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The Billionaire Actor

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Are you scared of the connection between us?” he laughed and asked me the most difficult question ever. *** In the glittering world of fame, money, and impossible dreams, one billionaire actor, Henry Bailey, yearns for the one thing he cannot buy – love. The year is 2016, and London is the backdrop to this tantalizing tale of passion and desire. At the tender age of thirty-one, Henry is a household name, celebrated for his mesmerizing looks and unparalleled talent. But behind the glamorous façade, he is a man who longs for simplicity, misunderstood by all who surround him. Despite the fame, fortune, and an entourage of admirers, he is searching for the ordinary in an extraordinary life. Then, a chance encounter at a fan event turns his world upside down. Alba Fisher, a striking twenty-five-year-old, enters his life in a way he never expected. Little does he know, Alba is not just another adoring fan. She is here on behalf of her best friend, Michelle, and her intentions are far from romantic. A twist of fate sets the stage for an unconventional romance. When Henry seeks Alba's number, she hands him Michelle's, setting in motion a chase that will test their emotions, principles, and convictions. Alba's reservations about Henry's complicated life and rocky relationship history become a barrier, and she is determined not to be the next in line to have her heart broken. As the story unfolds, Henry's pursuit takes him to Scotland, where he discovers Alba with another man. It is a turning point that pushes him to fight for her like never before, unveiling a tumultuous battle of hearts and minds, desire and fear. Alba's fears of falling into a trap clash with her growing feelings for Henry. In The Billionaire Actor, love is a pursuit filled with obstacles, a passion that refuses to be extinguished.

Chapter 1 She Caught My Eyes


I did not want to attend the fan event, but I had to. Many of my fans would be eagerly waiting for me to sign their journals, and posters or even interact with me.

What was fame? I held many titles; Sexiest Man Of The Year, Most Handsome Man In The World, The Powerful Billionaire Actor, Superhero Of The Year, and The Most Eligible Bachelor. Yet, although I felt proud of my achievements, something was lacking in my life.

My life was not complete and every time I was close to my goal, it slipped from my hand like sand. I was standing amidst a sandstorm and my future was not that clear.

I was not feeling too great today, but I had to put up a smile for the world; my fans, the camera and for myself.

Chapter 1 She Caught My Eyes


“Oh, please, Alba, do it for me,” Michelle begged me for the tenth time to attend the event on her behalf.

“I don’t like him and you know it, right? Why don’t you ask Leila?” I huffed.

“She isn’t free. I asked her,” Michelle replied.

“Alright! Send your cousin with your collection of Henry's photos to be autographed and I shall get it done. But if I get into trouble at work, I'll kill you! You know I'm on sick leave today!" I scolded her.

“It won’t take long. Henry is always punctual and you just need to get the album on the first page signed. I am sending it with Jacques to your flat right away,” Michelle said.

The excitement in her voice made me calm down and as she said that it would not take long, then I could just take Henry’s signature and scoot from there. No big deal!

“Thank you so much, Alba. I’ve waited for this moment for so long and because of this important assignment, I cannot take a leave since it is my first week at work.”

“Alright, mademoiselle. No worries. I’ll take the risk for you. Cheer up, now!” I laughed heartily.

“Merci, ma belle,” Michelle chuckled and then after saying our goodbyes, we disconnected.

I did look a bit ill, because of the period pain, but some light makeup could bring some life to my dull skin. I normally never felt pain and headache, but this month, I was suffering. It would be hard for me to drive and stand in line for my turn, but I was willing to do it for my best friend’s happiness.

I had met Michelle at the University five years ago when she decided to move to London from Paris and since then, we had been inseparable. We stood by each other, no matter how miserable life had been for both of us.

The event was in two hours and a fifteen-minute drive. Michelle’s cousin, Jacques, would reach in about ten minutes. I had time to get ready for the stupid event. But first, I was craving for some Fish and Chips and I would also take some painkillers before heading out.


An hour later, I managed to find a parking spot and get to the place where the famous actor, Henry Bailey would meet and greet his fans. I heard he would usually do that once or twice a year. This time, it was closer to where we resided and hence, it was easy to get there.

Why did I have to be here today? I hated crowds and hated the attitude some of the fangirls had. They idolised these film stars so much and it was not how I was. I watched films and loved the characters that were being played by these entertainers, but I was never obsessed with them. The rich were snobs and once they had the money, they would think that they owned the whole world. The same went for these actors. I heard a lot about Henry Bailey and it was enough to keep me at bay. I did appreciate the fact that he started his career at the age of sixteen and worked really hard until he was declared a billionaire last year. But neither his wealth nor his status impressed me. My dad was a wealthy arsehole and I kind of detested rich men.

I was not rich. I was just a middle-class girl leading a normal happy life. I had a great job, a great flat, a wonderful friend and most important of all, I had my peace. I could not be more grateful.

Fortunately, the pain subsided and as it was my turn to get Henry’s autograph, I was so baffled how someone could look so perfect. No wonder, the whole world swooned over him. He was glamour spelt with a halo. I could confirm that he looked better even in reality. But, he was not my type.

“Hi,” Henry greeted me before I could even do so.

“Hi,” I replied back.

I opened the album on the first page where a big poster of him as the superhero was pasted and requested, “For Michelle, please.”

“What a beautiful name, Michelle,” he smiled as he signed and I was close enough to smell his cologne. It was an exotic musk.

All of a sudden, he surprised me when he asked, “May I have your telephone number, please?”

I had not heard him ask the same thing to the other ladies who were taking photos of him and themselves nor had I ever heard any celebrity asking for a fan for their number, so why was he asking mine?

I stared at him in astonishment, and he only smiled at me, abashed. Could it be that he himself was taken aback at his guts?

My Lord, those eyes…



I mustered some courage to get to the Novotel London West Hotel and put a smile on my face for my fans. They had been waiting for me and I could not waste their time or be late. To be honest, when I saw everyone with such bright faces and so much positivity, it kind of made me feel a bit better.

All of a sudden, a cute lady made her way towards me. It seemed that time stopped and I could hear nothing around me, despite the noise that I experienced a few seconds back. Dressed in a dark green T-shirt, cream trousers, green stilettos and had her shiny black hair in a ponytail, she mesmerised me.

The glasses she wore gave her a nerdy look. Those lovely dark-blue orbs held some mystery in them. Unlike the other fangirls, she was more composed and it was unusual to find a woman so calm at such events.

The doe-eyed beauty with a button nose and large proportioned pink lips captivated me. When she opened the album for me to sign, I was appalled to see a lovely poster of mine that was the only one that was put up for sale, my heart throbbed. Did she adore me so much that she had an exquisite poster of mine in her collection?

“For Michelle, please.”

What a charming voice she had and such a lovely name.

“May I have your telephone number, please?”

Frankly speaking, I had to at least not cross my limits, but then, since my brain worked so fast, I thought that I should get her number and stay in touch, for I was not willing to let her go.

Thankfully, Jamey, who was standing there, immediately noted down her number as she gave it out, rather hesitantly. I believed that we were both shocked at how things turned out.

Nonetheless, one thing was sure; I did not regret travelling from Canvey Island for nearly two hours to finally find the one I had been looking for. She was the one.

Chapter 2 Oh, Michelle!


“I can’t believe you did it!!!” Michelle jumped around frantically and held the album close to her chest.

“I even gave him your number,” I chuckled.

Michelle gaped at me for some time before she responded, “What do you mean?”

“Well, he asked for a number and I gave yours since I was there for you. You can expect a text from Henry Bailey, any time soon,” I sniggered.

“Are you kidding me?” Michelle did not believe me.

“I’m not!” I laughed hysterically.

“You mean, he’s interested in you and instead of giving your number, you gave mine?” The sharp Michelle blurted out.

I nodded.

“That’s wrong, Alba. Do you know what will happen when he comes to know the truth?” Michelle warned.

“Your name is Michelle and he said that you have a beautiful name and on top of that, he is your celebrity crush, so you should consider yourself lucky, in my opinion,” I sat cross-legged on the sofa of my flat and said.


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