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The Billionaire's Bride: Our Vows Do Not Matter

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After being betrayed by her stepsister, Cathleen left the country and went abroad. However, on the day she returned to NYK, she was asked to marry the same man she caught sleeping with her stepsister 3 years ago. Cathleen agreed, as she was marrying the man to save her grandmother and wanted revenge, as well as to cut ties with her family. To her surprise, the man she married wasn't the man who betrayed her 3 years ago; it was a different man she had never seen. What happened to Finn? How will she get her revenge?  Her stepmother and stepsister found out that Finn wasn't the owner of Knight Group, so they devised a plan to make Cathleen marry the lapdog while they found out who owned Knight Group. But with Finn on the run, who then did Cathleen marry? Xavier was dimmed to be a cousin from the farm; little did the mother-and-daughter pair know that he was the big shot they had been looking for.

The Bride ran away

The Jackson Group was hosting a grand bachelorette party in the picturesque garden of the Knight International Hotel. The elegant hotel sat nestled on the rolling slopes of the Yamhill Mountains, surrounded by tranquil countryside dotted with carefully tended vineyards and towering peaks. This particular hotel was just one gem in the vast collection of hotels owned by Knight Group International around the world. Excitement vanished in Avery, the bride-to-be. Avery dashed into the lobby of the hotel to make a quick call to her mother and share the news that they had caught the wrong man. Rich furnishings and sparkling chandeliers that glistened off the marble floors greeted Avery inside. The faint scent of freshly cut flowers lingered in the air, adding to the luxurious atmosphere.

At first, Avery and her mother were happy to claim Finn as their ticket into the world of wealth and power. But as Avery delved deeper into Finn's background, she discovered that Finn was not actually the heir to Knight Group International. Instead, it was his mysterious uncle who held all the riches.

Avery struggled with conflicting desires—to marry for love or for money? She knew she couldn't continue with the wedding, knowing Finn was not the wealthy man she had believed him to be. She wanted to marry the richest man in the world, and Finn was far from that. He was just a lap dog.

She pushed herself to keep running, her feet pounding against the immaculate marble floors of the opulent hotel. The glittering chandeliers and extravagant decor seemed to mock her as she searched for her suite. Finally reaching it, she shut the door quickly and dialed a number, her heart racing with conflicting emotions. The person on the other side of the line picked up immediately, but Avery hesitated, unsure of what to say.

Dora: Hey, baby. Are you enjoying your last day as a single woman?

Avery: Mother, not anymore. We’ve got the wrong man.

Dora: What do you mean, we’ve got the wrong man?

Avery: Mother Finn is not the owner of Knight Group International.

Dorah: What!

Avery: Yes, Mother, I just found out.

Dora: Who gave you such information? What do you mean, Finn isn't the owner? Wait, then, who is the owner?

Avery: Mother, that's not important. The heir to all the riches is Old Mr. Knight's son. But how come I never knew the old man had a younger son?

Dora: Oh my God!

Avery: I don't know his name, but rumor has it that the man doesn't like the spotlight.

Dora: Disappear from that party and come back after a month or three weeks. I will make Cathleen marry Finn. After all, he was her fiance in the first place. She might have run away from home, but your father would be left with no choice but to make her marry Finn because that man wanted this alliance. Wait, a minute... Avery, did you sleep with Finn?

Avery: Yes, Mother, that is why he loves me.

Dora paused a little. She was disappointed but then answered.

Dora: It doesn’t matter; get away from that party. Your father needs this union, so he will make Cathleen marry Finn. You are supposed to marry the owner, not some stupid lap dog. Run; I will make a scene in an hour.

Avery took her passport and fled the party immediately after talking to her mother.

Dora Jackson bursts into William Jackson's office with a wild look in her eyes, shocking him with the news that his daughter has vanished without a trace. Enraged, William hurls objects across his study in a fit of fury. The union between the Jacksons and the Knights could solidify his status as one of the most powerful families in all of New York, and now it was falling apart before his very eyes.

Fingers trembling with rage, he frantically reaches for his phone to call Avery, but the phone doesn't go through. The gravity of the situation hits him like a ton of bricks—this wedding was crucial for the success and reputation of both their families, and now it was potentially ruined. Panic rising in his chest, William slams his phone down and storms out of the room, determined to find his missing daughter and salvage their future. But he returned to his study since he didn't know where she went or where to start looking.

“Let’s wait till tomorrow,” William said, and Dora nodded in understanding and excused herself. The man desperately tried to reach out to his daughter, but she seemed to have vanished into thin air.

Amidst the chaos and clamor of the bustling New York International Airport, Cathleen pushed her way through the throngs of people in search of the exit. Finally breaking free from the crowded terminal, she was greeted by a flood of warm sunlight that enveloped her skin like a comforting embrace. The brisk breeze that swept through the city stirred her ponytail ever so slightly, giving her an ethereal look. She stood tall and confident, and her long ponytail continued swaying in the breeze. The bright city lights reflected off her sunglasses, giving her an ethereal glow. Everyone around her seemed to fade into the background as she held onto her goddess-like presence.

Her flawless, milky face was accentuated by the golden rays of light as if she had just stepped out of a fashion magazine cover. Dressed in sleek blue jeans and a tucked-in black turtleneck, she strutted confidently in black pencil-heel boots that elongated her legs. A long red coat hung loosely over her shoulders, adding a touch of elegance to her ensemble.

Her hair was pulled back into a high ponytail, showcasing her sharp jawline and full lips. Despite her fashionable appearance, she grumbled under her breath as she struggled to drag her suitcases behind her while balancing her handbag in one hand.

“Welcome back, Cathleen.” With no one to welcome her, she strides forward on her own, dragging her heavy luggage behind her like a badge of honor. People stop and stare in awe as she passes by, exuding confidence and strength with every step. Someone suddenly ran into her with such force that it caused the other person to fall over. As she looked down at the person sprawled before her, Cathleen let out a cruel smirk.

Marry Finn

Cathleen's mocking smirk grew with each second as she realized that the person on the ground was her cruel stepsister, Avery. A wicked grin spreads across Cathleen's face as she tilts her head and gazes down at the woman who once tormented her, now reduced to a mere fallen subordinate. The look of shock and admiration on Avery's face only fuels Cathleen's sense of power and dominance. Cathleen flashed a grin and cocked her head as she looked at the woman, who was now seated on the ground. Avery was staring at her in awe.

‘Avery, your rightful place is under me in this hierarchy.’ She appeared to be grinning as she whispered those words to herself in her brain. Avery, who was lying on the ground at the time, was awestruck by the beauty that was in front of her. Cathleen kneeled down to Avery’s height and helped her pick up her items after she had fallen. She did so with a grin on her face before picking up Avery's passport. Cathleen couldn’t stop smilin

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