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Struggle of the Queen

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Everyone sees the beautiful life they lead but do they know what that person went through to get that life? Does looks really matter that much? She's beautiful, hot and successful. Everything you speak, she has. Money? Well, she can shower you with the money. Success? It's kissing her feet. Beauty? She's a goddess of hotness and beauty. Love? She doesn't need. Family? She has a mom and says she doesn't need anyone else. She's a successful multibillionaire businesswoman at a young age. Cold and dominating. She's not from a prestigious family but will make her own prestigious family. She's the world's richest woman. She is determined to not fall in love with anyone. He is the world's richest and successful multibillionaire businessman and from the most prestigious family in the world. He has everything -- good looks, money, fame. Known for his coldness and ruthlessness. Every woman desires for him but he doesn't wants an easygoing girl. He likes to play hard. What will happen when the two cross their path with each other? Will she fall in love? What's the reason for her not to love anyone?

Chapter 1: Some scars never fade away.

"Ma'am, this is the files of KL Corporation", a girl in her mid twenties said.

The lady sat like a Queen on her chair nodded. She was beautiful just like some goddess. Her body was perfectly proportionate with beautiful soft curves. She had beautiful long legs with a height of 5'8". Her golden brown wavy hairs were let down at the back.

The lady had beautiful hazel brown orbs with long eyelashes touching her skin above. Her small pointed nose was perfect followed by those rosy red soft natural lips. Her skin flawlessly fair. She emitted a powerful yet elegant aura. A complete package of beautiful with brain and money.

"Lucy, keep the files here", the lady said elegantly. The girl named Lucy kept the files then bowed and left.

The lady took the files and started reading. "Interesting. I'd like to see what this person can do to me with this stupid company", the lady said and threw the file in the dustbin after reading and burnt it.

Oh well, this is Anna Jane, 24 year old. She's the owner of Jane Technological Groups. one of the biggest entity in the world. She's the CEO of her company as well as the Chairwoman and the largest shareholder with 65% shares.

She's not only beautiful but also very intelligent with the IQ of 210 and photographic memory. She is the mystery woman everyone is searching for. She doesn't want to reveal her identity as she says it's not the right time yet. Well, no one dares to go against her.

She was working in her laptop when her mobile rang. She picked up looking at her mother's name pop up. "Hey, mom", she called out like a small child.

"NaNa, come home early today. I made your favorite cake", her mom, Ruby Jane, said. "Of course, mom. You don't need to tell me", Anna said with a wide smile and hung up after talking a bit.

In the evening she got home earlier than usual. All the servants lined on both sides to bow her. Her mansion was large and royal like a palace. As she entered everyone welcomed her royally.

The mansion had purple and golden theme. There was a grand staircase leading to the upper floor. There were 18 luxurious rooms in the Mansion. It had two living rooms, a large ballroom, a theater, indoor swimming pool, two helipads on the top terrace of the mansion. Everything you wish, it's there.

The mansion's name was Ruby's Heaven. But only a few people whom Anna trusted the most knew the name while for others it was Heaven. She kept the name a secret for some reason.

"Mom", Anna called out as she saw her mother walking out of the kitchen. "Miss. Billionaire is here", her mom laughed. Anna rolled her eyes. "My cake?", she demanded. Her mother chuckled and told her that it's ready.

Anna rushed to her room and got freshen up. She wore a comfortable shorts and loose tshirt then went downstairs. She had her dinner with her mother and then followed by the cake her mom prepared.

Later, she went to her study room to work but she recieved a call. "Ma'am, the third base was attacked", Lucy informed. "I need every information about that person who dared to attack the Queen", Anna said in a cold tone and hung up.

It was late at night. She went to her mother's room to check on her. "Mom, you didn't sleep?", she asked and she entered the room. Her mom immediately hide the thing behind her back.

Anna saw it but didn't say anything. "Sleep early, mom", she said and closed the door then left. She sighed as she entered her room. "Mom, when will you leave that thing behind?"

She walked into her walk in closet and saw her photo. She was wearing a beautiful and elegant white bodycon dress. She looked like a Queen in the photo. She pressed a button beside the frame leading to change the photo.

A photo of a girl of age 15 appeared. The girl was not that beautiful compared to Anna. She was fat and ugly. Her skin fair but there were fat around her belly area, arms, under the chin. The girl had a small smile on her face. Her hazel brown eyes were not so bright.

"Even I can't let go of the things", Anna sighed deeply.


"Hey, look there. That's the fatty", someone teased. "Anna, you're so ugly. So fat", the children yelled as a girl walked through the corridors. The same girl from the photo frame.

The girl was 15. She had golden brown hairs which were beautiful. Her skin fair. She wasn't the best looking girl. She had fat accumulated around her waist and neck. Her double chin was on full view as she walked. She was probably 175 pounds. Fat, isn't she?

"Haww! The floor is vibrating as she walks. Wooo", everyone teased. "Hey, you. I don't eat the food provided by your family. You've no right to speak like that to me", Anna grabbed the collar of the boy and yelled.

"Hey, how dare you talk like that to him?", other guys came and held Anna. They pushed her on the floor. "You b*tch. You better stay away from us if you don't wish to die", a guy shouted.

Anna kept quiet and walked to her classroom. All the kids bullied her but she ignored them. She wasn't good looking but had a great brain with the IQ of 210 but still not everyone liked her. She was arrogant.

"Anna, don't be sad. Karma will pay back", Briana said. She was Anna's good friend. Anna didn't say anything and just sat on her place which was the last seat. She had been quiet for some months. Not talking to anyone just staying by herself*.

"Anna Jane, it's all a past", a sound came from the photo frame pulling Anna out of her thoughts. Anna pressed the button and once again her current photo appeared. "Some scars never fade away", she sighed deeply.

Next morning, Anna got ready for her office as usual. She wore a rusty red knot pencil skirt that ended above her knee with a cream color sleeveless blouse and matching high heels. She let her hairs down. Her makeup included eyeliner and light orange-red matte lipstick. Her accessories included a cream color wrist watch, ear cuff earrings and a small pendant.

She went downstairs to the dining room and greeted her mom. "Annie, I've planned a blind date for you...", Anna cut off her mom. "Mom, love is not for me. I've told you not to arrange any blind dates for me", she said plainly.

"NaNa, you can't be single for the rest of your life. You need a man to love you and take care of you", Ruby tried to explain. "Mom, after what happened in the past. I'm definitely not getting into any relationship", Anna said sternly.

"Because of that past, you're going to push away your future happiness?", Ruby asked in a sad tone. "Mom, that past is not something forgettable... okay fine. I'll go to the date. Don't be sad", Anna sighed looking at her mom's sad look.

Anna took the glass of juice and sipped as her mom spoke about the address where Anna would meet her blind date. "He's the second son of Peterson family. His name is John Peterson. You'll meet him at the Cafe89 by 4 pm today."

Anna nodded as she continued to drink her juice. "Anything else?", she asked her mother. "Umm... I was thinking of going to Georgia. I wanted to go and see mom. It's been quite a while", her mom said in a hesitant tone.

Anna tightened her grip on the glass and stared blankly. "Okay, I'll arrange the jet for you", she said reluctantly. "You won't go to see your grandma?", Ruby asked. "I've work, mom."

Anna got up and left for office. "Lucy, arrange my jet for mom. She'll leave for Madison tomorrow. Also, arrange a few bodyguards for her to accompany her", Anna said. "Okay, ma'am", Lucy bowed and left after giving Anna the schedule.

In the evening, she went to Cafe89 to meet the guy.

Chapter 2: Love is a luxury that I can't afford.

Anna's POV:

I went to the Cafe and found a man wearing a light suit sitting near at the corner. He was good looking but not at the point that I'd drool. He seemed to be a playboy.

"Mr. Brendan Peterson?", I asked as I stood in front of him. "Miss. Anna Jane?" I gave a slight nod and sat on the chair opposite to him. I took off my gloves and ordered myself a cappuccino.

"What's your age?", I asked in a stern tone. "28. About you?", he asked. "I'm 24."

He looked at me up and down then voiced out. "You look a lady from upper class. I'm the second son of Peterson family as you might know." I gave a cold laughter.

"See, I'm not looking for some love marriage or something. It's already arranged by our families so I don't want to put any pressure on you. I currently have some girlfriends and also have one night stands. I'm sure you're also not so


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