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Hiding My Best Friend's Triplets

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Allison Gulferic is an innocent, timid and quiet angel while Nathan Zion Moretti is the opposite. They were best of friends ever since they were kids, growing up together, keeping each other's secrets and experiencing many things together. It all started with cuddles that turned into small touches, their foreplays ended up with making out until they made something unexpected. Allison was impregnated by her best friend, Zion. Both unready and together with the problems, Allison had a miscarriage because of Zion, leading her to leave him. She came back with a revenge plan, playing with Zion, seducing him until he fell then breaking him after. But her plan was successful yet a failure. Zion did fall for her but she was again impregnated. Afraid that what happened to the past might happen again for the second time, she ran away. She lives a normal and far from the life she had, with her triplets. Will Zion find a way to meet their ways? Or a mere chance will bring them back together?

Chapter 1

"Zion, let's not do it here." I whispered when I felt his hands slowly creeping towards the inside of my blouse. "Someone might see us." I tried to keep him away from me but he was so persistent.

We are currently at a public library, I was trying to finish my report papers while he was just bothering me.

"As if I'd let someone sees your body. It's mine and I don't share." He murmured and slightly licked my earlobe. I close my eyes and taste the sensation he was making me feel, especially when he suddenly slips his hand inside my jeans, cupping my sensitive spot.

"Zion...." I whimpered when he started moving his fingers. I held unto his arm tightly, my fingers digging into his skin. "Faster." I ordered him and he didn't disappoint me.

Nathan Zion Moretti has been my best friend since we were kids. We met during our parents meeting and we started playing. Though unlike any other normal kids, he was more secure and prohibited from doing a lot of stuff, particularly because he is an only child. His parents were so strict that they only allowed me to play with him and no one else.

We grew up in the same village, studied at the same schools and even now that he finally graduated, he still chose to study with me and took the same course as me. I don't know if he's just crazy but I can say that we are both use of each other's company.

We share each other's secrets, experience the same things and do all things we both adore, even this.

It all started when we were in secondary school. My parents trusted him so much that he is the only man who can come in and out of my room. It was my seventeenth birthday. I asked dad if we could have a sleepover and he agreed as his birthday gift.

Zion and I started from cuddling and snuggling with each other, we were used to it but that night was different, his hands wandered from my breast to my waist. I thought it was just some normal touches but I was wrong, it was something more and it led us to our first night. He took my virginity that time and It took me a whole two days to heal my private parts. It hurts so bad that I always cry at him whenever we see each other during recess or lunch time. I can't just tell it to my parents and Dad would literally kill Zion if he finds out.

Our little foreplay became regular and went back to doing it again and again until our body couldn't help but to look for each other's touches. We were both hungry for each other but we still made sure that our friendship wouldn't be affected, he was my only best friend. I don't want to lose him.

"Zion, I'm coming." I came back to my usual self when I felt something knotting inside of me, he continued to thrust his fingers in and out, faster and deeper that I can already hear the sound it's making. "Ahhh." I moaned at the table and my whole body trembled. I came. Inside of a public library.

I saw how Zion licked all my juices from the fingers he used to pleasure me. He gives me a playful wink and I can barely feel my own face because of blushing.

"What about me?" He asked with a puppy eyes before he looked around the whole area. It's already midnight and there are no many students on this side where we're at. We are at the very end and the darkest side of the library so I was confident no one could see us.

"My legs are shaking, Zion. I can't—"

He didn't let me finish my sentence and quickly pulled me to stand up. He went to my back, hugging me and pressing my bottom to his now huge bulge. "Ohh, yeah, that's right." He groan at what he's doing. My legs still feel like jelly and I could fall on the floor if he doesn't have his arms all draped on my body, keeping me steady.

"Zion." I hissed when he's taking too long to get rid of his belt.

"Shhh, you impatient, little angel." He growled back as if he was feeling the same thing. "F*ck, finally!" He said with full victory before I felt his tip, rubbing on my bottom. He pulled my jeans down since the fly was already open, he has an easy access to my underwear, drawing it to the side and entering his manhood inside of me. "Ohhh!"

"Ahhhh." We moan in unison. He slowly pushes it deeper that I can even feel his tip on my sweetest spot. It feels so good but dismay quickly took over me when he pulled out. I was about to shout at him but he abruptly entered me again, shoving his whole length to my core. "Oh god."

He was doing me from the back and his arms were still circled all over me. I clawed his skin, gripping it tightly as his pace became faster and faster and faster.

"Sh*t! You're so tight, Allison." It was as if he was having a hard time because of the way he heave. He rammed his fat and thick shaft continuously before I felt a struck lighting hovering over my whole system as a quick orgasm ripped through me. His movements became more aggressive and hard, his chest pounding so fast until I felt a gush of liquid, drooling from my super wet core. "Ohhh, yeah. So good." He moves forward with a slow rhythm. Tasting the bliss that we both share.

"Clean me." I pouted when I felt so sticky all over my body. Some of our juices already stick on my jeans, making it more gross.

He chuckled right over my ear before he walked towards his bag. He took off a box of tissue, wiping his length first before going back to my back. I almost jolted when I felt him wipe my still sensitive flesh, teasing it and making it wetter. "Stop it!" I glared at him so he instantly finished everything. He threw all the tissue we used at the trash bin on our side before he sat back on the chair beside me.

"Your pills." He whispered after resting the side of his head on my shoulder.

I secretly purse my lips, pulling my bag that I put on the table and taking a small box where I usually store my pills. "I don't have water." I showed him my hydro flask, shaking it to show him it's emptiness.

"I don't have water with me either. Wait, I'll go buy you some." He got off from his seat before checking his bag. It wasn't that long before he came back holding two bottles of water and a slice of cake. "Here. And a midnight snack for a gorgeous lady."

Here he was again with his sweet words. I got used to it. He was a play boy during our highschool life, he dated almost every girl in our campus except for me. He wouldn't dare do to me what he's doing to other girls. I just knew that he wouldn't hurt me like how he dumped his girlfriends after a day or week of relationships. He was such a jerk.

"Thanks." I took the cake and water from him, gulping my pills before I looked back, "Are you finished with your research?" I began to eat the cake, sometimes feeding him too.

"Yeah, all done. Do you want me to do yours?" Hir forehead furrowed and gently snatched my laptop from me.

"You already do me, so I can handle it." I joked dirtily which he had easily gotten.

"You're getting good at dirty jokes. If you want, I can do you again for the second time." He poked my nose bridge, making me roll my eyes at him.

"I'm tired and I want to sleep. Let's go home." I hugged the side of his waist, he was still checking my laptop if I did everything right. He's already twenty-five and I'm twenty-two. He graduated two years ago but he still chose to come to school, taking the same course as I am.

His reason? He said I am too timid and quiet that I can't even afford making new friends. He knew me too much to the point that he would know if I'm comfortable at a person or place. I'm actually glad that he came back to school with me, I'm not sure if I'd be able to finish my studies if it wasn't for him.

When we were in highschool, I was always bullied by those mean girls. I'm always being played by the school's mean girls and boys and I won't even dare to fight back.

I would sometimes go home with a bruise and Zion would quickly fire up with the sight. I'll just find out about him going to fights with those who bullied me once he gets to be called by the principal.

"Okay, this one's good. Let's go, we'll go back to the dorm so you can take a rest." He was the one who put my things inside my bag, carrying it on his shoulder before he did the same to his backpack. I was about to stand up from my seat but he quickly lifted me in his arms, not giving me time to protest.

"Thanks." I snake my arms on his neck and rested my head on his chest. I closed my eyes as drowsiness visited me. I know he wouldn't do anything I wouldn't like. I felt him putting me down in his car seat before buckling my seatbelt. I didn't bother opening up my eyes and continued to sleep, only to be woken up by a light tapping on my cheeks.

"Hey, wake up. We're already at our dorm. Let's go." He kissed my lips softly and lifted me again. He got rid of all my clothes, bringing me to the bathroom and started to do my skin care. I was still sleepy so I couldn't pay attention to what he is doing now.

"I want to sleep now." I demanded when I can't barely open my eyes. He gave me a light kiss on the forehead then placed me on top of our bed. We share the same dorm, there are two beds and two bathrooms but we sleep in the same bed. "Goodnight." I kissed him on the lips and cuddled with his body.

"Goodnight, Allison."

Chapter 2

"Ahhh! Ahh, Zion, I can't anymore. I'm coming again!" I scrape his back using my long nails. He didn't heed me any attention and continued to ram inside of me.

He was getting larger and larger every passing second. He was catching his breath while I was stopping mine, waiting for the orgasm that was about to rip inside of me.

"Fuck! So tight!" He buried his head in between my huge globes, sucking my skin and licking the sting away. "I'm coming." One, two, three, and four thrust before his seeds finally spurt out, mixing with the juices I just released. "You're so tasty, Allison. I could take you forever." My cheeks reddened at his words.

I slapped his cheeks timidly, causing him to chuckle. "Good morning." I totally forgot to greet him so I did. It was seven in the morning and I woke up with someone licking and lapping the bud in between my legs.

"Good morning too." He plan


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