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One Night Stand With The Unforgettable Stranger

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Since she could remember, Cassie Smith had been in love with Nathan Greg. When she left home to attend a university two states away, they transitioned from being best friends in school to friends with benefits. Their once-a-month weekends were the pinnacle of her life, when he would fly in to see her and she would have him all to herself for the whole, uninterrupted weekend. Then he announced his impending marriage to her. Cassie had to take action to restore order since her idealized world was in danger of collapsing. She wanted to be the woman Nathan married and had a happy life with because she needed him in her life. She thus devised a scheme to interrupt the wedding and kidnap the groom. She later met Brian. In order to make the groom envious and aid her in calling off the wedding, Brian Colleen, the reclusive aviation Billionaire, promised to pose as her lover. She began to doubt her allegiance to Nathan as a result of his stunning green eyes and the way he made her feel when he touched her. He's also Nathan's stepbrother, incidentally. She couldn't deny that she felt something for Brian, but what would it indicate for her relationship with Nathan going forward? Should she continue on her current path and work for the happily ever after she had always envisioned with Nathan, or take a risk on a new relationship with Brian? Please dear readers, I want to inform you all that this story is in series and I will be uploading all of them in the story, thank you all.

Chapter 1

Cassie watched Nathan's very nice, very bare arse slip into the bathroom as she stretched leisurely, savoring the after-orgasm glow. She hadn't realized how anxious she had been until this very moment. Even though it was just Friday night, there's nothing like a nice romp between the covers to ease the strain. Before he had to go, they still had a whole day and night together. If she were fortunate, she may even be able to get in a few orgasms on a Sunday morning before he had to leave for the airport.

When she heard the bathroom flush, she moved onto her stomach to see him return to bed. She enthusiastically ogled the items since the front view was equally as lovely as the back view. Nathan was a stunning individual. Tall, with broad shoulders, well-defined biceps and pecks, the required six-pack, and those stunning obliques that protruded like an arrow from his stomach to the hidden treasure below his waist. And that hung thick and long from a clump of dark blonde bush between his thighs. She would be content to ogle him all day.

And it wasn't just his physique. Nathan had a classic good look, like Prince Charming's good looks. Beautiful hazel eyes with a ring of green around the corners and gold flecks all around, a powerful nose, pillowy lips, and a chiseled jaw. His ash blonde hair had been highlighted subtly in a professional setting. He could wear a suit like no one's business and had just the right amount of scruff to be stylish without looking messy.

And as she watched, he was putting on the aforementioned suit pants.

"Come back to bed, Nathany," she pleaded, "I've missed you."

He gave her a s*xy look while zipping up his jeans, but then he walked over and perched on the side of the bed. He gave her a tender glance as he delicately touched her cheek, neck, and breast curve with his finger. As she continued to observe, his expression darkened and the ease that had always existed between them looked strained.

"You know I love you, right Bae?" She enjoyed hearing it from him. Since it was the shorter form of her name, he had been calling her Bae for years before it was popular.

She replied, reaching out to put a hand on his leg next to his package, which sprang when she touched it. "And I love you, Nathany," she said. She grinned covertly at the sight.

He saw her nipple tighten while sighing as he brushed his finger over it.

"The thing is, Bae," he said, "This is the last time I'll be able to come to Melbourne for a while."

Eighteen hundred kilometers and two states away, Nathan resided in a little seaside village. Nathan was deeply involved in the real estate development business that his family controlled, which his father effectively dominated the Sunshine Coast. Before moving to Melbourne for employment, Cassie had grown up there and had shared that experience with Nathan.

Cassie stood up and positioned her nude body over Nathan's bare back as her arms rested on his chest. In the crook of his neck, she pressed her face.

Is it a job? I might perhaps travel to you or we could meet in the middle. I should have a few days off.

As his tongue dove deeply into her, he turned in her arms and kissed her. With one hand digging into the tangled hair around her neck and the other caressing her breast and adjusting her nipple, he dragged her off the bed and onto his lap.

Cassie melted in his embrace, and she could feel her thighs getting moist. Nathan didn't need to do much to wet her. She was trained to turn into a puddle of passion at the first whiff of his fragrance, much like Pavlov's dogs were around him.

In search of more, she pushed her breast into his hand while arching her back and groaning in the back of her throat.

"Are you wet for me Bae?" His eyes were at half-mast and black with longing as he inquired quietly.

She murmured in protest as his hand left her breast, but he quickly replaced it with his tongue, turning her whimper into a groan. While sucking on her hard nipple, his hand moved from her ribcage to her hip and finally between her legs. He divided her folds and drew her slick wetness up and around her cl*t onto his fingers. He continued to play with her as she moved on his lap, sensing his erection through his pants.

He threw her on the bed while still standing, unzipped his pants once again, and reached for a condom from the nightstand. He slid onto the bed between her legs and placed himself in the cradle of her hips after rolling it on his superb erection.

He gazed into her eyes while encircling her face with his broad hands.

He quietly whispered, "I'm going to miss you, Bae," before placing his mouth on hers and giving her a scorching kiss.

She responded breathlessly as his mouth again touched her breast, "Show me how much," he said.

He kissed the area surrounding her areola before taking her nipple and squeezing it between his lips. They both moaned as she pushed her hips towards his and felt his hardness glide past her moist, sensitive lips.

She sighed, "I need you inside me, Nathan."

He leaned back on his knees and murmured, "You need me to fill you up, Bae?"

Before slipping two digits into her, his fingers toyed with the wrinkles in her skin. As he pounded into her, she screamed and buckled onto his hand. She opened her eyes slightly so she could observe him. As his hand pushed inside her and his other hand stroked his c*ck, he had his eyes fixed on the space between her legs. Her eyes rolled back into her head, and she experienced a sudden surge of wettiness at the image.

I need you, Nathan," she said in a frantic tone.

Once again shifting on the bed, he directed the head of his erection at her entrance and gave her a powerful shove. He said and then started pumping into her as she screamed. By encircling his hips with her legs and pressing her heels into the tough muscle of his *ss, she matched him thrust for thrust. He bit down on her nipple while her fingers grasped the full muscles of his shoulders, creating tiny moon-shaped craters in his flesh.

Bae, come get me. His tone was husky and sinister.

To torment the little bundle of nerves, she moved her palm between them till she reached her cl*t. She rubbed more quickly as her climax started to intensify, gasping in desperation. In order to cause Sarah to experience an orgasm, Nathan raised one of her legs and altered the angle of his thrusts. As Nathan continued to piston into her, she came violently, the walls of her s*x clamping eagerly around him.

Nathan pumped again and shouted out, "Oh, God," before stiffening as he approached. She pushed her thighs together to hold him inside of her as he began to throb inside of her so she could experience the aftershocks.

She enjoyed his weight crushing her into the bed as he crumpled on top of her. She sank into his shoulder and breathed in his hot, musky aroma, feeling whole. She wanted nothing more than to be held in Nathan's arms.

She curled up in bed as he rolled off her and headed back to the bathroom to clean up.

Perhaps it was time for her to relocate. Despite being still a tiny town, the Sunshine Coast was a booming area. She could undoubtedly get a PR position someplace along the coast or even in Brisbane. She could commute because it was only an hour's drive from the ocean. It was a whole lot better than the current three-hour journey separating them.

She pushed the covers aside so Nathan could get in next to her when he entered the room again. After holding her close to his chest and kissing her on the head, he sighed.

He murmured, "I can't stay; I have a flight home in a few hours."

"What?" She got up to face him and sat back down. Why can't you remain, I ask you? This is our weekend!"

An agreement was made between Cassie and Nathan. every month. After an elegant dinner, a glass of wine, some dancing, and a weekend of unrestricted, pure, and consenting s*x. No matter who they were seeing at the moment, it was like the Army Reserves: one weekend a month, one week a year. But this time, as Nathan was leaving, Cassie was getting ready to tell him that she wanted more.

Along with sitting up, he leaned over the edge of the bed and put his head in his hands.

He said, "I'm getting married, Cassie," and she thought the world had just abruptly come to an end.

She muttered, "Married?" "I didn't even know you were seeing anyone."

He announced, "Her name is Ainsley." "My dad set it up and I didn't like her at first, but, well, I've come to care for her."

"More than me?" Despite knowing it was needy and whiney, she didn't care. Cassie had always believed that if she remained a resource for Nathan, he would come to value her more than just a f*ck partner.

He cradled her face. No one could ever replace you, Bae, he mumbled. My dearest buddy, you. I'll adore you forever.

"But not enough to marry me?"

He nearly laughed when I said, "Marry you." We've never had a relationship like that, Bae. I would never bind you since you are too independent for that. You remind me of a wild, gorgeous bird, and the thought of you being caged breaks my heart.

She said listlessly, "But you don't mind putting Ainsley in a cage.

"Ainsley will only ever be useful as a social wife since that is what she was raised to be. It's why my father chose her. A close relationship with her father's tiny but successful construction firm would also be advantageous for us.

"Nathan, how about us? How about what we already have?

Chapter 2

He kissed her lips first, then her nose.

"The marriage is six months away. After that, give me a few months to get her established so that we can continue where we left off.

He grinned at Cassie as though this were the most wonderful development. She would only have to be patient while he beat his wife into submission and perhaps implanted a child in her womb. They could keep what they had.

Is that truly what you want, Nathan? she questioned.

It's not what I want, Bae, oh no. I would not alter a thing about what we now have since I adore it, but the old guy is pressuring me to be married because Ainsley's family is in the building industry. He faltered off and shrugged. You know, Bae, don't you? Only a few months, at most eight, will pass before everything returns to normal.

She sarcastically said, "Except you'll be married.

He continued to shrug, "We've

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