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Masked Jayden Is My Brother!

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He was now big enough for them to use therefore revealing a twisted truth for him, letting him understand that the Heir and son of the family isn’t him, so he was blinded by grief and disbelief making him set out to take revenge unhesitantly without thinking and also unknowingly been a pawn in his 'family' chess game. "p—please, let me off! I'd give you anything you want" The sight of blood flowing from her head down to her chin pleased him as his eyes shone darkly, "I want nothing more than to see you suffer, Miss Zara Tim!" His smile gave her the creeps. She shivered unknowingly as her mind was in turmoil as she thought about what this mysterious boy wanted. She had never annoyed anyone to such an extent as being locked in a dark room where she'd hoped for a bit of sunlight as she isn’t able to differentiate the mornings from the evenings here. But her dad…

1 So Protective

"Good night, mommy!" Zara yelled from her room and closed her bedroom door with a 'bang'!

"Good night, dear!" Sussy yelled back


In the morning

Around 6:23 am, Zara woke up, came down from her bed, stretched, and yawned before taking her bath. She rushed to the room and wore her school uniform before packing her hair into a neat ponytail.

"Zara, come down! Breakfast is ready!" said Sussy, who arranged the dining table and placed delicacies on the table.

"10 seconds, mommy!" she yelled as she stood up from lacing her school lace.

Zara ran downstairs with her school bag.

"Good morning, mommy. Good morning, papa!"

"Morning, how did you spend your night?" Zara's dad, Mr. Dowen, enunciated.

"Mine's nice! How's yours?" Zara said, dropping her school bag next to her chair.

"I guess you can see the answer." Mr. Dowen laughed.

After Sussy finished serving the food on each of the three plates, she took her seat and joined in the conversation.

"Pa and Meema!" Zara cheekily called their nickname given to them by their only child, making them raise their heads and repel their eyes from their food to her face, knowing that anytime she blurts that, she wanted something they would hardly agree to comply with.

"Anything?" Sussy was the only one who answered now with a worried look; noticing that face, Zara sighed and said,

"Mama, what's with that look, it's not like I'm going to war, and besides, you haven't heard what I want to say, so calm down," She said, worried about her mom's health.

"Okay, what is it anyway?"

"It's about our school's upcoming excursion to the museum"

"No," Mr. Dowen suddenly blurted out.

Just one stern word made Zara frown.

"Dad!" she exclaimed and flowed " please, don't be so overprotective of me. And it's just three days, dad, please, I need to go to the museum" She said, putting on her pleading face with her big watery brown eyes.

Seeing that face, her parents tried hard not to fall for it, and both said a bold cold 'NO'! Zara burst out in tears.

"Why? Why am I the only one dealt with like this? I have more than five bodyguards, and I am fifteen freaking years! I am not allowed to shop by myself! I am not allowed to eat the cafeteria's food! Why be so overprotective? Why?" She cried, making both parents stop eating their unfinished food, Again.

Mr. Dowen signed "Zara, Just one peaceful breakfast with you? Please?"

The more content coming out of his mouth didn't come out in her favor, she slammed the cutlery on the shiny marble dining table, abruptly pushed the chair backward, and yelled "Since I'm the one who's stopping you from having a 'peaceful' breakfast, I'd leave!" She turned around to walk out.

"Zara?! You can't always be so impulsive, can you?" She suddenly halted and with clenched fists turned around,

"Yeah, you're right," Nodding her head, she uttered calmly, obviously restraining her anger, her parents signed and wanted to say something but were ruthlessly cut off " …and you can't always be so overprotective and dumb" With that, she walked out.

"Please come and eat with mummy." She said weakly, her voice barely able to pass the doorway. She's acting up. Again.

She heard Sasha calling on her before she left the dining room.

'It must be one of all those her dramas again, I'm sure nothing's wrong with her' She inwardly rolled her eyes as she walked out of the house to get into the car.

"Get the car! Call the hospital, Madam is acting up again. Now!" The butler who was already used to this scene ordered calmly as the maids ran around. In a matter of minutes, Zara just stood still and looked at the cars readied and the maids going in and out.

When her parents came out, she could see her mom's pale face with perspiration on her forehead. She suddenly felt guilty, she knew her mom's condition and still acted recklessly, she turned to look at her dad as she could feel him glaring at her with fury in his eyes.

Yeah. Fury. The last time this happened it was still caused by her, how won't he feel angry? Within seconds Zara's eyes blurred as tears rolled in her eyes but didn't fall.

"I'm sorry, Mama" She rushed forward to hug her but before she could even touch her body hair, Dowen stopped her and bent down to drop Sasha carefully in the car.

"Save those tears for later, if you want to come with her to the hospital join the other car, but if you still love the Museum, you know the way."

He emphasized the word 'Museum' reminding her of what got them here in the first place.

Zara refused to cry and she ran to the car behind her parents and got in. She dropped her bag beside her and cleaned her eyes, refusing to let the tears flow down her cheeks.


The first day at school went a bit down because her thoughts were occupied with her mother. She refused to attend school today but her mother insisted saying she was fine. The doctor said that she should be given anything she wants and shouldn't face stress for the time being and so Zara had no choice but to attend school even when she arrived late.

The electronic bell rang for school closing and Zara carried her bag out of the class.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Zara's best friend Daisy asked when she saw Zara's dull expression.

"I gotta go" Zara shrugged her hands off Daisy's hold

"What did you do this time?" She respected her decision and left her arm.

"Mama acted up, s~"

"I told you to forget about that, as long as you don't do it ~"

"Again" Zara interrupted.

"Again? You did do it again? Oh, Zara!" Daisy didn't know when she growled.

Zara looked at Daisy's grim expression and laughed self-deprecatingly.

Suddenly the tears that she has been holding fell from her bloodshot eyes as she hugged Daisy

"I've disappointed Papa again! We've been trying to convince her to go for the surgery, but she didn't agree, she said she would like to spend the remaining days with us instead of staying in a room full of the disinfectant smell, now look what I've done, it looks like I'm purposely making her lifespan much shorter with all my actions!" Her tears made a huge wet patch on Daisy's school uniform. She wiggled out of Zara's embrace and said "This uniform was specially ironed by me, look what you've done to it!"

2 Get up

Zara glared at the wet patch on Daisy’s shoulder and turned to look at her with an apologetic look.

“I’d leave now,” She managed a grin “My mum would be waiting for me.” Daisy frowned at how downhearted she appeared. She felt sorry for her but couldn’t console her as she had done it recently.

She hung her bag and followed Zara, taking any route she took, sensing someone at her back, she turned and immediately frowned “What happened?”

“I want to visit aunty!” She flashed a row of pearly white teeth as if she did not stalk Zara seconds ago.

She had informed her driver to pick her up at the hospital one hour later, hardening her heart to not listen to Zara if she says there’s no need, and as expected she said it. Daisy, already expecting this answer just kept quiet and waited for her to continue walking, she knew Zara wouldn’t want to waste her time pursuing her as she felt guilty and would want to meet her mother urgently.

She signed with contentment and


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