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Dee Rah

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  • Author: Dee Rah
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 313
  • 7.5

The billionaire’s forever contract is set in the city of New York where the billionaire Rodrigues’ family control everything. This book talks about their love stories. Jason Rodrigues is a billionaire in search of a surrogate to bear him an heir. He encounters Elizabeth who is a graduate working in a superstore and in need of money. She has a sick mother and a younger brother and so she agrees to be Jason’s surrogate but along the line, they begin to have feelings for each other but when she loses the baby she is supposed to have for Jason everything is destroyed safe for their feelings for each other which at the end weathers the storms of time and life. Lucien Rodrigues on the other hand is a playboy, an artist and sort after by every woman on the planet until he encounters Mara Sinclair who is immune to his charms. He is intrigued by her and pursues her to all corners of the earth but the least thing Mara wants is a billionaire man that cannot keep his hands to himself; she has dreams to become the best fashion designer and wasn’t about to be a plaything to the rogue Lucien Rodrigues but when they both decide to enter a contract of convenience, Lucien realizes than he might like Mara more than he wanted to and Mara discovered that she might be the one who cannot keep her hands to herself. A new man enters their lives, Alexander Russo and he also wants Mara for himself and so he kidnaps her leaving Lucien to fight for his life. Diana Rodrigues wants out of the glamour life that has always been her existence and so she flies far away from her family to discover and reinvent herself but what she does not expect is a man searching for revenge on her family for the death of his brother and for herself to begin falling in love with her captor and enemy.


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