife, Ava. It had been two years since she passed away, and while the pain had blunted and dimmed just a bit with time, the longing in my heart was still there.

To compensate, I had thrown myself into my work these last couple of years, thrown my energy and my very essence into building what had become one of the most promising tech companies in the world, determined to bury all the feelings that had threatened to consume me.

But today, I couldn't ignore the weight of my grief. My chest tightened, heavy and alive with a mind of its own, and my breathing became shallow as I fought back tears. I didn't want to show any vulnerability, not even to my closest friends, and especially not to my employees.

I knew I had to escape, to be alone with my thoughts and feelings


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