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Montemayor Series

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Four Montemayors, four different stories.Four different people with different traits but all have the same last names.With their dark auras, the mean always scream arrogance, f*ck boys and brutality to the people around them.But when four women came into their lives, it started to become chaotic. Will they be able to come back to their usual lives or start to become burned by their fate?

Chapter 1

Natalia De vera is my name.The only daughter of Lisa Rose De vera. My father died two years ago. We are contented with our simple lifestyle. I'm now second year in college at Harvard Montemayor University, which is owned by Montemayor's.

I study hard coz ’I want to graduate. I just want a simple life as long as it is quiet and free.

I'm not talkative and I'm a quiet person. I'm not tall, I'm white because I inherited it from my mother. Kylie and Jenner they have been my friends since high school. They are artistic but kind. I'm used to them, being party goers.

My cellphone vibrated while arranging my belongings for tomorrow. Kylie called so I answered right away.

"Yes?" I answered and resumed the arrangement. I pinned my cellphone between my shoulder and ear.

"What are you doing?"  she asked on the other line.

"Fixing my needs for tomorrow." I said plainly.

"Really? What color is your bag?" She asked me happily. This is her again,she loves girly stuffs.

"It's nude , mama bought it. It's simple. By the way can you pick me up tomorrow? "

I don't have a car. Well, we have an extra but I can't drive.

"Of course! That's what I thought. Jen and I will pick you up." she said on the other line.

I smiled. “Alright! I  also need to talk to her because I would like to apply at their bistro. I'll be back to singing. "

My hobby is playing the guitar and singing. It's also different when your things comes from your tiredness. Mom said, I inherit from dad, that even if they don’t need money they’ll still work.

"That's good! It's like Jen and I have fun while having shots there. I also like your voice !I miss you joining the singing contest way back in our high school days. I still remember that our room was almost full when you sang. And take note eighty percent of the room is probably your lover!  But of course they all basted! "

"So, what time will you pick me up tomorrow?" I interrupted her.

"Eight AM. All right! I'll call Jen first. Bye!"

I turned off my phone immediately. I went inside the bathroom to do my things before going to  sleep. Eight AM is my first schedule tomorrow.

When I was lying down I first did was facebook. I just scrolling when I hit a group picture. I  looked at it one by one and one face was quite familiar to me. I just don't really remember the one next to him. They almost just look alike. They are both very handsome and the tagged name is written above.


My heart pounded suddenly. I put the cellphone on my chest.

"Montemayor," I uttered out of myself. D*mn. Why it bothered me? Actually I see them sometimes in malls and on the road. But now we only have one school. First year college because we were at St. Dominic when I was still studying. But two of my friends persuaded me to be better at HMU. So I transferred today.

It turns out that our first class is tomorrow. I’m excited to find out what the difference is what St. Dominic vs. HMU. Coincidentally I will join their quizbees.

I like books so much. I get curious about stories about the world. Who were the people who preceded this world before us. What were the faces of the places then compared to now.

In my previous school I was told I was a nerd. Because I have a reading glass and always carry a book. It's better than to f*ck around right? It's also annoying because I don't have much friends.


Now is the first day of school. Since we have one week to wear our own fashion before wearing the uniform, I wear a high waist fitted black jeans and a white strappy top. Matching with a black doll shoes .I let my hair down a bit curly and slightly wavy waves. I slung my nude bag over my shoulder. I went downstairs when my cellphone rang.

"Ma?" I answered as I went downstairs.

"Natalia, I left early. I have a lot to do."

"It's okay. I love you."

"I love you too sweety. Eat before leaving." she immediately dropped the call. This has always been the scenario in my life. Ever since papa died, mom always working. Maybe because she just wants to entertain herself? I saw then how she suffered and was sad when papa died.

We are all just like dust in this world, We will not last long and will disappear as well. Suppose we're just a passers-by. So they said while we were young, have fun. Do what needs to be done. Do not waste time on sad things because you do not know how long your time in this world is.

So maybe mom? She made herself busy at work. But she didn't miss me. ‘It’s only once because’ they go abroad. Because of business deals and gatherings. So I was alone here at home almost once.

I went to the kitchen and ate. Someone served food on the table. Our made Lagring made this for me. She always cooked for me. Since I was a child, she has been taking care of me.

"Hey !'' I exclaimed when I answered the call and at the same time ‘honking the horn outside so I looked out the window.

"We're here outside. Hurry up there!" Jen screamed at what I heard on the other line. I rolled my eyes.

"Oh! Okay wait! I'm coming." I said as I reached for the sandwich and drank the juice. Sh*t! I can't have breakfast properly! When I got out I immediately saw Kylie’s Black Honda Civic. He picked up Jen.

Let me sit in the backseat. Kylie was driving. Jenner was in the front seat.

"So our first day in college is gonna be fun!" Jen exclaimed excitedly with a smile on her face.

Kylie turned to me. "You're really beautiful Natalia! No doubt, you have a lot of suiters there!" she praised me.

"And of course ! The body is beautiful! "Jenny added. Sh*t the morning they flattered.

"Cut it off girls! It's early morning. I might lose my ear to that!" I mocked.

"It's true!" Kylie said while taking her press powder.

"Yeah right!" I exclaimed and arranged to sit down and fiddled with what what on my cellphone.I don't know how our friendship started. Just one day, we got used to the three of us being together. Even though they scolded us. They are not negligent in their studies.

We both took Business Ad courses. We just got Kylie's car down in the parking lot. The first thing I saw was the students scattered everywhere. Someone is hanging out in the alley, in the hallway, and the gazebo that we just see here.

I was even more excited to see their oval and soccer field. My friends really had fun. Eight AM with thirty minutes left we passed the alley when the speakers attached to the upper part of each corner of the school rang.

It’s Sir Fuentes of Engineering. I am here to announce that our final class will begin tomorrow. So as for today consider it to roam around and enjoy!, They announced.

"Wow! Then we're free today! We'll have more time to walk around". Jen pulled Kylie and I's hand away and pulled to where.

I was shocked when someone ran into me who was also in a hurry. With his size and impact, my *ss fell to the floor! What the f*ck!

"F*ck?!" Kylie sighed in shock. She looked badly at the one who collided with me.

"Hey! Look at what you're going through!" Jenn shouted but her mouth immediately closed and her eyes widened even more. So even though I was in pain I still looked at the man who hit me. D*mn sh*t! He's the one on Facebook! The Montemayor!

I looked at his face. He's staring at me coldly. I’ve never encountered someone before with this aura. So cold and intimidating.

My hair stood on end as he bent down and held my arm to stand up. My heart pounded in his arms. I inhale her scent. So simple and manly.

I frowned a bit because my waist and *ss were a bit sore. I heard whispers all around. What a scenario of my first f*ck*ng day in college.

"It's not my fault. She doesn't look where she is going."

He replied to Kylie. I was almost cold with no emotion. Kylie and Jen couldn't react to one side. I just heard them swearing. I tried to act normal even though my heart seemed to be beating abnormally.

"I'm sorry! It's my fault." I apologized.

"Next time don't be a fool." He said as if in an annoyed voice. But suddenly someone butt in and hit the man who hit me on the shoulder. He didn't seem surprised at all. He seemed to know very well what was going to happen.

"Don't be so rude Damon." he said in an emotionless voice and cold of the man who just interjected. There were also two men next. F*ck!

Kylie and Jen were almost gaping. I didn't know how to react. What am I going to do?

"I don't have time for you Sebastian." seemed annoyed that Damon had spoken and turned around immediately and left.

The boy name Sebastian chuckled. I look away when he shifted his gaze at me.

Chapter 2

My mind has been occupied since yesterday. I don't know, but I can't stop thinking about yesterday. It's glued in my mind. I heaved a sigh heavily and sat down on the bench table. We are now in front of an immense soccer field.

The big woods are shade our seat slightly so it is not hot here.We saw these yesterday. The air ambiance is nice. It's good to hang out here if vacant time, or do an assignment.

I was brought back to my senses when Jen dropped the frappe and egg sandwich she had bought for me. I waited for them here.

"That's all I bought. I don't really like the food in the Cafeteria." Jen said and sat down next to me.

Jen is wearing a blue t-shirt with an expensive brand and faded pants.

Jenner Lopez, they are one of the families who own the shampoo brand that supplies it all over the Philippines. That is why we are always free of shampoo because she has become our supplier of shampoo.

Jen depends on your behavior her attitude, She will mi


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