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Set in a world where you are born with a black ink somewhere on your body that decolorizes only when your soulmate touches you after you're eighteen. Moon Sora, though, doesn't have any mark. It's a story about her, a gifted surgeon and doctor who has everything except people. On the outside it may seem as flowers and perfumes but interiorly, she is badly scarred by fate. She has but one friend, Yoongi, who is also her neighbour. Yoongi is a world famous superstar and the only person he presently hates is Sora. Yoongi's band disperses for a month long vacation, on which he returns back to his home. He has his mark over his left eye. The story is a slow burn between the two friend cum enemies. How their life is sutured even if they try to pull apart. But even if they fall in love, they can't be together for Sora is not inked. But what if Yoongi decides to get rid of these clutches? What if he defies fate? But Sora is scared as it is known that anyone who defies fate and gets with someone who is not their soulmate, the couple may end up dead. All this could have been solved only if she was INKED.

Chapter 1


"Hyung!" Jungkook came rushing into the dorm, panting heavily.

We were just casually lazing around, ready for our vacations. After a long duration of continuous work, this was finally the time where we can go and visit our families. Nevertheless, for a few months.

"Hey? Cookie, you alright?" Jimin asked, concerned. I was not that bothered, maybe he won a battle royale at Fortnite?

"H-Hyung, I cannot believe!!" He continued, walking inside.

"That you actually ate Tan's food again? Really Jungkook?" Taehyung questioned with a chuckle.

"Don't make me recall that Hyung. I am talking about, this!" He lifted up his right hand and our eyes boggled out. Why? A normal skinned hand! Not so normal.

"You found your soulmate?" Namjoon questioned.

"Who? Where? How?" Jin Hyung added.

"I... I was just at the institute... You know the boxing one. And like, there's this girl whom I was having a crush on since a few weeks. She was just defending and I wasn't wearing my gloves. She grabbed my fist for defence and the black color faded, damn!"

I was perplexed, he was the first one amongst us to find his soulmate. He had his knuckles inked in black. Apparently, we all have it somewhere, when your soulmate touches it, the black color fades and their initials are engraved on the side of our wrists.

I sprang up from the sofa and examined his hand, the side of his wrist having the alphabets engraved- H.G.E.

"Han Go Eun, her name. I found her. She's my soulmate!" He blubbered enthusiastically.

"And where's she?" Hoseok asked.

"O- Oh shit! I was so excited that I ran upto here, left her there, bye!" He spoke in a haste, running back with the speed of light.

"Damn! He got lucky, his soulmate is his crush!" Taehyung muttered. He has his ink on his right hand, waiting for the handshake of his life when he finds his soulmate.

The society is weird. They don't let non-soulmates marry. Even if someone manages to hide their relationship, there's this tragic fate that they have to face where either one or both of them die.

"Yes. He sure is. I don't even know, how the fuck am I supposed to ask people to touch my mark to get to know if they are the destined one?!" Jimin grunted and we all laughed out loud.

He though, is unique. He got his ink on his dick!

"Maybe you'll get a handjob from your soulmate?" I said with a smirk and he rolled his eyes.

"Oh Jimin, you can just touch their mark instead. If it decolorizes, show them yours. It's mutual, simple," Hoseok responded. He is sure is the lucky one. He got his ink, little on his cheeks. Maybe a kiss? Maybe a slap? Who knows?

"Yes. Yoongi, you'll be leaving then?" Jin Hyung asked me and I nodded. He has his upper lip inked, looks like a moustache when he doesn't conceal it with makeup. Funny.

"You haven't concealed your ink though. What if someone just jumps onto you to touch that?" Namjoon expressed his concern. I slightly touched my mark, it's on my left eye. I am okay with people touching it, if I find my soulmate. Only if I find my soulmate.

"It's okay, I'll take care. Well, it's business class. I don't think it'll be an issue. You take care of your heart though," I chuckled and he subtly blushed. It's somewhat rare to see Namjoon blushing, but isn't it really sweet to have your ink over your heart? His heart sure will be touched.

"What if I never find my soulmate?!" Jimin sulked.

"You got a perfect chance Jimin. Go! Have one night stands!" I laughed and he gave me a death glare. Not that I am intimidated. More of a cute death glare.

"Hyung. Don't tease Jiminie. He's so frustrated already," Taehyung said, handing Jimin a bottle of juice.

"Atleast you have a mark. Some people don't."

"What? Really?" Jin Hyung asked me and I nodded.

"I thought everyone has a mark," Namjoon said.

"There was this neighbour of mine. She didn't had it."

"Oh oh... That girl. What was her name.... I cannot remember..." Jimin trailed off.

"Moon So Ra," I responded grimly.

"Yeah. Your long sworn enemy," Jin Hyung chuckled.

"Not enemy. I just don't like her presence. She irks me."

"Why? She was really beautiful though," Jimin added.

"Then get a handjob from her, maybe she's the one," I smirked and he went again frowning making me laugh.

"Okay. I am off. Bye guys." I bid them farewell and entered the car that dropped me on the airport. My bodyguards did had a tough time, stopping the people from pounding over me.

What if someone from them is my soulmate? It's vague and dangerous to stop here though.

It's not a time for that even. I am off to Daegu, to meet my family and friends after a long time.

I just hope, I do not meet her. I hope my vision goes black when I see her. Oh damn, she irks me. Still. After years.

As the plane landed at the Daegu airport, I was recieved by my parents loving embrace. A proud smile twitching their lips and my mother's eyes drowning in tears. I felt loved and nostalgic. I missed this. I missed them.

And... I didn't miss her but she was still infront of my eyes when our car halted at our house.

"Ooh la la, black eyed cat back to the residence," she smiled dorkily. If only she wasn't a dork, I would have said she had nice hazel eyes. But unfortunately, she is the biggest dork I have ever met.

I ignored her, taking the luggage out of the car trunk.

"Woah. Now I am being ignored by a cat, is it?" She continued, leaning to the main gate of her house that was just beside mine. Why? Why, God why?

"Just minding my own business, not being concerned by a dumbshit," I responded.

She chuckled, "I don't know what makes you so stupid. But it really works though."

"Will you just get lost? I don't like you, anyway," I grunted, frustrated.

"What a shame, my middle finger liked you anyway. Bye Boongs, see you around," she winked.

"Oh I hope not!"

She laughed evilly, and ran off somewhere. Like always. So damned careless.

Chapter 2


Oh damn. Little Meow Meow back to the town, duh. I suddenly have work for a few days. Obviously, irritating him. It's funny because he actually gets bothered by little things and this now is kind of a ritual I just have to follow.

It was Tuesday morning and the sun was not even that high as much as I was upon the thought of looking at his face contorting into frustration. People won't even believe their Daechwita running to his mom to complain over me pushing him off a swing! What a scene!

After a certain period of time, even her mom ignored his childish rants. I was just watering my plants in the garden, didn't even realise that he came out. I was jamming to Somebody To You. My headphones on-ear and my feet moving in sync with the audio.

I turned to the side only to watch him stretching in the garden past the the little wall that seperated our houses. Now what a cat doesn't like? Being drenched.

An evil smile crept


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