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One Night, Six Days, and A Date Later...

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Holy sh*t. Hell no. Ivette’s brain turned into a puddle as she stared into those bright brown eyes that had wiped her world away on that night weeks ago. She would never forget those eyes that haunted her dreams every night. His knowing smile. His full mouth that had touched every inch of her skin. His dark hair that her fingers had dove into and pulled as she moaned against his tan skin. His scent that made her knees wobble with need. At least, now she knew his name. When Ivette King's long-term boyfriend proposes to her, in a bid to find some semblance of peace, she takes a step in the wrong direction. A one-night stand with a rival. A mistake, she called it. An unforgettable experience, he begged to differ.


His hands gripped her hips hard and she pushed back into him, taking in more of his considerable length. He filled her up completely and she knew nothing else. Not her name. Not where they were.

Another thrust in, deep enough to impale her, and she was mewling, and screaming. Every so slowly, he pulled out, rubbing his tip against her entrance. Ivette went wild, moving against his tip and arching her *ss further into him.

“F*ck*ng hell, lass,” He breathed.

She’d never thought she would like being called lass, but on his tongue that had licked every inch of her body, and his lips that trailed kisses down the small of her back to her cheeks, it sounded like a prayer.

He slammed into her with abandon and Ivette screamed with pleasure. Nothing should feel this good. This. . .was sin. Tension built up in her, arching her back, her toes, and it rose still, causing her to shake uncontrollably. Her entire world had been reduced to nothing. He drove harder into her, groaning and Ivette matched his movements, tightening her inner muscles as she did.

He growled and flipped her roughly on her back.

She gazed into his brown eyes that had darkened with lust and she smiled, tongue darting out to lick her lips. His eyes caught the movement and he stilled, as if remembering where her tongue had been only a few minutes ago, and how it had swept over his tip and curled around him until his knees had buckled.

His lips slammed against hers and at the same time, he slid into her. She bucked, moaning hoarsely, and gripping his hair tight enough to pull it out as she urged him to go faster, harder. He did and she felt electricity zap through her when his tongue found her nipple and clamped down on it.

Stars exploded in her vision as a release, great enough to fracture her body, soul and mind into bits, tore through her, shattering even the ground underneath the king-sized bed and she vaguely registered the pain that shot through her back as she hit the headboard.

Her gaze lifted to his as she panted, still quivering. Covered in sweat that dripped down on her, he was still the most stunning man she’d ever seen. She wanted to lick it off him. Taste the salt of him on her tongue. Ivette told him as much as a purr escaped her when he hardened in her.

He dropped his head in the hollow of her shoulder and murmured against her skin as he moved faster in her. “What is your name, lass?”

“Whatever you call me,” She moaned.

“Tell me,” He whispered, dragging his tongue on the curve of her ear.

She gasped. “Ivette King.”

Chapter 1: The Proposal

Ivette’s hands wobbled, trying to keep the groceries from spilling out the bag. She had requested for a bigger grocery bag but the blonde at the counter had scowled and dismissed her, attending to the hunk who had stood beside her.

Had she been feeling up to it, Ivette would’ve shown her ID to the woman, just to see her expression when she realized just who she was scowling at.

But it had been a tough day and she wanted nothing more than to take a steamy shower and maybe if Aaron would be kind enough to let her sleep tonight. . .

She shook her head. It shouldn’t feel like a fucking chore—but then, everything felt like that these days. Work, Aaron, people—chores.

Balancing the bag and her work case in one hand, she punched in the code to Aaron’s apartment and stepped in. When the motion sensor lights didn’t come on, she felt for the switch and flipped it.


Ivette’s heart lurched and so did she. The bags dropped


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