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The billionaire’s forever contract is set in the city of New York where the billionaire Rodrigues’ family control everything. This book talks about their love stories. Jason Rodrigues is a billionaire in search of a surrogate to bear him an heir. He encounters Elizabeth who is a graduate working in a superstore and in need of money. She has a sick mother and a younger brother and so she agrees to be Jason’s surrogate but along the line, they begin to have feelings for each other but when she loses the baby she is supposed to have for Jason everything is destroyed safe for their feelings for each other which at the end weathers the storms of time and life. Lucien Rodrigues on the other hand is a playboy, an artist and sort after by every woman on the planet until he encounters Mara Sinclair who is immune to his charms. He is intrigued by her and pursues her to all corners of the earth but the least thing Mara wants is a billionaire man that cannot keep his hands to himself; she has dreams to become the best fashion designer and wasn’t about to be a plaything to the rogue Lucien Rodrigues but when they both decide to enter a contract of convenience, Lucien realizes than he might like Mara more than he wanted to and Mara discovered that she might be the one who cannot keep her hands to herself. A new man enters their lives, Alexander Russo and he also wants Mara for himself and so he kidnaps her leaving Lucien to fight for his life. Diana Rodrigues wants out of the glamour life that has always been her existence and so she flies far away from her family to discover and reinvent herself but what she does not expect is a man searching for revenge on her family for the death of his brother and for herself to begin falling in love with her captor and enemy.

Chapter 1

“The deal is simple, I need a healthy woman who will bear my child and in exchange I shall take care of her, everyday and five years after she must have conceived my child.” Jason said simply, his blue eyes boring into her.

She kept her eyes down, giving him access to her defining features.

“Look at me, I need to know if you are pretty enough and I want to know your blood type and blood group. Do you know them off the top of your head?”

“Errr…yes, I know them” She said still looking down.

“I asked you to raise your head, I would not repeat myself again.”

What kind of nuts had his secretary allowed into his office, did she not know that he did not have the time for such nonsense.

The girl slowly raised her head to look at him, she was pretty alright, if you liked them chubby.

Jason stood from where he sat behind his table and walked over to her, a hand snaking out to her chin.

“Not bad” he stated, running his eyes over her features. She had full, very kissable lips and her eyes… what were they?

“What color are your eyes?” He asked absently, still moving her face right and left.

“Hazel, sir” she managed to squeak.


He let go of her face and stepped back, allowing his eyes go all over her body, she was wearing the most horrible clothing he had ever seen but other than that, she was a perfect candidate to bear his child.

“I will have my secretary draw up the contract for you to go through, you are to take a minimum of two days going through it and I am to see a signed document on my office table. After that, you are moving in permanently with me.”

“Moving in?” The girl gasped, her eyes flying up to his face.

“Is that going to be a problem? It is part of the contract and I do not need you flaunting my baby to poor and dirty environments like the one I am sure, you are from. You will be moving in with me and if you have an issue with that, I will cancel this meeting immediately and invite the next person.”

“I have no problem at all.” She said, staring at her toes.

“This would not do at all” Jason tsked

“Excuse me?” She asked

“You shall learn how not to always act like a servant, you are going to be in my face for the duration of your conceiving and pregnancy, I have enough people bowing to me daily and I have no intentions to add you to that list so you will look me in the eye, anytime I speak to you. Is that totally understood?”

“Yes sir”

“Good, meet my receptionist for my business card, the special one that includes my address. I will see you when you have signed the contract and although I see no need in reminding you, I am sure you remember signing a non disclosure agreement, meaning nothing I say here should leave this room.”

“I know what an NDA is” the girl muttered.

“Speak up girl, I cannot hear you if you whisper like that.”

“I said I understand you.”

“Good, now leave and ask my secretary to bring in air fresheners, you stink. Something we have to change when you become bound to me.”

Bound to him… bound to that *ssh*l*?, Elizabeth fumed.

The man had just treated her like dirt because she needed money, she had heard about his need for a surrogate from his blabber mouth of a secretary who let it slip when she was in the club. Fortunately, Elizabeth had heard it and confronted her immediately, they had both come to an agreement that she would come for the interview solely if she kept her mouth shut about where she had heard it from.

Right now, Elizabeth was not so sure she wanted to go through with this, she was having cold feet and only because the man in question looked and acted like the devil. He had asked for air fresheners because he thought her stinky?

Elizabeth guffawed in mirth at the way she had kept her head down just like the secretary had told her and made sure to answer the yes sir at every interval where there is a break in his talk. She patted herself on the back for having pulled off a very perfect plan and now she was going to back to her mother, who was sick and the reason why she was going to bear a child for an arrogant billionaire.


“Sandra is here sir, should I let her in?” Jason’s receptionist inquired over the phone.

“Yes but let her be aware I do not have time for chit chat and if that is what she is here to do, she might as well go back to where she is coming from.”

Jason could hear his receptionist transfer his message to Sandra whom he heard elicited a litany of curses, all directed at him.

They had dated for a while, Sandra and him. Both of them had known it was just a relationship of convenience and when the time had come to let go, they would do so without batting an eye lid.

Reverse was the case as Sandra became too clingy, wanting more that he had no intentions of offering and he had broken up with all the intentions of even paying her off. She had rejected his money but instead came around once in a while to create mischief, he always let her do what she wanted but today he needed to be serious.

According to his father, if he did not get an heir or a wife within some months, he would have to forfeit the company he had managed and scrapped to build. Jason was no fool, he knew his father was at the verge of dying, the doctor had told him that he was at the final stages of the cancer that was eating at his heart. His plan was to make sure he died with his eyes on someone who would take over company after Jason and so here he was planning to marry and even father a child with a total stranger, just so his father could get what he wants.

“The Baddgermans are here and they want to see you personally, sir” The receptionist voice rang out loudly.

“Send them in” Jason responded

Chapter 2

Elizabeth was led into one of the most beautiful house she had ever seen in her entire life, it was furnished with taste and exuded class and affluence. The person who had ushered her in had taken one look at her shabby dressing and decided she must be one of the homeless on the streets always begging for some change or food, it wasn’t until she had stated her business and mentioned the name of the secretary that she had been escorted in to wait. Elizabeth gazed around the house, she was awed by how many antique furnitures were present and effectively clashing against the modern equipments, it was almost like they were involved in a game of tug of war.

“The mister shall see you now.” The lady whom Elizabeth guessed to be the housekeeper said to her and led her into a small, also classy office.

He was already seated and flipping through some papers in front of him, Elizabeth thought for a moment if those were her replacement, should she fail to either give him an heir or


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