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My CEO and His Brother Mobster

My CEO and His Brother Mobster

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Luz was a well-known stripper in town, but after meeting Leon and saving him from an attack, she becomes the chosen one of this CEO who offers her a deal, a marriage contract so that he can protect his inheritance from the hatawhay family who tries to kill while awaiting the return of his mafioso brother who everyone thinks is dead. But his return was soon after his marriage, and upon finding the light Alessandra, whose one falls in love, a love disguised in a chase and attacks the girl who tries to endure the difficult genius of the man who over time is yielding to the charms of the light that ends up conquering the two men even unintentionally, but only one can win his heart.

Chapter 1


Luz Alessandra was the star of the best known nightclub in the alt city, a real dancer on stage. The girls couldn't keep up, and Marconi didn't mind giving her exclusive space to perform, and only when she left the stage did the other girls dance. She could clearly see when some of them passed by with their new bed partners and felt proud that she didn't lend herself to that.

She could easily handle Marcone, since the men enjoyed watching her dance, he couldn't force her to sell herself. Her dancing made him a lot of profit since it enticed them, and he kept her there because of her growing reputation, attracting more clients, becoming the untouchable Light, the most talked about and acclaimed stripper in the big You&Me.

Even though she has hard days, after all not all men understand her choice not to be touched, she avoided it well and managed to live on what she earned only dancing and also helping her mother who lives in Brazil.

But today seemed to be one of those impossible days. She was invited off the stage by a man she had never seen before. All she had to do was refuse and leave. Luz didn't really want to hit anyone, but she couldn't control herself when this client slapped her on the butt, even after she had refused his request, this had never happened before and her reaction was even more unusual.

"Don't you dare lean on me!" she shouted after slapping the medium-sized man smoking a cigar at the main table near the stage.

She should have reasoned that it couldn't be just any man sitting there, after all Marcone only made it available to important people like tycoons, multinational businessmen, etc.

Luz didn't slow down when the man of medium height stood up, he was a few centimeters bigger than her, he was angry and ready to return the slap.

"Luz, you damned girl, how dare you act like that with a customer?" Bradou roared a fat old man pulling her up fearfully, since he had noticed the man's gloomy look.

He was thinking more about defending her at that moment, after all he knew well the danger that man represents. She ignored him, letting go, and walked over to the barman who immediately handed her a bottle of whiskey. She didn't even have to tell him what she wanted, because he already knew, every time she had a fight she would get the same whiskey.

"He's the problem, not me!" she shouted, while the man who had caught her stared at her impartially without saying a word, just crossing his arms with a wicked smile and smoothing his chin." You nasty, disgusting bastard!" She offended him, while he didn't react, watching how Marcone dealt with her.

"Light..." Her boss muttered her name, breaking into a cold sweat, looking like he was about to have a breakdown, as she turned the bottle over, but when he saw the label on the bottle he quickly came back to lucidity.

"Why did you give her a bottle of Macallan whiskey?" he asked incredulously as he turned to the barman, who stared at him.

"That's the only whiskey she drinks." he explained, swallowing hard.

"That's all she drinks? Next time give her the cheapest whiskey in the house, this whiskey costs four thousand dollars, she can't afford a shot on her salary, imagine a bottle!" he said hysterically while the man broke into a cold sweat in fear of being forced to pay.

"Not cheaper!" she protested in annoyance, once again turning the bottle over and drinking it like water.

"Marcone!" called the man calmly.

He obeyed him like a puppy dog following its master, he just whispered something without taking his eyes off Luz. Marcone returned to the girl who was staring at him apprehensively.

"You're fired, Luz." I told him with my voice fading, since I was doing it against my will.

"You are a really annoying old man, always blaming me for these big men who think they are the center of the universe.

"Luz, calm down, this man is the legal representative of You & Me and you beat him up, he doesn't want you in this club anymore, this time it's definite, your politics don't suit our company.

"So he is the owner?" She tried to regain her sanity, but the dry sips of whiskey were already intoxicating her.

"As soon as she leaves, take her to my car, I'll be right there." The man who had been slapped discreetly ordered his security guards to do so.

He just agreed and went to the back door, coming out into an empty street, there was only a vomiting boy who soon left staggering, while the security guard with a small earphone in his ear now waited for the girl to leave in a hidden corner.

"What the hell, I haven't been interested in this place for a long time!" she shouted, her eyelids heavy and stammering.

"Light... Just go! I'm sorry, you're a good dancer and pianist, you liven up the night well, but you're out of line." Marcone led her to the entrance.

"Ok! But ..." she mumbled, pouting, annoyed." I don't get anything tonight?" asked with a sly look.

"Are you crazy? You're getting more than you earn in one night, just from this one bottle.

"You fat old man!" she grumbled, annoyed." This place doesn't have the slightest consideration for its workers, I'm never coming back here, I'll get a better job, it's not because..." She interrupted her speech, losing her train of thought due to drunkenness, while people still kept their attention directed at her." Well... I'm going." She warned in a deeper voice, raising her middle finger at the man she had once assaulted.

Marcone tried to restrain her in time, but just stared at the man as if apologizing with her gaze, while Luz danced her two middle fingers at the man who remained calm.

Chapter 2


She staggered, trying to keep her posture as she passed the customers. She held the whiskey bottle tightly, some of the girls stared at her holding back their laughter, no one there wanted her to do well, she made everyone jealous of her for having a show all her own, the desire was only to put her foot in front of her and watch her fall and make everyone laugh at how pathetic she would look.

Luz made her way down the hall to the service entrance, opened the door, and stumbled on the only step she had when she tried to get down, yet she kept her balance and kept walking.

"Ah! Mom..." She mumbled leaning against a wall letting tears escape as the once-hidden security guard now headed towards her silently to catch her." I've been so stressed out because I can't help you the way I wanted to..." She whispered as if talking to her mother, she hadn't noticed the man until she looked at the reflection in the bottle against her


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